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Create blog for existing website - URGENT 2-3 HOURS - Create blog posts about IT security Create blog posts and backlinks for Adult Content Blog - Create blog with paypal billing Create blog with paypal billing - Create Blogs on Create blogs on free blog hosts - Create book cover create book cover - Create booking system create booking system ( for admin, workers and customers) - Create bootstrap admin Create bootstrap based page - Create bot for google and Bing Create BOT for IMO platform instant message - Create Box Billing theme for website create box design and 3d render - Create brand for medical simulation retailer - open to bidding Create brand guidelines - Create branded hosting controling app, server based on cpanel v62 Create Branded Mail Server Software - Create Brief Video Animation - Animate This Logo Create Brochure - Create brochure generator Create Brochure in Graphics Package - Create Browser Search Widget for Firefox/Chrome Create Browser toolbar (Firefox) - Create bulk 301 redirects in Magento Create Bulk Amazon Affiliate/Associate Links From Book List - Create BUSINESS (not personal) Social Media Profiles for me create Business academic course development -- 2 - Create Business Card with logo Create Business Card+Logo - Create Business Email Contact Database Create Business Ethics dialogue script - Create Business Monogram Create Business Name - Create BUSINESS Social Media Profiles: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube Create Business Social Network - Create buttons + other images for iPad app Create Buttons and Icons for Webapp - Create C# app that can calculate my trading P&L Create C# application - Create c# winform infomap control Create C# Wrapper class for Java JAR library - Create C;ean Professional Logo Create cache for categories drop-down menu - Create CAD from basic fox shape Create CAD Layout Interior Design for changing room at Water Park in 3D and Plan view - create calendar booking scheme for my website create calendar c# visual studio - Create campaigns using Magic Submitter software create camtasia videos on how to use excel and power point - create car 3d modeling for scrallsaw create car ads website - Create Caricatures Create Caricatures & Animation - Create Cartoon Characters Create cartoon characters - Create cartoonish vector graphics Create Cartoonish Website Banner/Logo for Chilidog Site - Create cat illustration with lineart Create Catalog - Create categories ,Fill Data,Put Key words Create Categories and add our Images To Google's HTML5 Google TV Template - Create Category Thumbnails for website create category. php from custom html - Create Cellphone Monitoring App for Android & iPhone Create Cellphone Monitoring App for Android & iPhone - Create character concept/concept art Create Character for Business - Create Chart Display Create chart for showing pricehistory - Create Chat Application for Mobile ( Create chat application in ios and android platform - Create checklist table with editable pdf cells Create Checklists from 3 PDF Documents - Create child theme in wordpress Create Child theme in Wordpress site. - Create Christmas scenes for large store windows Create christmas/NY card from photo - Create Chrome Plugin Create Chrome Plugin Based on Facebook API (Documentation available) - Create Cl Postings Create Clan Logo - Create classifieds website create classifieds website - Create clicable open street map with POI list create click 2 call application - Create client lists for email blast capabilities Create Client Server app in VB.NET - Create Clone of Site using (php/mysql) Create Clone of small VB application - Create Cloud provider overview website. (Cloud landscape) create cloud server - Create CMS Pages in Magento Create CMS shopping cart using Zen Cart - Create code for new providers using Existing code format Create code for pulsating UIButton - Create code to put in JCE Edit that will create a rounded border around text Create code to remove sidebar from Mobile - create collapse menu (use bootstrap 2.3.2) with joomla3 Create collapse/expand list for 5 documents on website - create colour filters for existing products Create colour Management videos for printing - Create comments pagination like Disqus comments pagination Create comments section of mobile app - Create company facebook page Create company font - Create company logo Create company logo - Create Company Name create company name - Create company profile in PDF Create company profile in PDF - Create Company Zoho Account Create company/brand look and feel and subsequently design a brochure - Create complete product listing - Edexcel GCSE and A level Create complete PSD website from home page PSD - Create componente and module Create composite image - create concept illustrations create concepts/ideas for a corporate present for a famous jewelry brand - create connection with SOAP connection Create connections between Dapulse, Streak for Gmail, Slack, etc. via RESTful API's - Create Contact Form Create Contact form - Create Contact List Create Contact List - Create content Create content - Create content for App Development Catalogue create content for brochure - Create Content for Youtube channel! Create Content for Youtube! - Create content to add to my consumer review website to monetize affiliate offers Create Content to use in a Brochure for a Marketing Product/Service - create conversion for sales order Create Conversions / Sales on my Shopify Web Site - Create Copy of Existing Website for Translation Create copy of existing website, Wordpress and theme and repoint to new domain - Create corporate branding for Jedi Performance Coaching Create Corporate Brochure & Flyers - Create Corporate Video For My Company Create corporate video for website - create coupon templates,ad banner boxes and update sites as needed. Create coupon website software! - URGENT Immed Hire! - Create cover art for a novel Create cover button for streaming flash videos - Create Craigslist Ad Poster, PVA Creator
