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Create an image for my landing page - Create an image that will be used for a metal band tour merch Create an image to promote our software on an online marketplace - Create an indesign brochure from an existing PNG example Create an Indesign document - Create an InfoGraphic Create an Infographic - Create an Infographic for our Business (Content Provided and Will Provide More if Needed) Create an infographic for our strategy - Create an Informatio App for Itunes Create an Information Cartoon about my service - Create an inspiring bathroom scene Create an instaedu tutor account for me - Create an installer Create an installer - Create an instructional video Create an instructional video - Create an interactive (dynamic) and responsive map (and its submaps) of Switzerland in HTML5/Bootstrap using Open Source data. Create an interactive (using either HTML5 or flash)[ - Create an interactive hierarchy chart Create an interactive HTML5 file using Adobe Edge Animate - Create an interactive scene maker on my website Create an interactive screensaver out of a 60 second 2D animation - Create an interface from icecat to MS SQL Server Create an interface similar to . - Create an intranet with Plone Create an Intro - Create an Intro for Youtube create an intro for YouTube channel - Create an Intro Video for Youtube Videos Create an intro video/animation for match3 and cog game - Create an Introvideo for Website -- 2 Create an intuitive Plant Health Care field report - Create an Ionic 2 / Angular 2 graph component Create an Ionic 2 Application - Create an iOS and Android simple mobile application Create an iOS and Android step counter app that synchronizes app data to a central SQL database - Create an IOS Application Create an IOS application - create an Ios, android and windows application Create an iOS, Android application - Create an ipad/iphone app and android app for my website and submit it to Appstore and GooglePlay market Create an iPad/iPhone template from existing website (PSD file) - Create an iPhone and Android application Create an iphone and android application - Create an iPhone app Create an iPhone app - Create an Iphone App for Pizza Online Order Create an Iphone app from my Android app - Create an iPhone application Create an iPhone application - Create an iPhone application for an Existing Android App create an iPhone application for app store. - create an iphone game Create an iPhone game - Create an iPhone/Android Game Application Create an Iphone/Android app - Create an isometric illustrations system Create an isometric view of pages on iPad - Create an list on every business in Dallas / Ft. Worth metroplex Create an little php script (project for Vamir) - Create an logo/image to lead the brand identity of an (internal) Business Architecture Practice Create an LVM and Help me Configure IP Block On solusvm - Create an mobile app that enables a moderator at a centralized location to ask questions and receive answers from subscribers to the app, creating a " mobile" focus study Create an Mobile Application - Create an MS Access query in a database that will be used as an eBay FileExchange Data Feed Create an MS Access Switchboard that lets user select Area->Equip->Print Form - Create an new Pagetype in an existing WP Theme Create an new side menu & featured/bestseller section - Create an offline data entry form Create an offline map from a WMS source - Create an online article writing platform Create an Online Assessment with a Series of Questions - Create an Online Card Game, Coding create an online cart for password protected pages of my site - Create an Online Database Create an online database - create an online form create an online form - Create an online Job Application Webpage Create an online Landing Page that is Mobile Friendly - Create an Online Ordering System (Similar to Dominos) Create an online ordering system for food shops - Create an online restaurant directory Create an online restaurant table booking system - Create an Online Store Create an Online Store - Create an online store for an existing website Create an online store for Android, iOS and web browsers - Create an online tax questionnaire Create an online ticketing system with Wordpress - Create an online website for data entry and tabulation Create an online website that posts my company status to Google+ and Facebook - create an opencart plugin -- 2 create an opencart plugin -- 2 - Create an Opt in Bar in Header for existing wordpress site. Create an opt in page - Create an order form in Pages for Mac Create an Order form process for my wordpress website - Create an original sock design based on Nike Lebron Everglades Shoes Create an original song about World Cup Soccer underdog team Honduras - Create an OUTSTANDING professional video to Promote our Product or Website Create an OUTSTANDING Resume - Create an professional hand drawing Animation Create an professional online banking software - Create an RSA Style Teaser and 5 Minute Videos Create an RSS bot for Telegram - Create An SEO Software that Does Local Directory Submission Create an SEO website! $10-$50! - Create an Skill Animation Create an slide - Crear un slide - Create an SQL table Create an STILL Caricature cartoon - create an tv show database (like IMDB) for my oxwall powered website Create an UBER clone (Iphone and Android) - Create an Unity animation from an existing project and add few features Create an Unity video demo/tutorial - Create an utillity app for iphone Create an VDO 2 minute animation - Create an vtiger 5.4 app for smartphones Create an Walking Animation - Create an whiteboard Animation Create an whiteboard Animation - Create an XML file to upload to server for RSS Feed Create an XML file to upload to server for RSS Feed - $10 - Create and Install Outlook Email Template Create and SFTP on Digital Ocean Hosting - Create and Advanced iOS Application Create and advanced photo gallery ( video and photos combined ) - Create and apply menu buttons for joomla web Create and apply menu buttons for joomla web - repost - Create and Buildd an Amazon Online Store Create and built a website - Create and connect form Payment for membership for non England Users Create and consolidate records - Quickbooks Bookeeping - All Digital - Create and design a Bank check/cheque Create and design a box die line for paint spray guns - Create and Design a TCPDF PDF file for Website create and design a temporary landing page for my website - create and design an iOS and android application & website Create and Design an Old-Looking Newspaper Article - Create and Design Large Poster from Exisiitng Graphics Create and Design Logo for Small Business - Create and Design website targeted at high schoolers Create and design website using a Wordpress template - Create and Easy html Email Template Create and Ebay and Etsy store - Create and Edit Videos in Adobe Premier
