Online Website

General Information • All orders store in SQL Server database • The front end has to be done in ASP.NET. • The website has to be very fast, so that the customer can customize it even with slow internet connection like 56k. • The front end of the website has to be very neat and clean like Website has to be very attractive and each feature should be put at appropriate place, so that customer can see all the features properly. • Multiple Vendors: Allows multiple product providers (vendors) to share a single store for selling their products. Each provider manages his own products, orders, taxes, shipping, etc independently of other providers. However the store has a joint catalog and a common checkout point, so the customer needs to place only one order. Customers see it like a single shop with different products, and they can purchase products from different providers at a time, and will get a notification from each provider they've bought products from. Respectively, each provider will get orders for his products only. He should have a unique username and password which he can use just to maintain his product line, nothing else. • Address Verification: How can we verify the customer address when he registers with us? There should be a way where we check if the customer is giving the right address to protect our self from fraud. Check the way [url removed, login to view] is doing. • Trade or Retail Customer: The project should include everything [url removed, login to view] website has got. Website should be divided in to two sections: retail and trade. Retail customers are those who buy in one or two's. Trade customers are those who buy in bundles like 20-30. There should be different price structure for each of them. So when the customer comes to our website, there will be standard price as soon as he login, system should check if he is retail or trade customer and price changes according to that. There should be a provision of having different price structure for each customer. In trade structure, there should be a limit for the customers to buy and they cannot exceed that limit. • System Works: Let me explain to u how systems works, when you open a website, manufacture companies send the XML OR CSV files(includes product manufacturer code, description, stock in or out, our buying price) to u to upload on to the website. Then you have to upload it one by one. But this process is very time consuming. There should be a system where we just upload the whole file and the products get uploaded automatically. Another issue is managing the stock availabity and price check. As you know price changes everyday, so there should be a system where we don’t need to go to each product one by one to change the price. Just one file should have price and stock availability and when you upload it, it updates the product automatically. • Trade Account: When the customer registers with us, we should ask him if he is a home customer (retail) or business customer (trade). Is he says trade customer, and then he can register with us, but cannot buy straight away. On a registration page, there should be a checkbox which comes up online if customer chose business customer option from a combo box. With this checkbox, we should say if you are a business customer, then it take 1-2 days to activate your account. If he clicks the checkbox, only then he can save his details. Business customer’s account only gets activated by administrator. If the account is not active, customer should not place the order. Then we take his details check if he is genuine business man, once we are confirmed only then we will activate his account. Once we make his account active, then he should get automatic email saying that your account is active, you are most welcome to start placing your order. When he login, he should see his own prices. • Customers can search & browse personal order history • Integrated configurable store product search • About Stock: if the item is in stock then we just need to show ‘in stock’ button. If the item is not in stock but we know that we can get it either (eg: in 3-4 days) or on specific date or it is a special order, then there should be two options: first, instead of ‘out of stock’ button, it shows pre order button and the information when is the product available (like in 4-5 days or specific date or special order). Second, there should be a button says ‘email me when the item is in stock’, when the customer click on it, another dialog box open which ask for customer email address and when the item changes to in stock he should get automated email about the availability of the product. If the product is out of stock then it should say out of stock and there should be a button which says “Email me when this product is in stock”, when the customer clicks on it, it will take his email address and as soon as the status change to in stock, it should generate automatic email to the customers who asked for this information. You can see this feature in [url removed, login to view] as ‘Auto Notify’ • Only In Stock Items: We should have the option on every page, where if they want to see only the items which are in stock, they just click there and only the items which are in stock will come up. Check out this link [url removed, login to view], to know how can we do this. • Password reminder for customers • FAQ: If you go to this link [url removed, login to view], you will see there are few buttons at the top like ordering, payment, contact etc. each has got few links. When you click on the link, it opens there. It doesn’t take you to another page. This could be a good way to present you information in one page. • Customizable e-mail notifications/invoices • Add to Favorites: There should be a button called Add to Favorites, which will add the website with