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Creat Web Hosting Environment - CentOS - HAProxy - Nginx - PHP - MySQL - Windows - Creat Wordpress from a template Creat wordpress landing pages - creatCreate CreatCreate a Streaming Music app For Nintendo - Create 3vps KVM proxmox add install softward Create 4 Instagram 15 second videos - create a CMS website (multilingual) Create a Collage for me - Create a plugin for Clip-share PHP Project Create a Pop up - script for website - Create a Website for an Organization Create a website like - create Android application create Android application -- 2 - create Dashboard Arabic Interface Create database for 40M record file with reporting interfac - Create ipaper pdf/a printer solution Create iPhone & Andriod app - Create Packaging Design & Logo for Video Door Phone Create Packaging Designs - create search bar using idx plug in and make better load time for my website. Create Showcase website - Create Videos CREATE VPS .OFFICE VIA SOLUVM+config - Create "Cold E-mail" template - Inteded for ShipOwners - Meeting proposal Create "coming soon" website + 2 graphics + automatic email reply - Create "Selling Websites" website Create "shop" tab on my website + shop page with products - Create & Design a nice POP-UP page Create & Design a Plumber Referral website - Create & Host Website Create & Host Website - open to bidding - Create & Manage Adwords or Bing Campaign (Software Installation) Create & Manage Affliliate Banner Ad Campaign for Software Product - Create & Translate Website Content (English - Korean) Create & Update WP site similar to current one - Create & Submit Site Map Create & Upload 1 Video Per Day to YouTube for 30 Days - Create ''empty'' C# DLL and an Excel 2007+ Ribbon/Toolbar (to call functions within DLL) Create ''How to'' online docs for ISP - Create 'Process' Document Create 'Product Image Slider' on Shopify - Create (Arabic)social network like Facebook with same features CREATE (BLACK & WHITE) b/w version of logo. - Create *Simple* Android LibGDX Java game (ant farm / digging) Create *Unique* Social Media Iconsets - Create .bat file or similar to delay the startup of programs in Windows Startup Create .BAT File that removes list or "A" records or "PTR" records for multiple DNS server - Create .eps file according a simple sketch Create .eps file from image - Create .jason file for X Theme template Create .JPG files (fixed size) from large photos - Create .net program Create .net program - Create .VCE Exam Simulator in C# Create .VCE Exam Simulator in C# -- 2 - Create / Deisgn Poster Create / delete admin logins - Create / Manage a Facebook Ads Campaign Create / Manage a PPC Campaign - Create / Refine an existing graphic for a logo Create / replicate 3D models with a different photo inside - Create 1 Cross Reference based on MPN, Brand, MSRP from 5 suppliers Create 1 Custom Slider-Carousel like Netflix - Create 1 HTML page create 1 HTML page - Create 1 min Animated Video for Business Website Create 1 min animation for tutorial - Create 1 page ad for product(repost) Create 1 page advertisement for e-Campaign theme Happy Easter - Create 1 Page Site to sell a Cellphone (Landing page) create 1 page site. - Create 1 SVG icon based on an existing icon (klipper) Create 1 Template simple html - Create 1,000 Accounts Create 1,000 accounts - email verified - Create 1-page Website From PDF File Create 1.000 backlinks with provided list of sites - Create 10 baby facial expressions, each as tiff based on a photo with 10 expressions create 10 backgrounds for iphone game - Create 10 Ebay Parts Images Create 10 eerie photoshopped images - Create 10 inspirational Designs for T-Shirts Create 10 Instagram Accounts with 10 email accounts. - CREATE 10 ONE PAGE WEBISTES FOR FTURE GROWTH Create 10 one way links to a website - Create 10 second animation video Create 10 second intro Animation video - Create 10 thought provoking questions to generate kids' interest in Maths -- 2 Create 10 thousand accounts - Create 10 x keyword rich articles for websites Create 10 Yahoo Email addresses [Bid Now] - Create 100 back-links or australian website Create 100 Blogs - Create 100 Profiles Create 100 profiles - Create 100 google email address Create 100 Great Titles for Our Adult eBooks (VERY Easy Work!) - Create 100 professional sport book covers Create 100 profiles on social site - Create 100 Top 10 Videos Create 100 TOP Comments for 100 