Create Craigslist Ads - Create creative video ad Create Creative VIdeos - Create Cron Job in my Cpanel Create Cron Job into Webmin on Linux - Create crowdfunding website Create Crowdfunding Website - PHP Custom - Wordpress - Create CSS Of ScreenShots and apply on ASPX Page create css template for Noserub (front-end) recreation - Create CSS for 5 popups - urgently needed Create CSS for 5 widgets - Create CSS PDF template to convert XML files to PDF. Create CSS per lang - Create CSS to hide/show scroll bars in pink DIV if necessary Create CSS to make older web pages mobile-friendly - Create CSV data table from multiple Excel spreadsheets Create CSV database from various files types - create csv files from website/pdf/txt create csv files to import for ebay selling manager pro - create current logos into vector files Create Curriculum Vitae x7 - Create Custom Animated HTML5 Header Create custom apartment search box and implement into Wordpress site - Create Custom Browser Extention Create Custom Calculator On Wordpress - Create Custom Constraints Validator for changing exiting password on an EAR app. Create Custom Contact Form - Create custom drop down menu Create Custom Drupal Module - Create Custom Favicon Create Custom FB Landing Page (Design & Code) - Create custom form in Contact Form 7 Create custom form in wordpress - Create custom gui controls for use in C# program Create Custom Headers for PDF File - Create custom implementation of angular-xeditable and angular-chosen plugins. Create Custom Incentive Freebie Website - Create custom Joomla/Community builder addon Create custom jquery / css carousel - create custom magento report Create Custom Magento Report based on Product Option Custom Attribute - Create custom Moodle Block in PHP Create custom Moodle Block in PHP: List of items - Create Custom Page in wordpress with specific contents from Database (woocommerce) Create custom pages for cPanel, WHM and Webmail off template - Create custom PHP/jquery app Create custom phpBB theme and setup categories. - Create Custom Power Point Template Create custom Prestashop module for my website - Create custom responsive cPanel-design based on x4 and x4mail create custom responsive email template - Create custom server gif/banner for Minecraft Server Create custom shadow box - Create Custom Spreadsheet Order Page in Excel and Google Spreadsheet - ongoing work Create custom spreadsheet tool - Create Custom Titles and Ads Create Custom Titles and Ads - - Create Custom Web Log Create Custom Web Template & Use To Redesign 10-12 Web Pages - Create custom Wordpress admin panel Create custom Wordpress Band Template - Create custom Wordpress plugin to count views on custom post type Create custom Wordpress plugin to import NHS data via API - Create Custom WordPress Website from PSD Files Create custom Wordpress website using themes provided from Elegant Themes - Create Customer database based on an Access web app already existent. Create customer database/invoicing system and CRM for eBay/website - Create customizable section to my website create customizable shell backup script - Create customized RTL wordpress theme/template Create Customized Salon Software - Create CV style document from database data Create CV's database for Jobberbase website - Create Danaryn Services Order System Create Dance Characters for my business and websute - create data correction Create Data Dictionary/Data Flow Chart - create data form Create data form in to update daily status - web based simple project - create data visualisation app with C# Create data warehouse dimensional model from database - Create Database & Login & Comments create database ( desktop or web based ) - Create Database and Search Script from Excel Data -- 2 Create database and send emails - Create database for small training business Create Database for start up business - Create Database of active Blogs, Forums, Websites related to Confectionery Create Database of activity providers - Create Database of Locally Owned, Independent Restaurants and Restaurateurs Create database of media leads - Create database to track location of assets Create Database Tool Application for Local DB Sync with Cloud DB - Create Datadase with Java Create Datadase with Java - Repost - open to bidding - Create dating mobile iOS application like tinder Create Dating Profiles - Create db to manage and report 'sponsored links' (similar to google's advertising links at top of search results) Not a search project, just a simple DB. Create DB uding Java - Create Delivery App for Local Market Create Delivery Date Module Per Product - Create Demo from Full Version Create demo IDEAS iPhone app - Create Description, Instruction and Thumbnail of Games Create Description/Instruction of 28 Flash Games - Create Design around a Mock Up Create Design background prestashop - Create design for mailers Create Design For Mobile and tablet Version - Create design in valid HTML5 to integrate Amazon Shop into already existing onlineshop Create Design Layout For Website (PSD/HTML/CSS) - Create designs and PPT for sales proposal Create Designs based on the needs of client - Create desktop application from existing php script Create desktop application in C# - Create Detailed QuickBooks integration specification Create detailed requirements specification for Mobile App development (iOS and Android – Tablet & Smartphone) - Create DHCP server with config storage in LDAP Create DHCP server with configuration storage in LDAP - Create Die Line Create Die-Line for Packaging and Wrapper - Create Digital Book Cover create digital catalog - Create Digital Sign content for Long Term Care Facility Create Digital Signage (Pricelist + Commercials Rotation) - Create directory in PHP Create Directory Listings - Create Display Module to show how many Users will be emailed by Reverse Auction Factory Create display of specific data subject at site - Create DLL Library ti Search URL Chrome with SharpPcap Create dll or ocx from C source for use with VB6 - Create doc file using Create doc/pdf reader and extracter in existing project. READ BEFORE QUOTE PLZ. - create documentry short film / video create documents - Create domain selling webpage Create domain/company name and simple one colour text logo - Create double sided brochure from an existing file Create double sided christmas flyer for a childrens store - create drag and drop game with realtime scoreboard on website create drag and drop page - Create drawings in AUTOCAD Create drawings in AUTOCAD - Create drop down menu for Unlocking Service website Create drop down menu with images custom text in Shopify - Create Drupal 7 Theme based on Adobe Photoshop File create DRUPAL 7 theme from HTML (responsive) - Create drupal template create drupal template - Create Drupal views with exposed filter