small company’s logo. Like if you open your internet explorer and see Favorite menu, you will see yahoo links with their logo on the left hand side. So when the customer click on add to favorites, our website should get added in his favorite list with our logo on the left hand side of the list • Feedback option section. • Only Excluding VAT Price: If the customer wants to see only ex vat price, there should be a button when you click on it, it only display ex vat price. • Already Build PC: There will be few Already Build PC’s, which do not come with (for eg: Monitors, Software, etc), [url removed, login to view] In this page if you move down you will see other options related to that product if the customer wants to upgrade. There should be one checkbox which says if you want us to build this system for you; it will cost another ‘certain’ amount. If he click son it, the money should get added in the total amount. You should see, there is a box on right hand side which changes price automatically when you change the product. All the upgrades are hyperlinked and if you click on it, it gives you the detail of that item. If you choose few different products and then click buy, it will take you to cart view page and if you click on the product, it will show you the specification of the system you have chosen. When the customer places an order, we should be able to see the full specification of the system in the customer’s account like a popup with all the information (like it does in a cart). There should have this option in our website. • Recently Viewed: [url removed, login to view], website if you go to the main page and click on any product picture, it will take you to another page. In that page, on the left hand side you will see another box comes up which says ‘recently viewed’. The more products you view, those products get added in that box. • Small Description: On the home page of [url removed, login to view], you will see apart from the product heading each product has got two-three lines of description about the product. If should be in my hand, if I want to display that information or not. I might want to display it for few products but not for every product, so we shoule be able to disable or enable this for each product. • SKU and Manufacturer Code: There will be two codes, one is Manufacturer Code and other is Quick Find Code (SKU Code). Customer should search the product through Quick Find Code. Manufacture Code, we get from the manufacturer company. SKU Code, when we receive those products (every company has its company account system where they put the entire product), account system generate the unique code for each product. This code should also get displayed under the name ‘Quick Find’ • Latest News section: This section should display all the latest news we want to give to our customers. We should have an option of displaying pictures as well here. • "Send to friend" section • Newsletter management for multiple lists, edit/import/export of subscribers, news archive for customers. With this newsletter, we should be able to send our first main page of special offers as we are displaying on our website. Which means the email should display links, pictures, in stock button, info button, and the prices of each product. Basically when the customer receives the email, and if he clicks on buy button, the item should get added in to the cart on our website. And if he clicks on the picture or other link, it should take him to the information page of the product on our website. In the newsletter, we should have the facility of adding pictures and texts manually as well. It should also display products whose prices are reduced recently. And also website news and promotion information should also get displayed. Make sure the size of the email has to be very small. • Printable versions of pages • Multiple customer types w/unique pricing for every customer type • Memberships and special pricing • “Clear cart" button • Recently Reduced Items: There should be an option which says ‘Recently reduced item price’. When you click on it, it should display the items whose prices are reduced recently. Every product whose price gets reduced, should say ‘was price Rs..’ Like [url removed, login to view] says ‘original price’ and ‘Instant saving’ option before the actual selling price. • Edit product options in cart/wishlist/Gift registry wishlist • Printable invoices • Knowledge Base: Go through this section to have good knowledge of different things, [url removed, login to view] One thing I couldn’t understand here is XML Feed. Could you please look that as well. • Icon Glossary: If you go to this page, you will have the brief idea of their features [url removed, login to view] Please have a look the way these icons have been displayed in the website for the usage of the customer. When you go to this page [url removed, login to view], you will see plenty of options, like Email this page, Price Alert, Add to Wish List, combo Special, Item Intelligence, Customer reviews, May we suggest option in right hand side, Also Purchased, etc. Here we should add as many options as we can like Related products, Alternative products etc. • Quantity Price Option: There should be an option, if the customer wants to buy one quantity of the product then the price is different but if he wants to buy (for eg: 10) quantity of product then the price should be different. Each product gives one standard price and one other option where it says if u buy certain quantity, the price will be something else. So for eg: the price of one product is Rs: 500, but if he buys 10 quantities of that item then the price will be Rs: 497 per item. So if the customer wants 9 quantities, then we should charge normal Rs 500 per item, but if he wants 10 or more than 10, then it charges Rs 497 per