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Create and morph an anime figure according to specifications - Create and post advertisement on local kijiji. Create and post an advertisements on multiple platforms(No pay if awful work) - create and promote/optimise facebook page Create and prototype 3 Dojo Dijits - Create and query databases using SQL Create and query databases using SQL - repost - Create and sell PDFs and MP3s via Wordpress and create and sen for me a master card - Create and Some Edits to Wordpress Template Create and sort MySQL db based on location data - create and Submit some Articles create and Submit some Articles -- 2 - Create and Upload 50 SlideShare and DocStoc Items(repost) create and upload 6 pages urgent - Create and Use Thread in Java or C Program create and validate a file of the exhibitors of the congress of the Rafiological Society of North America - Create Andriod UI Template with Material Design and Animation Create Android "Boost" Animation (vid inside) - Create Android and iOS game Like NinJump Rooftops Create android and ios mobile app. Need Urgent reply as this is for one of my client - Create android app Create android app - Create Android App / Android / IOS Create Android APP / IOS APP like Freelestic ( more simple ) - Create Android app from iPhone app Create Android App from iPhone App & Programming Docs - Create Android App: Listener Guided Audio Book. Create Android Application - Create Android application of iPhone app create android application postback tracking - Create android custom user dictionary Create android custom user dictionary - Create Android Jump & Run Game Create Android Junior developer quiz with 40 questions - Create Android plugin for wordpress Create Android port for existing iOS app - Create android web application Create android web application !! - create angular js dashboard Create Angular Material templates - Create animated banners from .psd designs Create animated banners in various sizes - very simple! - Create animated gif Create animated gif - Create animated gifs from Vector characters - Part 21 Create animated gifs from Vector characters - Part 22 - Create Animated GIFs of Sprites/ Pixel Art Edits and Recolors Create Animated Gifs using PHP - Create animated photo of me Create Animated Pose with rig supplied. - Create animated video Create animated video - Create animated, descriptive, simple educational videos! Create animated, xml-driven flash animation - Create animation - video. (1 minute long). Crear una animaciĆ³n Create animation -- 2 - Create Animation for music video Create animation for music video - Create animation music video create animation music video - Create animation video Create animation video - Create Animations Create animations - Create anime Subtitles in English Create Animoto Similar Web Application - Create Another Logo/Masthead for Magazine Create another newsletter - create anumation for my website create any app for $30 - Create API & JSON for E-books . JSON response would be in Hindi Create API and database - Create API for Oscommerce Create API for Ruby on Rails Backend - Create api's for mobile app ,need to maintain the backend and api's in AWS Create API. - Create App & Web Mockup for demo create app (andriod and apple) for website - Create app for BassGold website create app for cab booking website android and ios app - Create app for mobile devices/website, please read description. Create App for Motivational Book - Create App Icon-2 Create App Icons - Create app promo video Create app purchase / sale type BlaBlaCar and Wallapop - Create app to play/select list songs from SPOTIFY Create APP to post and receive https messages through secure webserver - Create Appication That Allows Download Cards On Our Site Create Apple accounts for me (US, Canada&Japan) - Create application for sell specific products via mobile App Create Application Form - Create application to do FPS benchmark of directx/opengl games Create application to extract phone numbers from Gmail..2 - create apps - open to bidding create apps and web - Create ArcGIS python script to convert files and perform erase function Create ArcGIS python script to convert files and perform erase function -- 2 - Create around 20 coloured cartoons and a book cover - repost Create around 20 coloured cartoons and book cover - Create Article Directory ASAP Create article directory website - Create articles for web pages... Create articles for wikipedia in German - Create Artwork and Packaging Designs Create Artwork and Printable PDF from Word Design - Create ASP Form Create asp functionality - Create ASP.NET report templates - copy from 10 Word templates Create ASP.NET Reporting Site - Create asystem for a website Create at least 200 sex position animations - Create Attractive Vector Art objects for online game Create attractive website design - Create audio book Create Audio Book - create audiobook for my english& chinese ebook Create Audiobook from Hardcopy Novel/eBook - Create Authorization Table using SQL Create checkout process - CREATE AUTO LOAN CREDIT APPLICATION WEBSITE create auto log-in module for joomla system - Create AutoCad Study Guide ! Create AutoCAD (2006) 2D plans from paper copies - Create autocomplete function with jquery and symfony form collection Create Autofilled Template - Create automated Skype dialing application (1 .exe file) Create automated Skype dialing application (1 .exe file)(repost) - Create Automation frameWork for Online Education Network create automation give-away script - Create avatar book cover (jpg) Create Avatar for Business Website - Create awesome content for an Anti-Smoking Brochure Create awesome content for an Anti-Smoking Brochure -- 2 - Create Azure and Intranet Network Create Azure ARM VM using puppet --Urgent - Create back links to promore the youtube video create back office / admin interfaces - Create backend site for members Create Backend System - create backlink finding software Create backlink java phop script - Create backlinks for my .de casino website Create backlinks for my .de casino website - repost 1 - Create Backs for 250 of Our Report Covers Create backup - Create Bank Statement and Fianacial Statement For Movie Prop - repost
