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An app that repeats text using your own voice for the ipod touch/iphone - An App to be built An app to be built - An App To Help You Cheat On Your Spouse .... An app to insert a csv file into a DBase - An app website made an app where a small business can advertise its specific products and its subscribers/users/customers can track the location of the small business' vehicle from their mobile devices. - an app with two versions (take away and grocery shopping) - open to bidding An app with web view and push notification - an apple mascot An Apple watch app - An application for a Post Doc Fellowship (Banting-Canada) An application for Android (and maybe ipad/iphone) - An application for finding and purchasing repair parts for cars An application for government funding for a Brewery in Ontario - An Application Form and PayPal payment an application in apple store - An application that can detect if camera or microphone is being accessed. An application that can reply to LI messages - An application to manage clients an application to order pizza - An application with Qr code, like Camcard application An applikation for (Iphone / android / Windows phone ) But one platform at a time - an apps developer An apps that combine skills and interest - an Arabic OCR engine for digital archiving (no Indian plz) an arabic version of foodswitch app - An Architect Website an architect, I live in Canada Ontario - An argumentative essay about an interesting topic that has an already set plan (will be provided) An argumentative essay on a proposed strategy - An article an Article - An article about college degrees An article about dog abuse in Asia - An Article about me was on wikipedia for 2 years before being hijacked and taken down. Now it says it's a sock puppet An article about my boss - An article asap An Article Based on 500 words - An article of "Low Power Linear Regulator In CMOS Technology" An article of "Low Power Linear Regulator In CMOS Technology" - An article on income inequality. An article on marketing of a pencil - An article related to some motivational story An article required urgently - An article writer and a php developer for wordpress An article writer and a php developer for wordpress plugin - An article written on Outer and Iner identity in social and racial context An article written on Outer and Iner identity in social and racial context - open to bidding - an artist An Artist ( PHOTOSHOP Expert! - An artist to create a book cover for an online book an artist to create line drawings for coloring books from existing artworks - An artist to make pencil drawings of human hands from a photograph An artist to paint a 3D mural - An artist/partner capable of providing art for a long term graphic novel series an artistic graphic of the house on the rock in a fantasy style, to fit our homepage - An C# developer with proven deployment experience to Windows 2008 An ASP.NET master page Page_Load function in C# - An assignment An assignment - An assignment need to be done An assignment need to be done ASAP - An assignment on Strategic Management An Assignment Project About Design Patterns - An assistant familiar with setting up and adminitstrating an FnB business in KL An assistant familiar with setting up and adminitstrating an FnB business. - an assistant who can work with me for 4 days in conference An assistant with organization and research skills. - An Attractive website for a Nature Park An attractive website for my Cosmetic Store - an auction website needed from scratch An Audio CD Question - An Augmented Reality (AR) application used to educate young learners on Green IT / Energy Monitoring System An Augmented Reality Animated/3D Futuristic Video - An auto bot / like / comment for my instagram. I work on mac - repost an auto cad final project - An AutoCad Project An Autocad project - An Automated system to generate a site map for Google. An automated way of checking if websites are mobile friendly - An Automator or Itunes Script that organises my iTunes Movies An automobile frame drawn with 4 sides showing. All 4 sides need to be put into dfx so each can be laser cut from .125 mild steel. - An aware consumer an AWESOME Amazon Product Listing - An Candle, with Adobe Photoshop An cart site to be developed as a part of assignment - An design logo an designer who can design classic vintage style logo and related Products pic - An E commerce Website - open to bidding An e commerce website with only 5 pages - An e-commerce platform with distributor login An E-commerce portal for online shopping - An e-commerce website for an online pet store An e-commerce website for custom made clothings and accessories - an E-newsletter mailing program An E-store - An easy data entry work An easy desktop application - An easy java script prototype An easy job - An easy photo-album app An easy Photoshop logo - An easy service finder web site An easy task - an easy website An easy website building job - An eBay Reseller to Sell My Items on eBay An eBay Reseller to Sell My Items on eBay - An eBook about studying Organic Chemistry(repost) An ebook about supplements/multi-vitamins - an eBook i have written moved from academic to popular genre An ebook like we discussed - An ebook on Respite Care An ebook on school bullying - An Eclipse Plugin - GTKWave an ecomerce site - An ecommerce website An ecommerce website - An ecommerce website which can take payment and carry on taking payment through subscription An Ecommerce website with Ruby on Rails - An editor An editor - An editor for Kindle novel an editor for my first novel that i plan to publish entitled 'the living list' - An editor to review my Master's Thesis Project An editor to review part of my Bachelor Thesis - an educational website similar to zomato but it will list coaching institutes,once the site will be build ,the data entry will be done by me an educational website similar to zomato but it will list coaching institutes,once the site will be build ,the data entry will be done by me - open to bidding - An efficient RSA public key encryption scheme. An efficient teacher deployment system - An Electrical engineer who can run Altium software an electrical engineer with experience and interest in renewable energy - An electronic newspaper An electronic teaching portfolio... - An Email & Phone Marketing Expert to Sell Premium Domain Names for High Commission An email and phone no scraper is needed - An email subscription form that registers users on my Amazon SES mailing list An email template design - An Emoji icon app for iphone/ipad and android An emotional article - An engaging biography/profile for my website An Engine Search for Phisical Books Only - An engineer to look at my 2 car garage An engineer to look at our stone edge polisher, marmo meccanica LCH 711 SE - An engineering application
