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After a day of dealing with this issue I am back with the same project.

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I am looking to have build a small milestone of my project very urgently.

The following text includes a thorough walkthrough of the features. Please don't bid on how much text I have included. This is a project that can be done in less than 10 hours by someone who knows what he is doing. The first part is the simple version and the follow up is details about each page/step.


A Multipage Signup and Checkout system that integrates with paypal API using preferably the CakePHP Paypal API component and Moneybookers for fast development.

I will provide the pages in ready-made HTML/CSS.

The pages include the following:

1. Basic info step

2. Setup team step

3. Team confirmation step

4. Setup league step

5. Confirm league step

6. Checkout step


It is for a team oriented Fantasy Football site I am doing for a client. The purpose of the registration process is for the user to:

1. Basic info step:

The player will provide his basic information in the form of email, password, name.

1.2 Basic info step:

So called early subscribers will be able to login using email and password which will load their info (not including name) from the database (which already exists but needs more tables and relations) into the basic form on step 1 and player team name in step 2.

2. Setup team step:

The player will setup and name a so called player team (called FF team on the website) for which he must select 5 teams from 5 leagues (each league has between 12 and 24 teams):

1. Premiership

2. Championship

3. League 1

4. League 2

5. Scottish

The player has a budget of 50 AUS$ from which he can buy these teams. He may only chose one team per league and he can ONLY chose 1 team per league as well.

For this purpose there will be a budget counter (Ajax, JS) that counts down (realtime) as the player selects his teams from 5 <div> based team lists (I have JPGs showing how it looks in detail). This counter can count down into a negative number and if the number is negative the page will not validate and the user must change his team setup.

3. Team confirmation step:

The player must review his Team setup and either edit it by clicking the "edit" button or confirm by clicking "confirm and continue". The player can also delete a team but not the "first" team, only additional teams.

The player can also decide to setup an extra team by clicking "setup another team. Doing so will take the user to the "setup team" page and confirm and save the team he already


A player can setup as many teams as he likes but must pay AUS$50 for each one of them + a fee of AUS$3 per team.

When the player is done setting up his new team he needs to confirm the team again which leads him to step 3 again where he needs to confirm his teams and so on and so forth. It is a cycle that can be repeated as many times as the player sets up a new team.

4. Setup league step:

When the player is done setting up teams he will confirm and go to this page.

This step allows the player to setup a so called "bragging rights league" league which is a sort of mini league clone of the big game whre the player can invite his friends to play (for viral reasons :). The player can name his team and then enter his friends emails in the invitation field. He can also send along an optional message with the


Like the "team setup" page the player can go to a confirmation page to review his league or he can skip it by clicking "skip".

5. Confirm leage step:

This step works very similarly to the "confirm team" step.

The player can review his league, edit the league, delete the league or setup additional leagues in a very similar manner.

The difference is that these leagues are totally free and comes with the account but with a total limit of 3 leagues.

6. Checkout step:

This is the checkout step where the user can review the amount of teams setup and how much the total cost is. He can select 2 payment options which are: Paypal and Moneybookers.

When he is done he can click "signup and pay" which will take him directly to either page where payment will be processed. So there is no payment processing done on the host

website but of course the needed data must be parsed to Paypal or moneybookers.

If the payment is successful the user is taken back to a confirmation page and the signup is completed and saved to the database.

An email is send out confirming the setup and detailing the info the player signed up with as well as the teams and services he setup.

I have had a custom made admin site done that needs to gather the data from the database whenever a user signups so it must be prepared for that.

Validation will also be realtime for must input fields.

Skills: AJAX, Anything Goes, Javascript, MySQL, PHP

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