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Create a module for ramdom k2 article with arrow create a module for sending sms Create a module for Siberian CMS Create a module for to extrapolate products (parents and child) from selectables sites and put them on my MAGENTO site (parents and child product) and create cron job for update these products Create a module for WooCommerce to create a Wok based on ingredients Create a module for Zurmo Create a module form Prestashop integrate with Allegro (like Ebay) Create a module in Admin Panel to add ''Packages'' Create a Module in Magento for an ERP (enterprise resource planning) software API create a module in node.js create a module in node.js Create a module in prestashop Create a module on Ruby On Rails for products ]for an e-commerce store Create a module position in template Create a module that allows MicroInvest POS Software to exchange data with a web-based loyalty application Create a module that allows users to rotate images after they upload them to a drupal site Create a module that calculates based on set forumula Create a module that reads a communication packet from home alarms. Different Brands.
Create a module to add product attributes in Zencart Create a module to export CDRs into CSV create a module to integrate web service the OCA postal with woocommerce Create a module to sync from to prestashop Create a module translator Create a module type Mymajor (but much more simple), on xoops Create a module with several delivery times with different prices for magento Create a Module With Talking Images Create a module within Magento for us to create profiles for our vendors Create a module/component for Joomla to load products Create A Module/DLL for PowerShell for Implementing Global Hotkeys Create a module/plugin for 3DCart Create a module/plugin for Amazon Webstore Create a module/plugin for Core Commerce platform Create a module/plugin for CSCart Create a module/plugin for Joomla Create a module/plugin for Magento