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Create Basic Packaging Design - *URGENT Create Basic Phonegap App (*w/video capture + uploading*) create basic photoshop design Create basic powerpoint off of audio lectures create basic real estate website Create basic Romanian website on Wordpress Create Basic SaaS Control Panel for non SaaS PHP Script (details in job info) Create basic searchable database inside of a Wordpress site Create Basic Services Website Create Basic Site for adsense clicks Create basic site to send Google Push Notification Create Basic Social Media Manager Software For Instagram Create basic Swift app Create Basic Template Frontpage Compatible Create Basic Text Animation in Video Create basic Top Down Shooter game Create basic user forms in Word or Excel
Create basic VB.NET application that will read / write XML file to DevExpress Treeview create basic views as per html and validate them create basic views as per html and validate them - ongoing work Create Basic views for a Mysql database Create basic visual to run with a song being played on Youtube. (Urgent!) Create basic visualizer in eclipse Create basic web2.0 scripts in Imacro format using a different software (Easy work for a intermediate to experienced person) Create basic webpage to allow user to create custom video like Facebook Year in Review videos create basic website Create basic website - Website Design & Graphic Design Create Basic Website for Marine Network Create basic website for my business Create basic website frame Create basic website holding page Create Basic Website Promo Video Create basic website with about 3 or 4 static pages create basic website with shopping cart and blog