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create an extension fo gamemaker studio - Create an Facebook app with publish_actions create an facebook sign up module for bootstrap template / vldpersonals - Create an FUN animated crowdfunding video (3 mins) for our MAGICAL festival! Create an Game Animation - create an html change monitor Create an Html code for Ebay store - Create an HTML form. Create an HTML Graphic/Feature - Create an HTML Template Create an HTML Template - Create an html5 banner with input text fields for Google Adwords Display Banners Using Google WebDesigner Software. Create an html5 banner with input text fields for Google Adwords Display Banners Using Google WebDesigner Software. -- 2 - Create an I Phone App Create an I-phone/I-Pad application - Downloaded Music Selection Contest - Create an icon with 3 letters Create an icon. - Create an IFTTT Syndication network - complete instructions (and video) provided Create an IJVM(JAS) program iabs(x) that takes absolute value of x - Create an illustration of my profile picture Create an Illustration of our Product - Create an image Create an image - Create an image from attached image Create an Image from attached PDF - Create an image using other images Create an image with a text using font identical to - Create an Indexhibit 2 theme with Masonry Create an Indexhibit Format with a Justified Grid and Slideshow - Create an Infographic Animation Create an infographic animation for promo video project - Create an Inforgraphic Create an Inforgraphic - Create an inspirational video Create an inspirational video! - Create an INSTALLER Create an installer - Create an instructional video Create an instructional video - Create an interactive animation for PHP website Create an interactive architecture model - create an interactive map Create an interactive map - create an interactive test - all multiple choice questions (similar to completing a survey) Create an interactive timeline for our wordpress website - Create an interior design and animation Create an interior rendering - Create an intro animation for YouTube videos Create an intro animation for YouTube videos -- 2 - Create an intro video clip with logo Create an intro video for a product presentation - Create an introduction video to explain 360 degree photography for property Create an Introductory Video for a website - Create an Invoice Page in Magento Create an invoice system - Create an iOS and Android simple mobile application Create an iOS and Android step counter app that synchronizes app data to a central SQL database - Create an iOS application for chat-based financial management Create an iOS application similar to an existing one in the app store. - Create an iOS/Android App Dominoes Game Create an iOS/Android app for restaurants' network - Create an iPhone App Create an Iphone & Andriod Web App from wordpress site. - Create an iPhone and Android Game Create an iPhone and Android Game - Create an iphone app Create an iphone app - Create an Iphone app in Jquery Mobile or Ionics or Native Create an iPhone app same as existing Android mobile app - create an iphone application Create an iPhone application - Create an iPhone application that can take photos Create an iphone application that runs chrome extensions - Create an iPhone interface to control TV/Computer Create an iphone IOS app - Create an iphone/android social community app - 15/11/2016 19:34 EST Create an iPhone/iOS Application - create an itinerary - Repost create an itinerary - repost - Create an logo Animation Create an logo Animation - Create an mobile (smartphone) website of an existing website (Recruiting company's corporate website) Create An Mobile App - Create an Motion Graphics Video - Character Based Create an motion infographic - Create an Music recording iPhone app Create an Musically follow bot with my requirements - Create an Offerwall Create an official Wikipedia article for a Person - create an online art site with different painting types, so that members can create their own gallery and post articles Create an online article writing platform - Create an Online Card Game, Coding create an online cart for password protected pages of my site - Create an online database of S&P500 stock prices Create an online database that can be updated and queried by Android tablet - Create an online form in a Wordpress site using Contact Form 7 plugin Create an online form in adobe - Create an online log of activities. - ongoing work Create an Online Lottery Software / Website - create an online platform for companies Create an online platform for flower delivery - Create an Online Self Help Program – a step-by-step guide Create an Online Shop - Create an online store create an Online Store - Create an online store with woocommerce Create an online store with wordpress and woocommerce - Create an Online Video Streaming Site like Netflix Create an Online Video Streaming Site like Netflix - 15/08/2016 09:31 EDT - Create an OpenCart feed for my XML file Create an opencart module - Create an OpenStack Cloud computing on 3 Virtual Machines. Create an OpenStack Swift Storage Cluster - Create an order form Create an order form - create an original logo Create an Original Panting - Create an outstanding Video for my Android Game create an Outwit Hub macro - Create an property rental listing plugin Create an prototype using HTML files - Create an RSS to Email campaign including template design Create an RSS/XML feed from part of our website... - Create an simple android app Create an simple android application - Create an software for geneate keyword (api google) Create an software for MAC personalized - Create an SVG Animation Logo Create an SVG from a JPEG - Create an un-finished Rock Music Video (No Music Editing) Create an unattended Windows 2012 SBS Standard bootable DVD - Create an Upgrade Page for our site Create an upload attachments feature on a form - Create an Video Music Lyric Animation Create an video player App for kiosk - Create an White board Animation Create an white board style video with voice - Create an xml driven Flash page engine Create an xml edditor - Create analytics system Create Analytics WP system - job for aboodnour - Create and adjust pages from a html template using phonegap. Create and adjust several flash banners - Create and apply a attactive/catching graphic interface to an existing website Create and Apply CSS on my ASP.NET website - create and clear intuitive consulting Create and Clone Widgets and Gadgets, then Submit Them - Create and consume Wcf Service Create and convert a simple psd image to a swf with link to a webpage. - Create and design a company logo
