Blackberry expert needed to answer questions (No coding involved (yet))

Hi, we currently have an Iphone application that needs to be ported to Blackberry. We will post later on vworker a bid request to develop it, but right now I need help to write the bid request.

When we send bid requests to vWorker, we send them very detailed with all the librairies/functions to use and right now we don't have enough informations to do so.

If you look at the detailed section, you'll see a couple of questions to which you must respond in the bid request. We'll ask you to give detailed explanation of your answer and provide links to documentation that "corroborate" your answer.

Please do not respond to questions with your bid. Just tells us about your blackberry experience since we're gonna choose the bidder based on this. We'll check your work history for blackberry (and iPhone) experience on vWorker.

Make sure to read the questions and confirm you already know the answers to most of them. We want someone who already knows what he is talking about, not someone who never touched a blackberry hoping to find all the answers googling :)


## Deliverables


here are the questions to which you must reply.

Remember to elaborate your answer and give urls to documentation. Don't be shy to put many urls, we like to read and it's better too much than too few :)

We might reply asking for clarifications until we are fully satisfied so bid accordingly :)

1- Can all blackberries run applications ? If not which one do (ex: everyone since 2010)

2- If we develop a blackberry application, will it work on all blackberries that can run application or they are differences between phone models ?

3- I've heard the application must be written in Java, could you confirm this ? Is there an official sdk ? Is there an IDE or we can use whatever we want ? Are there differences in version depending the phone OS version ?

4- How are application distributed from us to the customer ? Is there an "apps store", can they download it from a website, etc.

5- If there is an "apps store", could you send us a link where we can read the details about becoming a "merchant/developper" with costs to register. Also, could you send us a link on the "commission" they will take from each sale.

6- Are all screen resolution the same in blackberries ?

7- Does all blackberries have keyboards ? Otherwise is the virtual onscreen keyboard "automatic" or we need to program it.

8- Are the blackberries touchscreens with "multi-touch" like an Iphone ?

9- I saw they starts to sell tablets "like an Ipad". Will our application runs on it or we need to program something else ?

10- Is there an automatic updates system that will install the newer versions of our software when we release a patch or new feature ?

11- Our application is mainly a custom web browser... What is the browser underneath ? On Windows, the embeded browser is IE, on Iphone it's Safari, On Android I believe it's Chrome... What is the one underneath Blackberry ? Is it the same for all versions ?

12- Could you send urls to official sdk/documentation about blackberry please

13- If we have settings like (user/password/preferences) we want to keep. Will they be stored centrally in the phones settings or do we need to program an interface to "grap" them and "store" them ? The Iphone allows to store settings in a [url removed, login to view] file without having to code anything. If there is something "central" could you send a link about how to set/retrieve the values please

14- Do we need to deal with wifi vs cell network or is that handled automatically (ie: transparently to the application ?)

15- Can a blackberry "rotate" like an Iphone ?

16- Can we "open" the Mail application using <mailto:me@[url removed, login to view]> and "phone application" with tel:111-555-1234 and "maps application" automatically from the "embedded" web control ? Please provide documentation

17- Can we display "Embedded" pdf, word, and excel files"in the web control or will these open in another application ?

18- How is "multi-task" dealt with on a blackberry ? I mean, if ther are in our application, the phones ring... They answer, does it come back to where it was exactly ? You can send a "blackberry for dummies" link if you want, we'll read the basis on how a blackberry works :)

19- Could you send documentation on the images we need to provide with the application (format (ie jpg/png/etc) and sizes. On Iphone, we have pngs 30X30 for toolbar icons, icon for application, smaller icon for settings, a Big image for the app store, All image must be provided with double resolution when on a Retina display, Icons are different on Ipad, etc... We need to know what to provide the bidder when we'll send the bid request to actually program the application

20- Can we program a custom animation while a webpage is loading ? In Iphone, we animate a series of Png... We start animating when download starts, and stop animate when download end. Please send documentation on the events (on start download, On stop download) and also on how to program a custom animation

21- Could you send us documentation on the event that is triggered "On before Navigate" in the custom web browser please. We intercept certains url scheme and return false to prevent downloading and do custom actions when this happens

22- Can we natively use MD5 AND SHA-1 Hashing ? If so, please provide documentation

23- Is there a urlencoe function or we need to program it ourselve ?

24- Could you send a link to code snippets about how to retrieve the

- Application Version

- Os Version

- Mac address/Serial number/Any unique Device identifier that may available

- height and width of the screen

- The Phone description "Ex: Either the model, or "John's Phone"

25- Could you send the documentation on the event that would be called if navigation to a url won't work. We intercept this even and redirect to a local webpage mentionning there was some error.

26- Can we control which "view" can rotate and which can't programmatically ? On Iphone, our application cannot rotate (by design), but when we open a document in another "popup window" this window can rotate

27- Can we open a local web page ? If so, how can we reference a link to it in the application ?

28- Can we save files like we would do on a computer "browsing the disk" or are we limited to our application "sandbox" like an Iphone ?

29- Can the application we'll developped be copied from phone to phone without paying for it ? Can the phone be "jailbreaked" like an Iphone ?

30- Is the "interface builder" drag and drop like a Visual studio application or we need to "design" the interface through XML or something like that (WYSIWYG)

31- On the "app store" is there a process of approving/rejecting applications ? If so, could you send a link to guidelines we must follow to provent rejection.

That's it for now :), but please bid a little bit higher to cover if I have 2-3 more questions (MAX) that would arrive in the meantime so I don't need to create a new bid request only for a couple of questions.


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