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A satellite design in solidworks - A Scheduler app A scheduling application for train stations of airports or university courses.... - A school portal(I will provide templates and the html for template) A School Project - a scientific background freelancer needed for an assignment A scientific manuscript proofreading - A Screen Printing T Shirt Designer A Screen Scraper - A screenwriting partner a scrip install in my server - a script for email redirection A script for Mac OS x - A script like inboxdollars A script made - A script that clicks through a load of hyperlinks and downloads file generated A script that do a Mysql query (every 45 minutes) based on data RSS feeds - A script to check prices of the items at using PHP curl A script to convert a csv file template into a different CSV template - A script to modify custom field names in a URL and redirect to new url a script to present GEO kodes - A script which runs on ubuntu 14.04 that can create a multitude of proxies at a time. a script which you have done - A sculpture to raise awareness for Marine Debris A sdk project in vc++ is to be integrated - A search engine for classified ads A search engine for intranet - A searchable page A Searchable Zipcode and Location Name Database - A secret app A secret app to work on - A security Contract agreement - open to bidding A security IOS Application Similar to File Locker - a self recomandation letter to California State University-Fullerton Economics Major A self statement written to demonstrate that I will the following for the University as a faculty for the renewal of my dossier - A Semi-Memoir A Semi-popular Website Sale - A seo expert with good communication skill to work for my business as PRo A seo for a specific name - A seperate HP for mobile devices a sepia jpeg I bought from Shutterstock put into color - A series of articles on a list of diets A Series of Articles on the Importance of Data Driven Decision Making In Schools - A series of graphic material for DZGA A series of graphics for an email shot - A series of Posters "NEPROPLAST tips" A series of posters for uni events (movie nights and etc) - a serious relationship a serious, intelligent marketing specialist - A service based product which can be used by different of users A service booking website, use existing script to modify/customize it. - A set if icons for iOS A set of 10 icons - a set of children's encyclopedia A set of colouring in drawings for children - A Set of Photoshop Actions to be produced. A set of prespecified tasks - A set toward our future a set up studio for a coking show - A sharepoint consultant a sharing app - A Shooting Game! - repost a shop banner for selling jewelleries - a shopify website for a wholesale candle company A shopify website on a theme - A shopping cart website with customized features A shopping cart with design and lot of feature and options - A Shopping Mall/Hall Image A shopping search engine need - A short 2-3 minute video A short 2.5 mins pre-wedding video. Direction and photos already confirmed - A short 90 second animated info graphic A short academic article - A short animation A short animation - A short article about Royal Mail A short article for a activity on our web site. - A short children's story about a pencil - Illustration needed a short comic strip (10 or so panes in all) - A SHORT DOOdle animation A short erotic story and a quick check up an Amazon's sales page - A short film animation - Repost a short film for graduation collection work - A short funny little book - repost 2 a short graphic presentation - a short Machinima film - repost A short Memoir & Analysis writing - a short report (3 to 5 pages) on "Underwater Acoustic Contemporary Research" a short report about web service - A short story a short story - A short story with no nouns - 05/01/2017 09:17 EST - 05/01/2017 09:18 EST A short Story writer - A short video A short video - A short write up about our values as a business. We want to be clear on what we want people to know about us. A short write up about our values as a business. We want to be clear on what we want people to know about us. - A Shot of Pleasure A Show Wordpress Site All Front No Back - A Significant Logo a signup page for a course - A similar site Needed A similar site of or . - A similar website to and A SIMILAR WEBSITE WANTED - A Simple Android Application ( Display of Static content ) A simple Augmented Reality Application - A simple 1 page web A simple 1 page website - A simple 2D intro that last for about 100 seconds. - open to bidding A simple 2D matlab game - a simple 4 page /layout android app a simple 4 page drupal garden site - A Simple Accounting Program A simple adjust on Wordpress theme - A simple alarm clock with maybe a bit complex features A simple algorithm for pointcloud data processing - A simple and static Wordpress website development. A simple and static Wordpress website development. - repost - a simple android app A simple Android App (Can be add content anytime later) - New Freelancer Preferable - A simple Android application A simple Android application - a simple android mobile application to control a LED using arduino and Bluetooth module A Simple Android Partially finished Game Project - A simple app A simple app - A simple app with choosing somebody with his quote A simple App with Webview and push Notification! - A simple application to place and view orders at our website A simple application under windows - A Simple ATM Simulation a simple auction site - A simple base containing 3 basic shapes (hexagon, circle & rectangle) a simple batch procedure that enters queries to a web server and parses relevant information to Excel/Access - A Simple Blog Directory Project a simple bluetooth app for android - A simple but comprehensive app for crane machine calculation A simple but comprehensive app for crane machine calculation+ - A simple c program for a restaurant tabbing system A simple C programing project - a simple C++ PROGRAM A Simple C++ program that utilizes a good design process - A simple calendar with authentication A simple camera Mobile App - A simple checklist style application for iPhone and android systems A Simple Children's animation Video - A simple CMS site A simple coat hanger design - A simple contention based forwarding routing protocol in QualNet 6.1 Simulator