item. We can give certain percent off if he buys more than certain quantity. This feature should also be there. • Download Prices: Customer should be able to download the products with including vat pricing or excluding vat price whatever he requires. As different customer mite has different pricing, so whoever click on this button should get his own pricing. Product Catalogue: • Unlimited number of products • Unlimited number of categories • Unlimited category nesting • Products can be assigned to unlimited number of categories • Ability to modify multiple products simultaneously • Members-only categories • Best Sellers: Display of bestsellers. Administrator should be able to control on how many products he wants to display (like 5 or 10 or more) • Coming Soon: Display Coming Soon section. It should display the new products which are coming soon. We should be able to sell these items as pre order. Administrator should be able to control on how many products he wants to display (like 5 or 10 or more) • Related Products: Related products are the one which are related to the product page your are on. Like in Logitech scroll mouse page, you could give related products like Microsoft scroll mouse and other related products. • Alternative Products: are one which you could need with the particular product. Like on digital camera page, you could give SD cards as alternate product which you need for the digital cameras. • Enable and Disable: 1-click enable/disable switch for products and categories. Administrator should be able to enable and disable any feature we will include in the website. • Currency; Support for different currencies. Should support Automatic currency conversion • Search: Configurable search by title, description, category, SKU, Manufacture Code, price and weight. Best example: go to [url removed, login to view] and follow their search engine. • Can’t buy Individually: Certain items may not be purchased without the purchase of a separate non-software items from our online store. There will be certain products customer can not buy individually, he has to buy certain other product (for eg: certain hardware), with this item, otherwise he won’t be able to buy that item. • Item Intelligence: In [url removed, login to view], (go to any product information page, and you will see this option there) there is one option called Item Intelligence which means Item Intelligence is a useful [url removed, login to view] resource to help educate and inform shoppers about products and technologies so they can make more intelligent purchasing decisions. Some examples of Item Intelligence include parts configurators, how-tos, virtual tours, rich media and in-depth product information. A variety of different file formats are offered, including Windows Media Video, Flash and Adobe Portable Document Formats. [url removed, login to view] only assembles Item Intelligence in formats that are common and widely-used so that most visitors will not have to download any new software to enjoy the expanded product information. Product manufacturers supply item Intelligence to [url removed, login to view], so customers can feel at ease watching a processor installation video from AMD, for example, because they are a trusted brand in the field and specialize in CPUs. The various forms of content may be relevant to products, categories or brands, and are presented throughout the website, designated with the Item Intelligence icon. The product resources offered in Item Intelligence are provided courtesy of their respective developers. As such, [url removed, login to view] is not responsible in any way for the accuracy of claims, representations or suggestions made in these materials. Similarly, all compatibility or technical issues should be directed to the appropriate developer or manufacturer. These resources are provided on an "as is" basis by [url removed, login to view] as a supplementary service to you, the user. We offer these resources to you strictly for informative purposes as they may lend valuable insight into products you are interested in and clarify any associated benefits. Product Details: • Unlimited product options/variants/properties w/optional price modifiers • Unlimited custom input fields for products • Customer-defined prices • Price Check: Sometime your product price is too high and customer wants to buy from you but don’t want to pay that price. Here is the solution for that. There should be two special price options in the database(for eg: In the website, there will be one option as a input field for the customer to give a price, now that price will get matched with first price option in the database, if the price is more than that, the price gets changed automatically and he can buy of that price but if the price is less then it should check the second price option in the database, if the price is more than second option price then the message box comes up saying “the price is less than what I am allowed to sell, let me ask my manager and I will get back to you, Please give us your email address” but if the price is less than that then message box comes up saying “sorry we cannot match your request”. If we leave two fields blank in our database, then the option of input the price by a customer doesn’t get displayed on the website. If we want to disable this option, there should be a facility at the end. • Price to Watch: We should have Add to Price Watch option, [url removed, login to view] like in this link. If you want to see how it works, click on login and username: tejinder_kang@[url removed, login to view] and password: tejinder. Once u logged in, click on Add to price watch. It will take you to account section and ask you to put the price. Once you give the price, it will email you automatically when the price of the product gets reduced to