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Creating (CSS based) templates Creating (or rather, migrating a website) from wix to wordpress Creating (rewriting) articles about online game Path of Exile in shorter format Creating + "buffing up" forum accounts. Creating , configuring of IVRS using Asterisk IP-PBX. Creating , modifying and finishing an e-commerce website. Debugging hidden faults etc. CREATING .AWD FILE Creating .DST file for embroidery Creating .DST file for embroidery -- 2 Creating .Net-C# Adapter for Instant Messeging API's using predefined libraries Creating / Designing An X-Ray Image Using 3 Images Creating / desinging small and professional templates for websites Creating / Editing global Maps Creating / Embedding of a container tracking system Creating / Fixing current statistics on our website. Creating / fixing current statistics page on our website. Creating / Importing Users creating / updating form for filemaker - mac/ipad/iphone
Creating / Uploading Ebay Store Listings, Ecommerce Data Creating /starting several groups of interests in a new mobile social network (iOS), iPhone Creating 1 logo for a new website. Creating 1 minute Video Creating 1 module for SugarCRM website php Creating 1 simple plugin for Classipress (ad upgrade) - start ASAP Creating 10 animated GIFs (emoticons) Creating 10 articles in hebrew Creating 10 Auto Blogs Creating 10 different custom domain logos creating 10 fancy wedding album intro design Creating 10 processors and sending images from 10 processors to a digital ocean server Creating 10 unique variants of an existing well-design website by modifying CSS Creating 10 unique variants of an existing well-design website by modifying CSS -- 2 Creating 10 unique variants of an existing well-designed website by modifying CSS Creating 10 x 550 - 600 dog related articles Creating 10,000 Gmail Accounts