A simple controller design and implementation based on Reinforcement Learning - A simple Cryptography Engine A simple CSS flip transition. - A simple Data Entry in excel which is required only one day A simple Data entry job - A Simple Dating App similar to Tinder mobile based (urgent) a simple dating site - a simple desktop application required (for personal use) A simple desktop application that take shots from webcam and push it using our REST API. - A simple dropdown menu A simple dynamic mobile app - A simple EA programmed a simple easy to use web site - A simple email service software A simple email template for marketing our product - A Simple Facebook App A simple Facebook App - A simple file archive application in EmberJS a simple file conversion - from pdf to excel - A simple fix in a php site A simple fix in for a php site - A Simple Flash Site A Simple Flash SWF generator - A simple fortune generator for profile. A Simple Forum post app - A simple game for my website a simple game for social network - A simple GIF animation A simple GIF animation from a 3d file - A SIMPLE HASKELL TASK A simple Health/Weight tracking app - A simple HTML formatting wanted for a word document A Simple HTML Opt In Page Created Today - A simple Influenza Brochure A simple information form with 10-11 fields - A Simple iOS magazine kiosk for newsstand A simple IOS/Android app - A Simple iPhone Application A simple iPhone application - A simple java Database a simple JAVA Desktop Application - A Simple Java Project A simple java scientific calculator GUI with code and design -- 2 - A simple job for php coders A simple job for the right freelancer - A simple lab report -- 2 A Simple Landing Page - A SIMPLE LIVE WALLPAPER a simple live wallpaper - A simple logo A simple logo - A simple logo animation . A simple logo animation . - a simple logo i have in mind A simple Logo with good font only, no picture in it - A simple matching game app a simple math assignment should be done.... - A SIMPLE Messanger in VB6 A Simple Metatrader EA (939290) - A simple mobile salesman application A simple model checker in Java - A simple MT4 Expert advisor A simple MT4 Expert Advisor needed - A Simple Object Oriented Designed Java GUI Application a simple one html web page - A simple Opeartion input a simple opencart plugin - A simple payment gateway fix A simple payment gateway integration - A simple PHP based file explorer with basic file operation features A simple php based property listing website - A simple php Project requiring php + mysql A simple PHP project, Form submition - A simple Php Website A simple php website - A Simple port/USB application - update A Simple POS Program. - A simple profile system for users using NodeJS, MongoDB and Express A simple profile website is needed. - A simple program that performs histogram. a simple program to enter ads in online papers such as craigs list - A Simple Project for a PHP Guru A simple project for Android - A simple project with software using design patterns A simple Project,online payment option - A simple query program A SImple Question ... - A Simple Registration Page A Simple Report Cover - A Simple Roster/Schedule Program Needed A simple RSS software - Finding Latest Fashion Photos Online - A simple script to generate unique random numbers and store them A Simple Script to grab Log and send them over the Email - a simple server plugin for the game unturned A simple service to change the way people search for web sites - A simple site selling photographic film a simple site that I can add offer different services and products and make regular changes myself - A Simple software A simple software - A simple static wordpress website is required for a hospital A simple statistical analysis and explanations - A Simple Task for Android developer - Remove action bar - New Freelancers Welcome to apply A simple task that needs to be done. Deleting images and adding some images. - A Simple Text based mobile game application to be developed on IOS + Android with a complete admin controlled backend and fully designed control panel A simple text based RPG app - A Simple Train Simulator using Java A simple translation from English to German - A simple typing job! A simple UI - A simple VB application for a Training Company A simple VB Project - A simple video game -- 2 A simple Video Motion Editor uses PS3 as controller - A simple warehousing system a simple way to capture current users' screen - A simple Web base shop A simple web based 'todo' list - a simple web page a simple web page addition - A simple web site to list items for sale and facility to receive payment A simple web system with control panel - Phase 1 - A Simple website A Simple website - A simple website A simple website - A simple website and logo design A simple website built that I can upload to my GoDaddy domain - A simple website for a Non Profit. A Simple Website for a Temporary Campaign - a simple WEBSITE LIKE NO OTHER A Simple Website needed -- urgent in active condition - A simple website with paypal A simple website with photo uploading capability and paypal button. - A simple Windows desktop exe application to control PC's audio volume A simple windows phone 8.1 proof of concept - A simple wordpress plugin - ongoing work a simple wordpress plugin modify - A simple words learning application a simple work for an ausralian - A simple YouTube API project A simple youtube application to program - A Simplistic Minimalist Personal Webpage A simplistic physics-based game for Android - A Simulation modeling for SIP signalling over MANET ( OPNET or NS-2) a simulation of a national chain of Health and Fitness Clubs - a sincere voice-over english, NON-commercial-vibe A Sing Along Multimedia Application - A singer's personal site a singer/musician - A single 8 by 11 "Ninja Turtle" comic illustration.