Create and Edit Videos in Adobe Premier - Create and EXCEL file like the original PDF -- 2 - Repost - open to bidding -- 2 Create and Excel Formula (Excellent Understanding of Data Tables is Required) - Create and handle online presence of a food statup in India -- 2 Create and help implement SSIS packages for MS SQL Server - Create and Implement Combined Products Shipping Option in WooCommerce Create and Implement Drupal Template from PSD File - Create and install multidomain SSL certificate Create and Install 3 Email Templates - Create and Install Guestbook for Domain Create and Install Header for Travel Site - Create and integrate a deck building application for a card game website Create and integrate a feature in Joomla - create and intergrate mobile alerts like myspace create and intigrate module for magento marketplace website - Create and Maintain an ad on Ebay Create and maintain company Facebook and Twitter accounts - Create and Manage a PPC Campaign old adword accounts also need Create and Manage a Profitable PPC Campaign - Create and manage adwords CREATE AND MANAGE ADWORDS - Create and manage Google and Bing ads -- 2 Create and manage mailchimp newsletter (monthly) - create and manage social media profile create and manage social media profile -- 2 - Create and Modify Report Sharp Shooter Templates Create and Modify some pages in Angular JS theme - Create and post a responsive website Create and post a Wikipedia Profile Page - Create and Promote Youtube Video Create and Promote Youtube Video - open to bidding - Create and Published Wikipedia page for my client Create and put together an Advertisement - Create and run wordpress template -- 2 Create and save FusionCharts as image and send it in html email - Create and setup a multi-vendor webshop (with CMS system) and design a fixed look after a sketch. Functionality close to aliexpress Create and setup a Scrapy script - Create and Submit Ads on Classified Websites Create and submit article at - Create and Update various Internet filtering Apps create and upload - Create and upload thumbnails on Youtube Create and Upload torrent - create andrid and ios app Create andriod and iphone app - Create Android and iOS app for Ricoh Theta S camera using provided SDK -- 2 Create Android and iOS app for Ricoh Theta S camera using the SDK - Create Android App Create Android App - Create android app (Listen music from Url) Create Android App - BLUE LED LIGHT - Create Android App for Tablet Create Android app for taking tests (multiple choice) with paid addon question packs. - Create Android app using Broadlink SDK (Preview App available from broadlink) Create Android App with 15 screens - Create Android application + IOS Create android application (android studio) - Create Android Apps with Seattleclouds - 50$ - 100$ Create android appstore. - Create Android game Create Android game - Create Android ListView with JSON Reader from MySQL Database Create Android Live Wallpaper from a video loop - Create Android Studio Layout xml form my design - Repost - open to bidding Create Android Taskbar App - Create Android-app Create Android/blacberry/IOS app development - Create animal textures on cars Create animate gif for Facebook - Create Animated Caricature Videos / Animated Vignettes Create animated cartoon - Create Animated Gif Banner 2 Sizes Create animated gif for banner ad - Create animated gifs from Vector characters - Part 28 Create animated gifs from Vector characters - Part 29 - Create animated HTML/CSS website from designs. Create animated icons and smileys - Create animated promo video Create Animated Promo Video Walking Through Our Product - Create animated Video Ad for an Indian online Shopping Portal Create Animated Video Add for my website - CREATE ANIMATION CREATE ANIMATION - Create Animation / Motion Graphics using Images, Text and Elements Create animation 2d - Create animation for iOS app Create animation for iOS app -- 2 - Create Animation in Multimedia using flash professional cs5.5 Create Animation in still Jpeg similar to Cinemagraph - Create Animation to Promote Children's Book Create animation to show invention purpose - Create Animation Video W/ Voice-over and Product Shots Create animation video with keyshot 6 or 3ds of industrial parts - Create Animations for different Pictures Create Animations for Game APP. - Create Annotations on Kindle Create Announcement section Jomsocial Frontpage - Create another type of invoice in Magento 1.9 Create another version of magic book - Create Apache FOP stylesheet create apache httpd rpm - Create API connection Create API Connector within WHMCS Client Area - Create api google adsense Create API Hooking (about Clip) - Create APIs for Mobile Apps on a Wordpress built in website Create APIs for UPS, USPS, DHL and FedEx to submit shipments - create app create app - Create App fir iPhone -- 2 Create App for android - create app for iphone and android Create App for iPhone Android Windows - Create app icon create app icon - Create app preview video for my mobile app Create app preview video for my mobile app - create app to make private folder for MacOS Create app to play/select list songs from SPOTIFY - Create APPC / LU6.2 link, transport data back and forth Create Appealing packages for my products - Create application for Mac to convert PDF files to HTML file Create application for MAC/PC to stream our internet station - Create Application to Convert PowerPoint to Word Create application to do FPS benchmark of directx/opengl game - Create approxamaly . 8,000 pages from a template... Easy Create apps - create arabic version of website CREATE ARABIC WEBSITE ( ONLY FOR EXPERT) - Create architecture design idea for a Guest House - please read description Create Architecture Portfolio - create art website Create Art work based on given pictures - Create articles and build links for 2 fashion websites Create Articles and Create Web 2.0/ArticleDirectories - Create Artists Merch for Print and Packaging Create Artwork - Create Asian-themed Caricature Create kind of site with Joomla - Create Pages from Prototype Pages generated with Ironspeed Create Pages from Prototype Pages generated with Ironspeed(repost) - Create Asynchronous Methods With Events (VB.NET) Create Asynchronous Multiplayer RPG - Create attractive power point presentations Create Attractive Professional Icon for Existing Software App. - Create Auctions webbsite like wellbid Create Auctions webbsite.... - Create Audio and Midi Files Fom Existing Music