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Android Remote Control App for Android TV - android research Android Research 1 - ANDROID Restaurant POS ANDROID Restaurant POS - Android Reverse Engineering Android Reverse Engineering - android reward free mobile recharge app Android Reward Offerwall & Points App - Android Ringtones Downloader Android Ringtones Downloader - Android ROM customization Android ROM Development - android rss reader Android RSS Reader (Atom + Image Support) - Android RTSP player app Android RTSP Rendering using FFMPEG - Android sales contact manager Android Sales Invoice - Android Scan and Play Video Simple Code Android Scan OCR image Application - android school app - open to bidding android school app - open to bidding - Android screen design from picture to XML Android screen development (NOT designing) - Android screen-overlay icon menu Android screencapture - Android SDK - 1 LEVEL TEMPLATE – ONLY CODING Android SDK - 1 LEVEL TEMPLATE – ONLY CODING - repost - Android SDK websocket video live stream to browser without preview android sdk windows phone - Android Secure Chat App Android Security -Are you a super star? - Android Self-Timer for Camera v2 Android Seller App - Android senuor developer android sequence of pictures capture - Android service controlled by power/volume button - repost Android service crashing on bootup, need it fixed ASAP - Android settings app for an Android service Android settings profile - Android shopping app Android Shopping App (Material Design) - Android short game -- 4 Android short game -- 5 - Android Signup App Android silence ringer - Android simple app Android simple app - Android Simple Application Android simple application - Android Simple Database App Android simple erase game - android simple gps tracking + messages Android Simple GPS/PHP - Android Simple Mobile payment app! - repost Android Simple Modification (WebView) - Android simple puzzle game Android simple reskin - Android simple WordPress login screen Android Simulator - Android SIP dialer Android sip dialer - Android SIP Phone Client Android SIP Provider - Android sistemde yaz?l?m Android sistemde yaz?l?m - repost - Android Skin/GUI Designer AND Programmer Android skydiving app - Android Slot games Android Slot Machine - Android Small app. Auto answer call and Play message Android Small app. Auto answer call and Play voice message - Android Small Task Android Small Test Application needed - Long Term Partnership - android smile shot and server upload. android smile shot and server upload. -- 2 - android sms collection app Android SMS Collections - Android SMS Searching Application Android SMS send / receive APP - Android Snapchat API-based App Android Snowboard Game - (Desktop version(JAVA) is available) - android social game source code -- 2 Android Social geo-location app - Android socket communication. Android Socket permission issues - android software android software - Android software for License Plate detection Android Software for My Website - Android Solitaire application Android solution - add affiliate url from app to browser - Android Soundboard App Source Code Android Soundboard App Template - Android Source Code Music for Sounds(music) Include in app Android Source Code Music for Sounds(music) Include in app - Android Space Themed Game Music - slow 2 Android Spam Filter (Call&SMS) - Android Splash Screens and icon Android sport app, with animations - Android Spy Application Ready and Web Panel Required!!! Android Spy Application with Admin Panel - Android SQLITE Data caching Android SQLITe database - Android stack expert for Beaglebone board Android Staff Management Application - Android STK Android Stock Chart Application / App - Android stream micophone to icecast/shoutcast Android Stream Player - Android Streaming Media App - open to bidding Android Streaming Media Player - Android Studio Android Studio - Android Studio and Gradle Expert Android Studio and Malysian Language Expert needed for simple Mobile application - Android Studio Developer -- 2 Android Studio Developer FIX - Android Studio Live Cricket Score app Android Studio Maintenance - Android Studio Setup Help Android Studio SHA1 fingerprint - Android subsytem Android sudoku app - Android Swimming Pool test strip reader Android swipe/chat app - Android system Firmware expert needed ***URGENT*** -- 2 Android system Firmware expert needed ***URGENT*** -- 3 - Android Tablet and Iphone APPs Android Tablet and Iphone APPs - open to bidding - Android Tablet App - Very Simple Android Tablet App - very simple - - Android Tablet Application Android Tablet Application - Android Tablet Child Mode Application. Android Tablet compatible - ANDROID TABLET INTERNET BROWSER APP Android tablet jewelry store. Cart/invoice/purchase order. - Android Tablet Rom Customization Android Tablet Startup Mod - Android Tabletop Penny Football Game -- (300 aud budget) Android Tabletop Penny Football Game -- (budget 300 aud) - Android Task 3