that or less than that price. • Images: Unlimited number of product images • Storing images in DB or on a file system • List a product in several categories Merchandising and Inventory: • Discount coupon codes and gift certificates • Point System: For every £1* you spend on your online purchases you will be awarded 1 point. The more you spend the more you earn. Certain products will also attract extra points on top of those you would normally be awarded. After few weeks we will select a number of products which you can purchase at specially discounted prices, in exchange for some of your points. Against each item will be shown the number of points you will be required to redeem to buy the product at the special price. • Full inventory control • "Out of Stock" Messages • Quantity discounts • Retail and wholesale price Shipping and Tax: • Unlimited number of custom-defined delivery methods • Flat rate, weight, order total and per-item based shipping • Different weight limits for different delivery methods • Mark your products as "free shipping" products, if we don’t want to charge the shipping cost of that particular product. • There should be a button called ‘Free Shipping Products’. When the customer clicks on it, he should see the items where we are not charging any shipping cost from the customer • In uk, there are few places where shipping the product is very expensive. So there should be an option says if the post code is ‘something’, then add certain additional amount in to the shipping charge. • If you go to [url removed, login to view], and login as username: tejinder_kang@[url removed, login to view] and password: tejinder. Add couple of items in the website and click on check out. It will ask you if you want to deliver to same address or different. If he choose different address, then there should be a checkbox button with this description, you can place the order with different address but we need to see three proof of your billing address which could be your home bill, license copy with a license paper and bank statement. If he doesn’t click on the checkbox button, he can’t move forward. Once he places the order, this shipping address gets saved in his account. Next time when he places the order with this shipping address, this checkbox option shouldn’t come up. But if he changes the address again then same procedure. • Promotional "free shipping" coupons to your customers • Add handling/freight charges • Handle international, domestic and local shipping • Ability to clone a zone and all zone information • Restrict shipping by location • Allow your customers to choose delivery methods • Customizable tax calculation • Product-specific taxes • Taxes & shipping fees depending on client's location • "Tax exempt" feature Advertising • There should also be a place where I can extract the details of our products in froogle format. Can you please go to [url removed, login to view] . It explains everything how does feed work. • There should be a place where I can extract the details of our products in kelkoo format. Can you please go to It explains u everything about how to design a kelkoo feed. • There should be a place where I can extract the details of our products in [url removed, login to view] format. Can you please go to [url removed, login to view] It explains u everything about how to design a feed. Payment Gateway Methods: • Allow payment via several online payment modules (Protx, Barclays, PayPal, World Pay etc) • I will provide you the protx and Barclay’s online epdq connectivity through which you can link this website to their secure payment section. So that we can charge our customer. • You have to find out yourself about paypal and World Pay coding for the connectivity. • Manual Debit or Credit card Payments Offline on the phone. • Check and Money Order: Customer can pay by check or money order. Go to [url removed, login to view], and click on any add to basket. Go for check out and username: tejinder_kang@[url removed, login to view] and password: tejinder. Go to next page and ignore that page and move to next. There are the few ways of payment. At the bottom, you will see check or money order. We should also display the information like they have displayed. But we should also add one checkbox with description, I have read the instruction, only then he can place the order with check and money order option. • Preferred Account: We should have preferred account option like [url removed, login to view], but we should do it slightly easy way. Like, when the customer click on it, we will tell him that his order is saved and somebody will contact him soon. Then we will call him and get his bank details and confirm with the bank that he is a genuine customer. Then we create his account and give him certain limit to spend every month. If he exceeds that limit he can buy it. Then he can place the order and chose preferred account option. We will save all his account details in his account (like account number, start date, expiry date, few digit security codes etc). When he gives those details, we will match it with the code we have given him. Then he doesn’t need to pay by online payment services like protx etc. one thing we need to keep in mind that customer shouldn’t see his account card details in his account. Only administrator can see those details. Bill Me Later • “You must pay with Bill Me Later to get offer. Offer valid on purchases of $250 or more. The checkbox next to “Yes, I’d like No Payments for 90 days on purchases over $250!" must be checked in order to receive the promotional offer. You will receive monthly statements for your purchase but you will not be required to make a payment until your billing statement following the promotion expiration date. You can make payments at any time during the promotional period. If you pay