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Create .jade templates for a designed UI Create .jason file for X Theme template Create .JPG files (fixed size) from large photos Create .jpg from psd Create .jpg logo to 512x512 png and 57x57 png Create .jpg Signature for My Email Create .JS parser Create .kmz or .shp or excell file with x y coordinates create .logo "2" audit co. create .logo "2" audit co. Create .lrc files convert to mp4 format(our software) Create .mex wrapper for specific C function. Create .msg file without Outlook Create .msg file without Outlook - repost create .NET TWAIN application to control digital imaging sensor create .net webpage to search a product on ,fetch its data and populate a sql table Create .NET 2/SQL 2005 auction script
Create .NET 4.5 DLL for 101Domain API Create .NET 4.5 WCF Web Service Create .NET API for Create .Net App to dynamic change resource (.rc) files Create .NET application named “Automated AP” Create .net application to FTP files Create .NET application to pull IMDB info Create .Net Application to Send and Recieve SMS messages Create .NET C# page to acces SQL data using a ColdFusion page as a model Create .NET class for existing Windows DLL Create .NET Class to Build Image from Elements Create .Net DLL and/or Matrices converting Mortgage Bond Prices to Yield (interest rate) Create .Net installer Create .net managed wrapper for unmanaged DLL Create .NET Page with HTML Editor Create .NET Page with HTML Editor Create .net program