Android Task 3 - Repost - Android Tax Application Android taxi app - Android Taxi booking app Android taxi booking application - Android Tech Lead Android Technical Interview Panel - android tennis match charting stats and analysis software android terminal emulator utf-8 di-directional text support - ANDROID Tester needed in PHILIPPINES Android Tester Needed! - Android Testing Android Testing - Android Text App android text based game - Android theme design Android Theme Design needed for ahome and freshface - Android Time Usage Android Timebook - Android to IOS - repost android to IOS 02 - Android to iPhone porting Android to j2me / cldc - Android tool - add option/button to dialer screen Android tool to read Barcode and access website - Android tracking App Android tracking app - Android trainer Android trainer - android training and placement application Android Training app - Project for amantmax - ANDROID TRAVELMATE Android Treasure Hunt App - Android Tutorial android tutorial - android tv android tv & digital signage - android tv box and website - ongoing work ANDROID TV BOX APP - VOD APP WHICH TAKES URL LINKS FROM YOUTUBE ETC - Android Tweaks Android Tweaks & Build Prop Mod - Android UI android UI - Android UI Design Android UI Design - Android UI Designer Android UI Designer - Android UI development Android Ui Development - Android UI Layout Android UI Layout - Android UI upgrade Android UI Work - Android Unity 3D game development (Jungle Hunting 3D) Android unity game - android updates android updating apps - Android usb keyboard for Windows Android usb keyboard for Windows - repost - Android User-Interface Android UserInterface - Android uygulama Android Uygulaması - Android version for my iPhone app Android version for our application - Android version of an iOS version Android version of an iPhone app - Android version of existing WhitePages iOS app - repost Android version of Fiddlerman Violin Tuner - Android version of LMT Android version of Maskerade - Android version of Android version of pspdfkit - Android video and training app conversion from iPhone Android Video App - Android Video Call Project  Android Video Call Project   - android video converter android video converter - Android Video Live Wallpaper Android Video live wallpaper - Android Video Player App Android video player app - Android Video playlist player Android Video Project - Android Video Stream APP for WMP and Flash (rtmp-based) Android video streamed upload - Android VIOP Conference Call App android virtual desktop remote client - Android VM, on Linux, with Twilio Android VNC app modification - Android Voice Operated App Android Voice P2p Chat Over Wifi and Bluetooth Script with some modification - Android Voip App Android Voip app - Android VOIP Project Android VOIP SIP app - Android VPN 守护程序 Android VPN APP - Android VPN connector demo Android VPN enforce - proof of concept - Android WallPaper Android Wallpaper - Android Wallpaper App - Android Wallpaper App - open to bidding - android wallpapers apps Android wardriving application . - Android waypoint delivery system Android WCF web service - Android Wear Project Android Wear RESTful app - Android Weather Application - repost Android Weather Icons - Android web browser app. Android Web browser application - Android web streaming media plugin Android Web View - ANDROID webservice call and send the returned text to a printer Android WebService Integration - Android Webview Android webview - android webview app Android Webview App Development - android webview application with notifications Android webview based app - Android Webview update Android webview upload problem - Android Weed Griennders App For Sale android weeklog - Android widget android widget - android wifi app Android wifi App to find server with Bonjour/ZeroConfig - Android WiFi HotSpot/Access Point Android WIFI mapping project - Android with OpenCV (ndk usage) Android with video processing - Android WordCup android wordearch (Eclipse) - Android Work - Urgent Android Work -- 2 - Android Workshop Trainer ANDROID WORKSHOP Web Application - ANDROID WP7 THEME APP , CRASHING ON 4.0.4 needs fix - repost