create bank statement temeplate for Chase - Create Bank Statement Template - Repost Create Bank Statement Template - Repost - Create Banner Ad Placements in WordPress Create Banner AD's, Product Images - Create Banner For a web site Create Banner for a website Homepage - Create Banner Graphics Create banner image - Create banners Create banners - create banners for an adword campaign Create Banners for Client - Create bar floating Create bar floating - Create Basic Accounting Site With PHP + MySQL -- 2 Create basic admin pages - Create basic formulas in Excel Worksheet Create basic front end website template - Create basic maqetta html5 app to work as terminal client Create basic maqetta html5 app to work as terminal client -- 2 - Create Basic views for a Mysql database Create basic visual to run with a song being played on Youtube. (Urgent!) - Create Batch file using PDF bookmark program create batch file with arender with best settings for after effects - Create Beautiful PDF matching Website - In 2 Days Create Beautiful Powerpoint Slides - Create better converting landing pages Create better front-end of Google App Engine application - Create Bigcommerce Template -- 3 Create BigCommerce Theme - Create birthday cake image (big head and cartoon body) Create birthday card with great illustrations - Create Blackbaud Sphere Websites for Special Olympics Southern California Create Blackberry and I Phone APPS - Create blog (reference) Create blog / search page template - Create Blog for website in PHP Create Blog From Avada Theme - Create blog posts for students Create blog posts from existing Swedish internet pages - Create Blog with Wordpress and Populate with Original Content and Autoblog (repost) Create blog wordpress - Create Blogs Using Viral Instigator program Create blogsite using wordpress engine - Create Book Covers Create Book Covers - Create Booking Website for Start Taxi Up Company - repost Create Booking Website for Start Taxi Up Company - repost 2 - Create Bootstrap page from mockup Create bootstrap responsive front page with multistep form - Create Bot to automate process Create bot to fetch information from classified website - Create Box packaging design 3d mockup Create Box Packaging Designs - create brand name create brand name - Create brasil drums with hitting stick Create brasil drums with sticks hitting it - Create Brochure / Order Form Create Brochure /Flyer - Create browser add-on / plugin (cross browser, cross-platform) Create browser addon - Create budget analysis program(repost) Create Budget Planner in Excel - Create Bulk Upload/Download Function in Admin Panel for Product Database Create Bulk Verified Emails - Create Business Card and Letterhead Template Create Business Card Design - Create business cardsin PDF format by selecting mysql data Create business case analysis - Create business listings with Adobe Muse template + assets Create Business Logo - Create Business Process Infographic CREATE BUSINESS PROFILE - Create button in pdf & word Create button on website and upload Virtual Tour - Create Buzzfeed Like Website create BW sketches from video scenes - Create C# or class to print label on Brother ql 700 printer Create C# program for data entry and search to existing SQL Server DB - create C++ program for baseball statistics Create C++ questions - create cad drawings for machining work Create CAD Fashion How-to Video for Potential Future Work - Create calculation app. for web and/or exe program for distribution Create Calculation script for website - Create caller code for Aqua-Resizer (thumbnail resizer) on Wordpress Create calligraphy Prints - create captcha server for me Create CAPTCHA Software - Create carddav and caldav function for vtiger Create Careers page in PHP - Create Cartoon Caricature from Image Create Cartoon Caricature from Image - Create Cartoon Race Car Drawing From Picture Create cartoon style clothing items (examples provided) - Create casino banners Create Casting Cards in Keynote - Create Catchy Google Adwards AD CREATE CATCHY TITLES - Create category images for ecommerce Create Category Landing Page Image Functionality - create CDR or PSD file from four JPG files - Repost - open to bidding Create CE-M Wordpress Theme - Create character and Animation For Game Create character and set sketches for a pitch - Create Chart Analytics using HighCharts Create chart based on ticker (PHP) - Create chat application in ios and android platform Create chat based system with file sharing and sound - Create checkout for custom webshop | Zend FW - PHP - NuSoap Create Checkout Page & Admin Panel - Create child theme with Genesis Framework Create child theme with WooCommerce support from main theme - Create Chrome Extension Create Chrome extension - Create CI for VPN Provider Create CID Caller ID code for images to email - Create class resize image and add logo and texte inside Create class to connect provider - Web Services - create clean illustrations from existing drawings and images Create clean library from CKeditor + Jquery-File-Upload demo - Create ClickBank Product Verification Script Create ClickBank Sales Page - Create clipping path for images and remove background Create Clipping Paths For 200 Product images - Create Clothing Manucturing Website create clothing pattern blueprint based on photos - Create CMS for existing site Create CMS for - create backlinks Create Coco's 2D sprite sheets (pve.ccz) for iPhone game from 3D model - Create code that allows us to insert links that cant be seen on the front end Create Code that reveals video on same page after opt in - Create Cognos Report Studio reports. Create Coldfusion Developer Mirror Site - Create colored t-shirt jpgs Create coloring book website - Create Coming Soon Page (1 page only, splash) Create coming soon page from instructions. (NEED QUICKLY BUILT) - Create company brochure from template(repost) Create Company Catalog and Marketing Material - Create Company Logo Create Company Logo - Create Company Logos Create company logos - Create Company Profile for Me
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