Youtube Videos with each at least 10 Likes - Create 100 user profiles on my website - Repost - open to bidding Create 100 user profiles on my website - Repost - open to bidding - create 1000 blogspots Create 1000 Click bank hoplink - Create 1000 Emails -- Create 1000 Emails -- - Create 1024x1024 kids icon Create 103 Accounts on 8 sites - Create 1100 MYSPACE ACCOUNTS create 112 accounts at article directories - Create 12 Power Point slides from PDF (layout and editable text boxes for new subject matter) Create 12 print quality illustrations / diagrams - Create 1250 Emails Create 1250 Links to 250 Exisitng Sites - Preeti Only - Project A749 - Create 140 Zentangle Images for adult coloring create 146 invoices - Create 15 second Video Ad for App Word Star ( Just make a video ) Create 15 second video content - Create 150 coupon in my website backend - Repost - open to bidding Create 150 coupon in my website backend - Repost - open to bidding - Create 15sec video intro create 16 banners style - create 19 Linux Style Icons Create 19 new accounts on these websites - Create 2 - 3 page website for accountant .. Need done asap!! create 2 - 5 logo every month for graphic design firm - Create 2 animated banners for co-working center in Moldova Create 2 animated flash banners - Create 2 Basic HTML5 Mobile Website for CPA Campaign Create 2 Basic Internet Marketing Training Videos For Me - Create 2 Concrete 5 Blocks for my website Create 2 Concrete 5 Blocks for my website -- 2 - Create 2 Dreamweaver Template Pages Create 2 dynamic stamps for Adobe Acrobat - Create 2 floor plans in Visio Create 2 floor plans in Visio - repost - Create 2 High quality cooking recipes videos Create 2 HiveMail skins from .psd files - Create 2 images - size chart Create 2 images as similar as possible to the original - create 2 landing pages to crm with few changes Create 2 Landing Pages with redirection - Create 2 main Wordpress Themes Create 2 marketing flyers for childrens clothing store - Create 2 MS Project schedules from source excel and word tables for 2 ICT projects
Create 2 MS Word Templates for Landscaper (content/sample provided) - Create 2 Page Website Create 2 page Word template - Create 2 PDF Files create 2 pdf files automatically - CREATE 2 PSD COMPS OF A SITE HOMEPAGE- V2 Create 2 PSD file of jpg logo that i can use to resize - create 2 similar electronic PCB circuit one circular with diameter 3.5cm and second rectangle 3.4*2.8cm, include component and pcb Create 2 similar math tests based on a sample - Create 2 Simple Text Banners Create 2 simple web pages and an email form - Create 2 tabs on Dokan Client's Store Create 2 TAP connections in pfSense - Create 2 Videos @ 30 FPS Using Existing Audio and Image File. - repost Create 2 Videos for my Binary Options LP - create 2 website template Create 2 Website Templates from PSDs: Valid XHTML / CSS + Jquery Menu with Slider - Create 2 wordpress responsive template Create 2 wordpress responsive templates - Create 2 x SEGGER JLink JFlash RAMCode for ARM9 with external NAND Flash Create 2 x shopping centre floor plans - Create 20 Short Animated Video Create 20 web site templates from 20 menu templates. - Create 20 different 1D E-Book Covers Create 20 different cartoon poses of a man (using a face similar to mine) - Create 20 HIS + 20 HERS Valentine's Day greeting card messages - repost Create 20 HIS + 20 HERS Valentine's Day greeting card messages - repost 2 - create 20 sample tagline for consulting startup company Create 20 scenes in a spaceship high quality - Create 20 Wordpress Websites Create 20+ Twitter and Instagram Advertising Images with Video - Create 200 French sentences with english translations. Create 200 gmails and fill out forms - Create 2000 accounts with email Create 2000 articles. No writing, just link from YouTube. - Create 220 Recipe PDFs from existing online Recipes Create 220 social media accounts - Create 25 Home made Videos for Create 25 HTML email signatures - Create 250+ Back links from high page rank websites Create 2500 Ebay Search Phrases - create 2d animated video (8-10 mins) Create 2D animated video, 5 to 10 minutes, mascots underwater - Create 2D Architectural Floorplans -- 2 Create 2D Art for the Idle/Clicker Game. ( Make More, Tap Tycoon, Tap Titans) - Create 2D floor plan from existing sketches *ASAP* - Repost Create 2D floor plan from existing sketches *ASAP* - Repost - open to bidding - Create 2nd Home Page / Landing Page Create 2nd language for my weebly web site - Create 3 advertising graphics create 3 adwords account - Create 3 banners for cloud computing company website Create 3 banners to be printed (size 100m wide x 200m high) - Create 3 custom post types from Gravity Forms - with CSS to match my VC templates look and feel. Create 3 custom templates wordpress - Create 3 Facebook banners for valentines day sale create 3 fillable pdf forms (all very similar) - Create 3 html form for printing purpose Create 3 HTML forms from image - Create 3 layout pages using Framework7 Create 3 layout templates in photoshop them turn them into html - Create 3 mostly static page website in ASP.NET (VB.NET) using Web Developer 2008 (GEN)(repost) Create 3 motivational bodybuilding videos - Create 3 page website Create 3 Pages - Create 3 product label designs Create 3 product versions of poster for use in Shopify store - Create 3 simple Animations for a mobile application Create 3 simple database driven sites - Create 3 tables in Excel Create 3 Templates and add products to templates - Create 3 web banner 1350 X 400 create 3 web fonts from provided files - create 3 wordpress website (themeforest template) Create 3 wordpress websites - CREATE 3-D BOTTLES OF SUPP (3 Bottles - 2 versions ea CREATE 3-D BOTTLES OF SUPPLEMENTS (5 TOTAL) - Create 30 flash based ads, with a form in the ad Create 30 Forum Profiles & Write 1 Post on Each - Create 30 sec Video for Website Launch Create 30 sec video product presentation (mp4) (Avaliable assets : logo, product psd, datasheet psd) - Create 30 WordPress themes for Our Existing Theme Business Create 30 YouTube accounts. - Create 300 page book - InDesign Project Create 300 Pen Name - Create 301 redirects Create 301 redirects - Create 35 online calculators from an existing .html file Create 35 slide shows and submit to - Create 3D Animated Video Create 3d animated videos - Create 3D Animation video Create 3D Animation video -- 2 - Create 3D Animations for an Avatar (example provided) Create 3D animations, with Men and Women models, and tools - Create 3D building envelope from 2D drawings and partial Sketchup model Create 3D Building Internals from Rough Floor Plan - Create 3d characters static jpegs as well as animation Create 3D Commercial - Create 3d Fantasy Landscape Create 3d fantasy Landscape for my Android game - Create 3D graphic Create 3D Graphic Design For shopping malls - Create 3D images of product from images of prototype Create 3D images of simple steel brackets - Create 3D moddel of hedlamp Create 3D Model - Create 3D model from house floor plan Create 3D model from image - Create 3D model of an ice cream scoop product Create 3D Model of Building - Create 3D Model of Room - Repost - open to bidding Create 3d model of simple interior architecture out of DWG plan - Create 3D Models and Animation Create 3D models and Generate Renders - Create 3d models | Realizza dei modelli 3D Create 3D Models, Textures and Animations for Papervision3D - Create 3D Product Model Designs for our project Create 3d project for interior home Decor with furniture - Create 3D rigged human model for sports game Create 3D Room Design using Autodesk homestyler - Create 3D Tree Face, plus some basic animations Create 3D type web page header and footer templates - Create 3D-Printable Models Create 3D-Printable Models - Create 4 animated logos for advertising Create 4 api in php - Create 4 different Email templates in Active Campaign Create 4 different Email templates in Active Campaign -- 2 - Create 4 High res Images from logos I already have. -- 2 Create 4 homepage banners (1024 x 768) and edit 50 photos - Create 4 Logos Based On Current Logo Create 4 Logos Based On Current Logo - create 4 page slider banner for WP site Create 4 page wordpress site - Create 4 shareable images - Rehire Create 4 Short Animations of our company logo - Create 4 Very High Quality Banners Create 4 very small and simple 3D models for printing - Create 4 x web sites - using Domino, CSS, HTML and Javascript Create 4 YouTube videos per month - Create 40 G-Mail and Facebook Accounts For IGT Create 40 generic 'I love you' greeting card messages - Create 40 wedding greeting card messages Create 40 wedding greeting card messages - J - Create 43 Unique Titles, Meta Descriptions & Meta Keywords Create 44 joomla articles and add content to them. - Create 45 Dofollow High PR web 2.0 Permanant link first tier