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Create SQL DB of a site script1 - Create SQL upgrade scripts in Daffodil DB Create SQL Video Tutorials - Create SRS for PrestaShop module development Create SRT file, closed captions, for video. - Create stamp floating Create Stamp from Image - Create startup data base from websites Create Startup Pitch Decks and Startup Business Plan for technical startup - Create static professional HTML website - no frills Create static professional HTML website - no frills - ongoing work - Create stciky notes work-alike useing blog as db c#### easy Create Steam API Key - Create STL/AutoCAD files for plastic enclosure of an elecntronics board Create STM32F code project specification. - create store procedure create store procedure - Create Stranger Chatting Portal Create strategic map and balance scorecard in 10 hours - Create stunning HTML template for sales letter/newsletter Create Stunning logo for Adult Shop - create sub menu for this escort software Create Sub menus - Create Subdomain using PHP code OR .htaccess file create subdomain virtualmin mod - Create Subtitle Files for DVD (.sup/.sub) Create Subtitle files from english speak in video files - Create sunglasses in 3-D render form Create Sunglasses Model in Solidworks - create survey create survey - Create SVG from photo create SVG from scanned images - Create SWF which reads contents / animtations from json file Create SWFs from GIF images for Characters - Create T-Shirt design from JPG images Create t-shirt design from pencil sketch - Create Table (cURL) Create table and chart (amchart or d3js) for all items in json object - Create Table on Hosting Site Create table on website from Google Spreadsheet - Create tables in SQL and execute the values in tables Create tables in Tablepress plugin on Wordpress - Create tanhawan Create Taobao Account - Create Taxi Dispatch App for Apple & Android - repost Create taxi logo - Create technical Online Course (django, jQuery, docker, puppet, ...) CREATE TECHNICAL ONLINE COURSES - Create Template and help us finalize Marketing and Social Media Strategy -- 3 Create template and install Jamroom - create template for email marketing campaign Create template for evernote - Create template for Volusion from existing site Create template for web links - Create template set for CRE Loaded CREATE TEMPLATE SHOPIFY TEMPLATE - Create templates from PHP software Create templates in after effects of 30" - Create Test accounts on MY website Create Test Ads in to identify bugs/mistakes - create testimonial content for products - repost Create Testimonial Video for Dental Practice - Create text graphics as headlines for Web site Create text into smaller messages and send them as tweets - Create textured and animated 3D models for a game Create textured and animated 3D models for a game - Create the appropriate 'rel-alternate-hreflang annotations in sitemaps.' for our language pages. Create the architectural 3D (DWG) files for an existing building with 7 appartements, then make interior renderings - Create the Business Plan for Freight Tracking Business Create the Business Plan for Freight Tracking Business - repost - create the existing drawing to AI format Create the FB business page for the site - Create the image rollovers on my banner Create the imagery for a website advertising Computer Support services - Create the mobile version for Create the mobile version of my website - Create the platform and application similar to uber create the plugin for my website - Create the second version of my script following the same coding style. Create the second video for Sufi 3D - create the user profile page Create the vector format for a logo already design in psd - Create theme for a website html Create theme for a website html5 - create theme w/ logo psd file for new website create theme, mock up design for website - create this business card, i need to see a mockup Create this button as an Adobe Illustrator vector file - create this video in flash or HTML5 Create this website - Create three different page replacement algorithms: FIFO, LRU and OPT-lookahead-X -- 2 Create Three Dropdown Lists using HTML/PHP and Ajax - Create Three Simple Logos Create three small banners for Homepage - Create Thumbnail images with custom border in C# create thumbnail logos - Create Ticketing Website Like or Create Ticketing Website Like - Create Tindr Clone Create Tiny Amazon Inventory Flat File - Create to do site. Like Evernote, Wunderlist. With basic features. Create to Objective-C a 4 screens - Create tool to generate CODES based on algorithm (will provide samples) Create tool to generate CODES based on algorithm (will provide samples) - Create top frame icons to maximize 4 x iframes individually Create Top Menu for Wordpress Template (nested menu) - create TProfGrid interface for KGrid create TProfGrid interface for KGrid -- 2 - Create Traffic in my website Create traffic site... - Create Training Video Create training video clips - Create translating app for playstore Create translation file to Wordpress Twenty Sixteen Child THeme - Create Trap original with vocals Create Travel Agent Site - Create Tri-Fold Pamphlet create trial version and registration - Create tshirt script or redesign one! Create Tshirts and Mugs Designs - Create tutorial/demo of game app to play at beginning of app/integrate Facebook SDK to app Create tutorials for magento modules - Create Twilio Client IOS and Android App Create Twilio Provider for Vtiger 5.3.0 SMS Notifier - Create Twitter Count Visualization Widget create twitter follow bot - Create TWO 1mn 30 s motion graphic, one in french and one in english Create two 2 page flyers - Create two apps game for iPhone and iPad Create two Art sets for a mobile App - Create two columns on a x-cart theme Create Two Composite Photos - Create two excel tools Create two experimental websites from an existing website - Create two high-quality renderings Create two HTML ad pages within FCKeditor - Create two logo animation with attached eps file. Create two logo strips - Create two nice banners Create TWO Nutritional Product Labels - Create Two Physics Simulation Create two pop up boxes - Create two short trailers for a mobile casino game Create two short videos - CREATE TWO SMALL BANNERS CREATE TWO SMALL BANNERS - Create two very small native extensions Create two Video for a website. You will be provided three videos, to create this new video. - Create two Wiki pages