An Engineering first year Assignment - AN English learning curriculum. - open to bidding An English native speaker is needed - An English writer for writing article on TESOL/TEFL An English writer for writing article on TESOL/TEFL - an entity relationship model An entrepreneur website partner - An erotica story An ERP Software - An essay An essay -- 2 - an essay about wishful mistakes and diseases related to it an Essay due tomorrow - an Essay of KSA Motivation An essay of Moore's Law - an essay re-write An essay related to health sciences - An Evaluation & Usability Report Of The Existing App Design (Android Device Required) An Evaluation And Usability Report Of The Existing App Design (Android Device Required) - an event planner website using An event plugin customization - AN EVIEWS PROJECT FOR USD 400 -- 2 AN EVIEWS PROJECT FOR USD 400 -- 3 - An Excel competent person An Excel Data Entry Form one page - An excel Macro to import from notepad and perform various analysis An excel pro - An Excel template that takes an imported set of time sheets and creates an output file An excel template which enable me to update data on monthly basis with dynamic graphs - An Excellent Copywriter for writing a business profile An Excellent Data Manipulator - An exceptional Web desinger needed for many projects An Exchange Website for Bitcoins between USD and other Crypto Currencies - An exe to create An exe to create v2 - an existing betting program that stopped working to make it work again and explain in print screens how to fix it myself in the future and how i can replace bookmakers and sport events for testing - repost An existing custom indicator and Expert Advisor tweaked - An existing Website modification An existing website needs edits made (instructions provided) - An Experienced Android App Programmer Needed! (Quickly) An Experienced Android Developer - An experienced grant writer An experienced graphic designer for a Digital Marketing agency - An experienced programmer is needed for fixing and upgrades on 2 website (1 site and the other is php) An experienced programmer needed. - An experienced Web Designer / Graphics designer is required to create Newsletter templates based on the theme of existing website. An Experienced Web Designer is Needed! - An expert PHP, joomla/wordpress prohgrammer needed An Expert Academic writer needed for long term - An Expert GERMAN Voice Talent and Translator Required Immediately an expert grant proposal writer from philipine - an expert in google adsense and adroll An expert in Google Adsense, ClickBank and other ways to MONETIZE a site - an expert in wordpress needed An expert Lead Page VA - An Expert php Designer ..worked with php templates smarty files.. An expert PHP programmer - an expert to upload 184 questions to an elearning system An expert translator - An Explanation of email An exploration of plagiarism: the perceptions of senior nurses in the context of professionalism and patient care - an extra row adding to new products on my magento site An extraction program - An front end android app and back end system similar to Uber or Tripda An full scan of my game sources c++ - An honest opinion (testimonial) about my book(repost) An Honest Opinion (testiomonial) For My Ebook - An HTML code to be embeded my outgoing emails that allows recipients who want to be remove from the mailing list to simply click on an ''UNSUBSCRIBE'' link so as to instantaneously remove them from the list. Must be one-click removal process. An HTML Contact Form to Replace Frontpage Contact Form - An Hybrid Encryption Mechanism for Short Text Messaging in Mobile Devices - open to bidding an HYIP site that has instant deposit and withdrawal - An Icone for a cellphone app An iconic story Board..... - an IE plugin An IE toolbar - an illustration an illustration - An Illustration of a Builder Man An illustration of a cake decorator - an illustration of surgery made in rat's heart An illustration showing the architecture, charm, and amenities of a city block from bird's eye view. - An illustrator an illustrator - an illustrator for a book an illustrator for a book - an illustrator for a children's book I've written An illustrator for a children's book, 16-19 pages - an illustrator for my children's bok An illustrator for my childrens story - An illustrator to draw simple, black and white drawings for an advertising school portfolio An illustrator to draw sketches and colored drawings for the Novel I'm writing. - an illustrator, animator, cartoonist An Illustrator. - An image for a book cover An image for a book cover - An image processing app for windows an image recreated - An immediate edit of a graphic job AN IMMIGRANT VISA I-130 PETITION SUBMISSION INTERVEIW APPO - An incomplete research paper needs to complete. Must have background in medical OR Microbiological sciences, writer with excellent publications will be preferred. An incomplete simple Flash site to complete - An Indian freelancer needed for a Web scraping Job An Indian Masala Brand from southern part of the country - An Industry Specific Social Media Site (AWS Web Server) An info graphic created - An Information technology project/work an information website - an inspiration of an exiting site but moresimple - open to bidding an inspiration of an exiting site but moresimple - open to bidding -- 2 - An instant messaging App to be cloned like whatts app but with a few more features An instant messaging exactly like WhatsApp - An Integrated Telephonic/Networking Device An Integrated Website for Online Trading - an interactive forum/newsgroup website An interactive game with custom streetview images - An interactive purchasing form for my customers. An Interactive Set Manipulator - an interactive website an interactive website designed and developed - AN INTERFACE FOR VENDORS TO FACILITATE ONLINE SHOPPING OF GROCERY ITEMS” An interface like Tinder - An internal Project For kenara An internal Project For kenara - open to bidding - An Internet Explorer (6+) add-on (already developped on Firefox) An Internet Game (e.g., Game of Checkers ) - An interpreter to accompany me on Factory visits in Korea An interpreter to translate japanese to english and vice versa - An intro video of about 5 secs and a children's rhyme of 2 mins An Introduction to Kaverko - an invester An investigation into the academic performance of students with different approaches to learning - an investor presenation - repost AN invitation - An ios and android app for my buisness an iOS and ANDROID application - An iOS App Icon An iOS app needed for a buddypress site - An IOS app with Selenium IPhoneDriver integrated An IOS application - An iOS game app with characters running and jumping An iOS Game need to be built - an iOS web browser app that can print the webpage to pdf An iOs/Android App that pushes video content to users - An iPad APP Bug fixing
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