for your purchase in full by the promotion expiration date, you will not be billed Finance Charges. Otherwise, Finance Charges will be billed from the transaction date”. This is the way ‘Bill me later’ is working in [url removed, login to view], they only provide for order more than $250. But I want on other things as well like certain systems, laptops etc. if in our website, it should be available to individual product as well. When customer goes for this option, we do not charge him anything for certain period (for eg: 90 days). • Here is another good example of how we can do Bill me latter option. Go to [url removed, login to view] and add 4-5 items and make sure the total amount of our order is at least 1000 pounds. Now go to place the order. Type username: tejinder_kang@[url removed, login to view] and password; tejinder. Next page, it will ask you if you want to pay now or pay by finance. If you click on pay by finance, and go to next page. Here you will see how bill me later should be done. We have to follow the same pattern. But we will do slightly different from here. Instead of asking his card details, he will say please click here we will call you in 1-2 days to get your card details and place your order. Once the order has been placed and we charge the initial money. In customer’s account, we should be able to see which option did he choose and how much money we have to take every month. Every month, our administrator should get one automated email saying that the customer is due to charge ‘this amount’ for order number ‘this’. Then we will charge him again and information should be updated in his account (like: we have charged him this amount of money on this date). Then once we update his account, customer should get automated email saying that we have charged him this amount on this date. The reason I decided to do that because if he does like the way they have done Sales Analysis and Tracking: • Comprehensive statistics: - Number of orders - Number of customers - Product views - Category views - Products removed from cart by customers - Sales by product / best sellers - Total sales - Client environment settings - Statistics on search patterns customers use when searching products • Searchable order data • Order data is easy to print • Printable shipping labels • Search engine & incoming traffic tracker: the cart keeps referrer data for all customers • Shipment/fulfillment interface • Export sales & customer data for use in a CSV and XML Format. • Export orders to CSV and XML format • Total sale every month • Total Profit of Every month Search Engine: • Pages can be indexed by all major search engines • Define custom META tags for every category • Auto generated static HTML catalog • Search engine optimization options group Repeat Customer Accommodation: • All customer's data has to be stored in database • Greet regular visitors • Special newsletter for regular customers, which should be able to generate regular customers email address in the newsletter. • Registered customers can be offered discounts • Registered customers do not have to enter their data again • Registered customers can edit their profile • Registered customers can access history of their orders • Registered customers can fill the Return form • Built-in newsletter engine • Moderated product reviews and ratings • Return Merchandise Authorization add-on to return customers' payments. Web Based Control Panel: • Password-protected administrative access • Control the cart from anywhere in the world using your web browser • Unlimited number of admin accounts • Support for restricted "shipping/fulfillment" admin accounts • User-defined date/time format • There should also be a provision where we can assign only certain part of our back end to certain people(for eg: if our manufacturing company want to handle there product on our website, they should have the provision to see and amend only their own products nothing else, some people can do see customer orders, etc). Security: • Full HTTPS/SSL support • Secure HTTPS/SSL administrative access • Password-protected administrative access • Encrypted customer data • Backup sub-system Affiliate: • Affiliate which brings advantages of "Affiliate marketing" to the promotion campaign of your store. This add-on creates a special type of users - "partners". Partners can advertise your store by placing banner(s) on their websites and earn commissions by directing visitors to your site. You get all these exposures free and pay only a percentage or a flat rate (you decide how much) to a partner when a sale is made. Affiliate tracks and monitors the sales and commissions for your partners. • Unlimited number of affiliates • Individual (per-affiliate) commission settings • Export affiliate data for use in a CSV or XML. • Search in affiliate database • Import affiliate payment info from plain-text file • View/Upload/Delete banners Sales and Stats: • Know what the customers are doing on your site. Observe how visitors move about your website on the Site Monitor. Get instant access to your visitor’s personal data. Mark important visitors. Recognize visitors e-commerce actions (add to cart, site search, login, order, fill contact form etc). Create custom actions. Display the most important actions on the Site Monitor. • Recognize existing customers and returning visitors. Review their history of past visits and communication. Focus on the most valuable prospects. Configurator: • Configurator simplifies the process of creating and tracking made-to-order products with many interchangeable or optional components. This allows defining compatibility rules (for example, AMD motherboard is compatible with Athlon processors but incompatible with Intel Pentium). • Unlimited "complex" products • Flexible configuration • Compatibility rules for