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CHANGE NUMBER DESIGN ON ARTWORK - Change of Calendar Style change of Checkout currency - Change of graphics for wordpress theme(repost) Change of heading in software - Change of Phantom power supply Microphone to Suit Double ended Microphone Applications. -- 2 change of phpmelody design (template) - Change of wordpress template Change of WordPress template - Couponpress - Change on the index page (ASP)(repost) Change on Wordpress - change one page design to this change one page design to this -- 2 - change Opencart checkout process change opencart design urgent - Change order confirmation e-mail in modified oscommerce webshop change order confirmation email - zen cart - CHANGE OSCOMMERCE SITE OVER TO PRESTASHOP Change osCommerce site to show only Canadian shipping costs for Canadians and American Shipping costs for Americans. WARNING: This posting involves adult/pornographic material. If you are offended by such material then please STOP and DO NOT CONTINUE - Change Our Logo JPG Change our logo to 3D - Change outgoing mail IP address on WHM change output format of sqlite data - change page for conection word press and credit cart page - french its possibol Change page in OS commerce template - Change part of website and add 1 page Change partners for contracting - CPC - Change payment from paypal to payzip Change Payment Gateway - Change payment script from old credit card (ctpe) to wirecard -- 3 Change Payment System From Paymill to Brain Tree - change pdf documents change PDF fiel - Change Perl/MySql Shopping Cart Change permalink & Social Share Count reset from 0 - Change phone number on Graphics. Change phone number on mail out card - Change Photo Upload / Display on Website change photo uploading page on AVS - change php code for auction script Change PHP code from MS SQL table access syntax to MYSQL - Change PHP script change php script - Change PHP validation to JS change PHP version - Change Picture Background Change picture background - Change pixels without losing quality Change place of admin area upload images - Change position of logo & menu on a Wordpress site Change position of logo for responsive website - Change prestashop template Change Prestashop Template from Templatemonster - Change Primary Domain of a Wordpress Website Change print on paper - Change product listings look. Oscommerce Change product number then create PDFs for the product - change psd Change psd and png files to EPS - Change Query requirements on website change query to filename in wordpress for iframe - Change referencing style to Harvard author date Change Referencing to Harvard Style - Change Request Automation Change Request for MS Access Stock Control Application - Change Responsive order on team page Change Responsive web page into mobile-only - Change same functions Change sausages with the melted cheese - change script on an existing website's order form. Change script payment gateway from PayPal to 2Checkout - Change Search Permalink change Search plugin on main site and subdomain - Change SessionState mode to StateServer/SqlServer Change set of Powerpoint slides to landscape - Change Shopping Cart change shopping cart - Change simple website php form to work with gdform (godaddy) Change simplify 3 url in pretashop website - Change site from legacy to 1.5 Change Site from Mambo 4.5.2 to Joomla - Change site to use X-Cart, integrate with QB Mac(repost) Change site to Word Press - Change size of squares based on cell value Change size of the phone number - Change Slider on website Change Slider on Wordpress Site, PHP Expert needed - Change Smarty Search Area change smarty templates - Change some background Change some BigCommerce templates - Change some content on website template change some css (just the searh bar and search result table for the website - Change some error in PDF form change some features and fix php features - Change some javascript code lines (minor) Change some JS / Desing - Change some plugins in my wordpress change some problems at my website - Change some text on 6 animated gif files (have PSD's) Change some text on an adobe illustrator (.ai) file - Change some words in backend of codeigniter built website Change some words in photoshop - change source files to .jar Change Source of Traffic for website - Change status Page Change Status Rentals - Change style for wp-theme. Change style graybox - Change Superior Business Template for Change Support Layout - Change target in fla file from _parent or _blank to _self Change Target Link - Change Template for Backup Software to Blue Design Change template for dashboard client - Change Template of website change template of website - change templated web page (flash and php) Change templates colors (URGENT JOB) - Change text color to red on some wording and insert Canadian Flag image Change text colour Joomla - Change Text in Header Banner Change text in header of wordpress site - change text in youtube video Change text input to drop down in joomla hotel component - Change text on existing InDesign file Change Text on Flash Banner - Change text on website flash header Change Text On Website Page - Change the access of functions in AS3 Starling Project Change the actual login/registration process from my website - Change the background of 2 images change the background of 2 images from grey to transparent - Change the background to white in 17 images -- 2 Change the background to white in 4 images - change the chinese word into solid color change the chinese word into solid color -- 2 - change the color of my logo change the color of my logo - Change the colour of company logo Change The Colour of Images - Change the curency in JS mortgage calculator change the currency in magento website - change the design navigation and some functionality of the fiverscript site Change the design of 2 pages of my website - Change the design of PSD
