Networking Infrastructure

1.1 Evaluate current name resolution services. As a visitor to the hospital, I wish to use their web site to find information about how to get there. To do this, I type in the URL:

[url removed, login to view]

1.2 Discuss the technologies that support network infrastructure management by briefly explaining the purpose of the following components in the organisation‟s network:

• Domain Controller (DC)

• Router

• Wireless access point

Task 2 –Guideline length diagrams (notional 600 words) plus 600 words

2.1 Design a network infrastructure for a given networked environment. For the organisational structure given, draw an organisation diagram to be used in developing the required Active Directory structure and using your organisation structure, devise a directory structure using Microsoft Active Directory as the target.

2.2 Evaluate addressing and deployment solutions for a given networked environment by identifying the groups that can be used to allocate access rights to staff within your directory structure and explaining how these groups would be used.

2.3 Evaluate rights and security requirements for a given networked environment by devising a file storage (i.e. folder) structure that will allow appropriate people to access appropriate files and explaining how this is to be controlled using the access rights and groups. Include a diagram showing the overall folder structure and notes explaining how access rights are used to control who can access and change an example file in an example folder from your design.

Task 3 –Guideline length 600 words

a) Identify appropriate objects including users, end user computers, printers and servers for one department in the structure. As mentioned in task 2, medical departments have a consultant doctor in charge, with a number of registrars (mid-ranking doctors) and house doctors (junior doctors). They also have a nursing team led by a ward sister, with staff nurses and auxiliary nurses.

b) For each of these objects identify the AD attributes of that object in detail, matching against the standard schema for that type of object. Provide an example set of data that can be used to populate each object. (You can make up appropriate names and other details for each object.)

A table of information (in landscape layout) would be an appropriate way to present the information for tasks 3a and 3b.

c) Briefly explain how you would implement the domain controller system, including how many DCs you would have, how they would be related to each other and physically where you would site them.

Task 4 –Guideline length 900 words

This should test:

a) logging in

b) access to the doctor‟s private files (i.e. only available to this doctor).

c) access to the department‟s patient records, which should be available to all medical staff in the department.

d) access to appropriate network resources such as printing.

A table of the tests done and the results of those tests (in landscape layout), with comments and if required actions would be an appropriate way to present this information.

The tests you discuss cover assessment criterion 4.1.

The documentation of the testing covers assessment criterion 4.2.

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