cross-selling products • Step-by-step product creation • Please refer to [url removed, login to view] for more details. I want my configurator like this. It should have the feature, compatibility rules (for example, AMD motherboard is compatible with Athlon processors but incompatible with Intel Pentium). If a costumer goes against the rules, then he won’t be able to add it in his configurator. If you try to use this, just click on motherboard and you will see big list of motherboards. Now don’t click anywhere just go back and click on processor. Now choose one processor, now click on motherboard again. You will see few motherboards which are compatible to this processor. Then if you click on memory, you will see only few memories. • Notice one more thing, they have few required components (processors, motherboard, memory, PC Case, Hard Drive, Graphics and CD/DVD Combo), and if you don’t add those components, you can’t add this in to the basket. After making your system when you click on adds, it takes you to the shopping cart. When you click on the product, it opens new popup with the specification you have chosen for that system. • When the customer places an order, we should be able to see the full specification of the system in the customer’s account like a popup with all the information (like in a cart). • I want the configurator exactly like savastore. Order Management: • Capability to modify orders after they are placed by customers. This enables managing customers' special requests for the order, replacing items that are out of stock or defective, partial refunds or returns. The features: add/remove items from order; edit parameters of the order, change delivery method, change pricing, discounts, shipping and more. • Adding/deleting ordered products • Updating quantity and options of ordered products • Modifying shipping/billing address and personal information • Changing payment method • Changing delivery method • Recalculation of shipping costs • Consignment Number: When the customer place an order, online company check the validity of the customer card and send the email back to us and the customer about the order, if its gone through or not. Then we generate a picking note for the warehouse employee to pick that item and sign the picking note. Then the warehouse employee gets the delivery note which to for the accounts dependent. We send the web orders through Courier Company which give us a consignment number. This consignment number work as a tracking order. Now all these updates should be shown on the website. I means the customer order should change its status which according to the process of his order. When it comes to the stage of shipping the product, the customer should get an automatic email saying that your order has been dispatched and if you want to track your order, this is your courier company website address and this is your consignment number. Returns: • Please go through this page [url removed, login to view] , it gives you complete idea. • Return form which customer can fill online and get stored in his account in our database. He can keep track of what’s going on with his item. when ever any customer wants to return some item he just has to fill the RETURN FORM which contains different fields like CustomerID, Item Code, order number, Reason for Return, Bought Date etc, so based on the reason, admin decides whether to take back the Purchased Item or not. If reason is genuine then we give him a RMA Number. The RMA form should get connected to his order and also saved in his account. If reason is not genuine then we give him a message, quoting the cause. If we agree to take the item back, then we can refund the money in three ways: first, give him straight refund and mention in his order that we have refunded the money. When we want to see his order history, we should see this return order with all the other orders, customer has placed. Second option, we can add the money in to this account, so next time when he places an order that money gets deducted from the shopping cart. Third option, we can send him gift voucher by post, which will have some number on it. When he places the order, before he goes for checkout there should be an option in ‘view cart’ page for gift vouchers. When he adds those gift voucher numbers in that option, the money gets deducted from his order. Make sure, once he uses those gift voucher numbers, he won’t be able to use it again • Automatic generation of a Return Slip • Option to issue a credit for future purchases (the credit is given as gift vouchers or money gets added in to customer’s account, so next time when he wants to buy something that amount will get deducted from the total balance of the order.) • If the customer exchanges the faulty item with something else, then administrator should be able to mention this change in his account for record. • Configurable Return reasons • Email notifications about return authorization Special Offers: • When the customer comes online, the first page should show special offers which should get changed automatically every time the page get refreshed. As we have massive website like [url removed, login to view], so I want less manual work. So this feature should work two ways. First, Whenever we are adding some offers we will keep some time like 1 day or 10 days etc, So if this time completes the add automatically gets disabled .Second, the products we have on our website should rotate automatically everyday without any manual work. At the backend, there should be a system that code picks up few products from every section and display in their section offers. If we don’t need that product in a special offer, then we should be able to remove it manually. • Where there are special offers, it should say like weekend offers or how many days are left for this