Create and design a corporate identity - Create and design a website create and design a website - Create and design as attached Create and Design Baby Product Packaging - Create and Design Myspace Account/Page Create and design new Escort Site - Create and Develop custom new website for Autoblinds Create and Develop custom new website for Autoblinds - Create and Edit a video in After Effects Create and edit clip from TV show - Create and embed an RSS feed on my site (dodd) create and embed custom form widget - Create and fax a document from an Access form create and fill database with data from multiple CSV files. - Create and implemenent a Marketing Strategy for a mobile app launch Create and implement 10 contact forms on my Shopify site - Create and Implement Wordpress Menu from PSD file - Repost Create and implement Wordpress site - create and install a responsive Webdesign Create and install a Safelist ProX clone - Create and Install Site Replicating Script Create and install stats page and user area for website - Create and integrate blog for our Drupal 7 website, security updates create and integrate custom chocolate box application into magento store - Create and link roles in Drupal + Moodle using openid Create and link roles in Drupal + Moodle using openid(repost) - Create and Manage 50 Private Dedicated Proxies on Amazon Web Services or another platform for me Create and Manage a PPC Campaign - Create and Manage a Small Adwords Campaign Create and manage a social media campaign for an exciting new toy Story Bear - Create and manage Google and Bing ads Create and manage Google and Bing ads -- 2 - Create and manage social media accounts Create and Manage Social Media Pages - Create and modify web 2.0 elements Create and modify wordpress theme - Create and post a Wikipedia Profile Page Create and post a Wikipedia Profile Page - Create and Promote Web Site Through Various Methods. create and promote website on darkweb - Create and Published Wikipedia page for my client Create and query a spatial database using Oracle Express 11g according to assignment - Create and save QR codes create and schedule email marketing for my cleaning business across Oxfordshire - United Kingdom - Create and Share Greeting Cards create and sketch 100 creatures for a game - Create and submit ringtone to Blackberry appworld Create and submit scientific manuscript to 2 scienctific journals - Create and upload 3 basketball videos for Youtube Create and Upload 3 Simple Mobile Forms - Create and upload web page create and uploading - Create Andriod launcher icon and customize from existing logo image Create Andriod UI Template with Material Design and Animation - Create Android and iOS game Like NinJump Rooftops Create android and ios mobile app. Need Urgent reply as this is for one of my client - Create android app Create android app - Create android app - Stay in Line Create Android App / Android / IOS - Create Android App from iPhone App. Create Android app from PSD files - Create Android Application Create Android Application - create android application postback tracking Create Android application that check whatsapp contact - Create android custom user dictionary Create Android Developer Account - Create Android Junior developer quiz with 40 questions Create Android Launcher for android L. Very Urgent (in 7 days.) - Create Android receipt printer application for Esc/POS epson Create Android ROM for mini pc - Create android web application !! Create Android wrappers for several URL apps - Create angularjs controller that parses an xml file Create angularjs controller that parses an xml file - Create animated branding video for company Create animated butterflies, fun project - Create animated gif (all pics provided) Create Animated Gif Banner 2 Sizes - Create animated gifs from Vector characters - Part 27 Create animated gifs from Vector characters - Part 28 - Create animated HTML/CSS website from designs. Create animated icons and smileys - Create animated promo video Create Animated Promo Video Walking Through Our Product - Create Animated Video Add for my website Create Animated Video based on existing photo - Create Animation Create Animation - Create Animation / Motion Graphics using Images, Text and Elements Create Animation 2D or 3D - Create animation for music video Create animation for my YouTube videos - Create animation of 5 individual photos turning into a banner Create animation of a complex 3D of a wind turbine device with special features. - Create animation video Create animation video - Create Animations Create Animations - create anime streaming with cms custom from psd / another site Create anime Subtitles in English - Create Another Logo/Masthead for Magazine Create another newsletter - create any app for $30 Create any app for android - Create API and Enhance an existing PHP / MySQL web application: Pierewiet Wilders Valuations Create API and make app - Create API for MODx / ShopKeeper Create api for my browser based game - Create API to allow restricted access to database views Create Api to Download Apk from google play store - Create app Create app - Create app display website like a iframe create app downloader photos and video snapchat - create app for iphone and android Create App for iPhone Android Windows - Create app icon create app icon - create app partnership Create app preview video for my mobile app - Create app to connect the EasySocial Conponent in Joomla create app to extract value from excel file - Create APPC / LU6.2 link, transport data back and forth Create Appealing packages for my products - Create application for sell specific products via mobile App Create Application Form - Create application to download CSV from web API and process information inside CSV for telephone calls Create application to extract phone numbers from Gmail..2 - create apps for android Create apps for android and iphone - Create Architechture Pavilion using GRASSHOPPER Software create architect diagram from existing drawings by re drawing to scale - Create around 20 coloured cartoons and book cover Create around 20 illustrations for a small booklet - Create article directory website Create article for front page - Create articles from various sources v2 Create articles in Joomla - Create artwork for a 6-pack (750ml) shipper carton Create artwork for a bumper sticker - Create ASP or PHP version of Perl Script Based on Vendor Specs Create asp pages for client portals - Create ASP.NET Web Application Master page Template Create ASP.NET Web Forms - Create Asset Panels for Broadcast Pages