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Create 2 Responsive HTML FORM Create 2 responsive pages Create 2 responsive webpages Create 2 Responsive WordPress Forms Create 2 responsive wordpress page Create 2 responsive wordpress pages Create 2 responsive wordpress webpages Create 2 reusable charts in Python Create 2 Review Sites/Blogs with SEO Included Create 2 Revolution Slides for 2 Different Websites Create 2 rollover buttons for website Create 2 rules for htaccess 301 redirect Create 2 saveable standalone pdf forms Create 2 Scripts for Brown Recluse Software Create 2 second animations for a YouTube intro Create 2 separate buttons to pick a photo from Camera and Library for iOS app in xcode Create 2 separate files from 1 file Create 2 servers in Google Cloud (free trial environment) and install TwProject (free trial version) on it
Create 2 short 30 second promotional videos for a website Create 2 short animation videos Create 2 short guides Create 2 short intro after effects videos (using template) Create 2 Short Social Media GIF Animations Create 2 short videos (45-60s) Create 2 Sided Cards in InDesign from XML feed Create 2 sided christmas flyer for a family cycle business Create 2 sides product packaging (very simple) and a sticker create 2 similar electronic PCB circuit one circular with diameter 3.5cm and second rectangle 3.4*2.8cm, include component and pcb Create 2 similar math tests based on a sample Create 2 similar tests to a test I already have made to be used as a pretest and retake Create 2 similar webpages from webpage image Create 2 Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers Create 2 Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers (each in 2 sizes needed) Create 2 simple 5 page html websites - all files provided create 2 simple ad