offer (for eg: 3 days are left for this special offer). • If you notice, when you go [url removed, login to view] home page, every time you refresh the page, different page comes up. • Bonuses: Allows creating special offers using different types of bonuses which can be used in different combinations: flat and percentage discounts, bonus points, free shipping, free gifts, grant of membership etc. • Condition: Allows setting up flexible conditions defining when the offer is applicable: by product set, by cart total, by customer membership, by bonus points amount, etc. • informs your customers of available offers through newsletter (Special offers page, promo blocks, thumbnail labels) • automatically applies bonus points/discounts/free shipping to qualified orders • informs qualified customers of ability to get free gifts or memberships • automatically disables out-of-date offers • provides customers with an interface allowing to convert earned bonus points to gift certificates • Free gifts and bonus options should be making enable or disable whenever we want to. Shopping Basket: • The shopping basket should work like If you go to the mail page and click on add to basket button. On the right hand side, just watch how the shopping cart behaves. • When you go to the shopping cart page, there should be few product offers at the bottom of the page, if the customers are interested they can buy from there. Our main objective is to sell as many products as we can. When the customer goes to shopping basket and that means he is ready to buy now. Here we have last chance of selling him more products that’s why I want few offers in the shopping basket page as well which changes randomly. • Ability to save the customer's cart and save as ‘wish list’ • If the customer wants stock more than what we have in stock, then he can’t add it in the cart. Checkout Option: • When u go to [url removed, login to view] website, and click on add to basket. It will take u to another page where there is a option called move to collect @ store. When u go there it will ask u for postcode or town name. Then just put UB3 3BN postcode and it will give to three nearest shops. Benefit of this option is if customer clicks on collect @ store option, he can reserve the product online for few days and collect from store. That will save delivery cost of shipping the product to him. • How this should work: Imagine if we have three shops and one website. There will be few products which are not available at any of these shops or are available on one or two shops. So our website should have the facility, where when customer (after adding the products in his shopping cart) goes to checkout, there should be two options: buying online or collect @ shops. If you click on buy online, then it will work normally the way the website should work, but if he clicks on collect @ shops, then the next page shows the availability of the products at (for eg: three) shops. If we have more than one item in the cart, then this section should display the availability of all the products at all the shops. Shops should so display their address, so that customer can go and collect it there. And also if he wants to collect from certain shop, then we won’t charge him on the website, we only reserve it for certain days and if he doesn’t come to the shop in those days, we will cancel his reservation. If we don’t have the product in any of the shops, then the collect @ shops option (radio box in [url removed, login to view]) doesn’t get active. • If you go to Go to any category and click on buy or reserve. Add two three items in the cart, then it will ask you if you want to collect each item from shop or you want home delivery. If you click on shop pick up radio box for each item, and click continue. When you go to next page, they ask for town name, type Slough. It gives to the availability of all the items for only one shop. If we ignore the page where they ask for post code or town name, and take the customer directly to this page where they can see the availability of all the items at all the shops. If you notice, they also tell you the starting and finishing date of collecting the item. And also they ask you to enter your email address to send a copy of this reservation. • Solution: we can do it like this, if we have the item in one of the shops, then it should display a button ‘buy or reserve’, if we don’t have then item in any shop then we will display ‘add to basket’ button. This way customer will know straight away, if he can collect from the shop or not. Other Features: • Rebate Option, Popular Brands, Testimonial, Polls, Review Options, etc. all like [url removed, login to view] • Each category should have its own best sellers, new products, (like keyboard category should have its own best sellers, new products etc.) • Product Viewing: When you go to [url removed, login to view], you will different way of searching the product (for eg: Manufacturer, CPU Socket Type, Operating Frequency etc.) • Clearance: Clearance and Refurbished Option should work exactly like • Images: Images of the products should work exactly the way it is on the [url removed, login to view] . • Stock Info: We should have the facility of enabling and disabling the option of showing the quantity of product in stock. • New Products option should be such a way that we can enable and disable it manually in the product. Administrator can control the new product display. If he doesn’t want to display his product in new product display, he should be able to do it. Rest I want you guys to have a deep look at the [url removed, login to view] website, which will give you better view about the website we need to create. I might have missed few things from the website, but we need website like this


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