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Developing a portal/website Developing a PowerPoint Presentation and enhancing the layout of some forms Developing a Powerpoint presentation for the sales force Developing a Predictive Dialer - WebRTC, Asterisk, PHP, Javascript Developing a Prestashop based site. Developing a Prestashop Plug-in Developing a privateChat Application for an existing website Developing a Procurement Controlling System developing a product developing a product Developing a Product for supply chain management Developing a product introduction Flash movie. Developing a product list interface using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript Developing a professional classifieds platforms with PHP CMS framework, HTML5, Amazon S3 & CloudFront, PhoneGap Developing a professional job-intermediary platforms with CMS, HTML5, Amazon S3 & CloudFront, PhoneGap
Developing a Professional Poker Software Developing a professional website Developing a professional website with a user management system Developing a program when playing an online game which slows down the swing meter (to very slow). Developing a Project and its deployment on web Developing a Project and its deployment on web - open to bidding Developing a project in cooperation of School Community/Parental Developing a Project plan - project for comsdevfsd developing a project report based on a case study developing a project that can auto creates multiple folder, also upload folder file to website Developing a Project Using a Programming Language Developing a prototype of a registration system for an upcoming international conference Developing a prototype system Developing A PTC SCRIPT