Change the design of the Affiliate Pages on an Existing Website - Change The Email Confirmation for my website change the emails contents sent from oscommerce store - Change the form to send the letter change the format of 200 questions on my site - change the header color and delte the search icon change the header of my magento site thats on bootstrap - Change the images on my Visual Studio project Change the images/backrounds in very simple flash games for kids - Change the layout of a certificate (project for zedworks) Change the layout of a logo - Change the location/country on India change the logo - Change the look of a PHP order form Change the look of a PHP order form (938650) - Change the magento ecommerce design Change the magento PDF invoice layout - Change the name in my logo Change the name of a Facebook page that has more than 200 likers - Change the payment gateway of a laravel script Change the payment gateway of a laravel script  - Change the product release date on our website RIGHT NOW! (again) Change the product release date on our website RIGHT NOW! (once again) - Change the shopsystem of to new shopsystem eshop2 Change the sidebar FILTER function from LIST to CHECKBOX with MULTIPLE OPTIONS - Change the sql server Database to postgres Change The Stage - Change the template/interface (Flex) Change the template/theme on existing website - change the them language , Wordpress a Website change the theme - Change the top menu in mobile device 2 change the top upper widget to our new phone number along with all other numbers that are the same as the top widget - Change the way People Route Change the way product availability is checked on modified oscommerce b2b shop - Change the Zen cart home page footer layout Change Theme - change theme fot Yii change theme fot Yii - open to bidding - Change theme of wordpress website Change theme on basic website to suit new branding. - Change this bus into another bus change this C# to write to excel via arrays now its too slow - Change timing of when my pop up appears on my website Change timing on this Flash file - Change to a button in Woo Commerce Change to a custom google map gps marker script - Change to Corte Site (Urgent) Change to css on website to get the posts to display neater - Change to Flash Template (from TemplateMonster) Change to Flash Website - Change to Material Desgn Change to menu on wordpress blog - Change to proaff wordpress theme Change to Program - Change to TemplatreMonster template Change to text on intro - Change to website vincius Change to website. ASAP - change traveler research in sendalert page change traveler research in sendalert page . - Change UI design in IOS App and code Change UI design of an existing Android App - Change upload script for site Change upload script on my site from tesupload to uber-upload or other that works faster - Change URL Structure change url structure - Change user validation procedure for large website Change User's Name to User's ID number in profile URL's - Change VBA Macro change VBNET desktop app database login - Change video link on wordpress site and mobile site Change Video Player in our Flash Videos - Change vldPersonals to use Smarty Template Engine Change vldPersonals to use Smarty Template Engine(repost) - Change WEB Gallery to SlideShowPro Change Web Host - Change Webseite to non-frame HTML change webservice for ios & andriod - Change website code to compatible with Mobile Phone and Tablet Change website coding - Change website domain name to Change website files from .php with bootstrap to .html - Change website interface Change website into a wordpress website - Change website main title and google search Change Website Menu - Change website template elements Change website template elements - Change Website to New Host - WordPress Site Change website to new host! - Change WebViewClient to WebChromeClient (Android Studio) Change welcome banner - Change Windows Function Keys Change Windows language Layout - change woocommerce shop from 4 columns to 5 columns, theme x is used Change Woocommerce shop page to show CATEGORIES instead of PRODUCTS - Change wording in terms and conditions - keep legal aspects intact Change Wording on 2 Websites - Change wordpress Dashboard Framework. Change Wordpress Database Table Prefixes - Change Wordpress one page checkout style Change Wordpress one page checkout style and functionality - Change Wordpress Site Theme Change wordpress site theme - change wordpress template purchased change WordPress template to RTL (right to left) - Change Wordpress theme (secured) Change wordpress theme -- 2 - Change WordPress themes of Two Existing Websites - Change Wordpress to go to another language by default - Change Work Diversity Change Work Diversity -- 2 - Change writing on site Change writing on site - repost - Change Your Life!!! - Looking for (10 - People) Living in USA (Proof Required) Change your perception about dieting. - knock off Change.Org Voting Needed - Need 7K Votes - Change/Keyword monitoring system/website Change/modify 2 pdf files (change numbers and a few words only) - changed video ChangeHomePage Graphics - changer la couleur du texte du menu d'un blog wordpress Changer la template de mon site et lui ajouter multi store , chat et online offline user - changes + joomla 3.4 migration changes + mobile site as agreed - Changes and additions to Wordpress website changes and additions website - Changes and modifications to medical website Changes and modifications to Medical, Education, and other sites. - changes and updates to website changes and upgrade features in a music player - changes design changes designe to my web sit - Changes for existing social media website. changes for flash clients demo - Changes for Virtuemart store Changes for web PHP - Changes in a atl plugin for internet explorer Changes in a bike site - Changes in a website Changes in a website - Changes in an existing site Changes in an existing store - Changes in Business Card 10 mins work