Create two Wikipedia pages - Create Typography Sales Video For Me Create Typography Video - Create UI for an android App Create UI for Business Directory website - Create Ultimento Home page and tabs Create ultra-fast image viewer in PHP - Create Unicode/Truetype Superscript Fonts in Serif and Sans Serif Create Unicode/Truetype Superscript Fonts in Serif and Sans Serif - Create unique images, photohoping existing images Create Unique Iphone (Handheld device) Application - Create unique variant of existing CSS template Create unique variants of existing CSS template - Create Unity app to bring in an external scanned 2D drawings and convert it to 3D texture on 3D model Create Unity game - Create up to 10 small line drawn sketches to be used in a printed brochure Create up to 25 warehouse specific Icons (must be transparent SVGs) - Create upload photo feature in the website and login feature for the new users and account creation Create upload progress bar for PHP - Create us a search / filter function for our website - WordPress Query Posts Create us a Search Input Field for Relevanssi - Create User Account Functionality Create User Account in Forums and Paste Sentence - Copy and Paste work - SIMPLE - Create User Groups PHP/MySQL Create user guide design - create user personas based on 5-factor personality types Create User Portal Loan Dashboard in Zoho Creator - Create user with .edu account create user with role with wp rest api and oauth 2 - Create users, post threads, and comments in a forum that I own. Create users, post threads, and comments in a forum that I own. -- 2 - Create Valid Magento Products Import from provided CSV file and images Create Valid WP Theme from PSD - Create Various Banners for Website and Social Media Create various charts in Google Sheets - Create application that displays a grid using an ObjectDataSource. - repost 3 create chat bot astrologer & psychic bots - Create VBA Calculation Script in Excel Create VBA Code for Excel to imbed pdf - Create vcf contact files from images of business cards Create VCF to be attached for Newcontact App - Create Vector Characters from Images Create Vector Clip Art Drawings - Create Vector files Create vector files and jpg's for new small business marketing material - Create vector from raster logo Create vector from scanned graphic - Create vector illustration of image provided Create vector illustration of xenon lamp wiring diagrams - Create vector image of a bird Create vector image of a lizard from photograph - Create Vector Logo Create Vector Logo - Create Vector of our existing Logo Create Vector of pencil drawings of ice sculpture designs for brochure - create vectorbased replica of existing logo Create vectorfile and businesscard of logo - Create verified account. - open to bidding Create VERIFIED ebay Seller Account - Create very basic website (Computer repair business) Create very easy autohotkey scripts - Create very SIMPLE images within an hour!! Create very simple invoices from excel to pdf (just copy paste and save) - create vhost on nginx, config dns so root domain can have ssl cert. Create VI Package (Letterhead - PPT Template - Pull Up Banner) - - Create video Create video - Create video "promotional commercial" Create Video & Voice Over - Create video and/or picture meme for realtors Create Video animation - Create video clip Create Video Clip - Create video editor plugin for existing app Create Video effects over Video for cycling trail - Create Video for my kick starter project. Create Video for my MLM's Compensation Plan. - create video from mp3 files Create video from photos and audio to android - Create Video Intro (4K Quality) Create Video Intro (4K Quality) -- 2 - CREATE VIDEO ON ADOPE AFTER FX CS4 AND UP--SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS FOR THIS SOFTWARE CREATE VIDEO ON ADOPE AFTER FX CS4 AND UP--SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS FOR THIS SOFTWARE - ongoing work - Create Video section for existing website Create Video Series Based on hacking with Python - Create Video to help user using website Create video to market services - Create Video tutorial using Articulate Studio 09 Create Video Tutorials - Create video webcam website with premium and free users and online chat rooms -- 2 Create video website using VPS and FTP? - Create videos "How to Use" Create Videos & After Effects templates - Create Videos for Website Create Videos For Websites Explainer Type - Create videos using camptasia -Regular work-20$ /Video -Read Instruction Create videos using my product - Rocketium - Create Vintage/Rustic Southern Inspired T-Shirt Designs Create viral ad photo - Create virtual environment in OpenSim/Aurora-Sim Create virtual file system Visual Studio - Create Virtualbox VM with Ubuntu and install software Create Virtualmart 2 custom field plugin load module - Create Visio Work Flow Objects Create Vision shapes/stencils for gym equipment - Create VIsual Editor Similar to Wix that Exports WordPress Theme create visual effect that react to mic - Create visually pleasing testimonial viewer Create visually poweful and creative presentation - Create voice over for a business video Create voice over in english - Create voting form on our website and connect it to our mailing list server from our website Create voting system within WPGroupBuy and Make item/location search with expandable Google maps - Create VR Unity 3D App Create VS compilable project forthe library - Create wall decal designs based on different themes Create wall paper and banner ad using Greenstock, Google Web Design, Adobe Edge or Banner Flow - Create WCF RestService methods Create WCF services Server-Side to be hosted on IIS 8.5 and consumed by WCF Client - Create Web Analytics Tracker Create web and App - Create Web Application According To Reference Site - Udemy Create Web Application According To Reference Site - Udemy 2 - Create Web Banners Create web banners - Create Web Based Stock Chart create web based stock chart with Java - Create web design create web design - Create web form application Create Web form for e-mailing multiple recipients - Create web images for website Create Web information Page With Link - create web page create web page - Create web page that retrieves yammer groups using javascript api Create web page that searches database - Create web portal Create web portal to find sport partners - Create web SEO crawler/auditor Create web server - Create Web Site Create Web site - Create web site header & buttons Create Web site Header and Footer - create web template Create Web Template - Create web-based music and video app - with $250 bonus! Create Web-based POS System - Create webapp