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The Gambling System.

How it is handled User End:

1. Betting user logs in. And clicks on Bet. Which is found in the main page. A list of currents bets is to be listed in the main page, where it scrolls up the teams that are playing one another. i.e (t1 vs t2 | 1234(number signifies open bets) $1234 (number signifies total money from all bets) This will be one of the links to a betting ground for that specified match. If user is logged in, user will go to the bet [url removed, login to view] they have clicked on a game waiting to be played.

Each ladder game or match pending to play will have the following beside it to the right. (ratio)(circle)(single)(circle) a colored circle will be listed beside the buttons, or even a tiny image with the (hot) word in it will show up if there are more than 10 bets for that specified game. User will click on single or ratio

The user will then click on a bet and once on the next page, he/she will be asked to login. if not yet logged in. User will then click accept. If the account does not have enough funds, it will ask them to deposit through any of the given gateways. If they deposit and it is confirmed, it will then show a link to the bet they were just on. or redirect them back to that page. Once the bet has been entered the information is displayed in the users control panel. In a pannel that says, current bets. A demo of the user cp can be found at [url removed, login to view] username: sunil pass: admin simply click on the profile button and you will see the listing tab for account management. This system works...however the coder working with me was not doing much work and instead ended up stealing money from me. The only thing is it is not complete, it will transfer money and etc. but not send money or display transaction history.

When creating a bet.

Users may create bets by clicking on a button that will say create or something similar, this button will be found in every ladder list page. or tournament page as well as the main page and possibly every page on the site. After the user clicks on this button, it will then bring them to a page where they can enter the amount they want to bet and subtract that amount from their holdings and put it into another table. This will display in the users my bets tab which will contain a list of all the bets created by the user and the amount beside them as well as the game the bet is for. User will have the option to deposit money into theri accont when doing this in case they do not have enough funds. A total for all bets wil be listed under the current mybets. As so a list of other bets will be similar, with a total under it. This section regularily will be displayed below the my bets and will be called OTHER BETS.

Once this is complete it will list it just as it would anywhere else on the site. The users will get notified through email when a bet is complete or when a bet has been set.

What if no one bets against the user?

If no one bets against the user and the match is over, the money is transfered back into the players account. The player can view their history in their user cp.

When a user creates a ratio bet.

When a user creates a ratio bet the creation process is basically the same as mentioned above, except multiple people can bet for or against the clans. The person who creates the bet will set the bet price for everyone else.

How does ratio betting work?

Ratio betting takes the total number of bets for and bets against. for that specified bet. And adds them together. i.e 5 people bet $5 it will take the amount and multiply it by five. for a total of $25. These people are betting on say the right side. So say the left side has 15 people who bet it would become 15x5 so the total would be $75. Now the ratio is (15 to 5) or (3 to 1) this also becomes the odds. Ok so say the 5 people won. they would recieve $5x$3 the amount they bet. Thus they would recieve 15$ as a win prize.

Taking money from a ratio bet.

In the above we mention the amount payout. Well once the bet is complete we automatically take $1 from each payout. so every winning player would only recieve $14. In the case of a player making $100 we would take 3% of that $100. thus instead of taking $1 we take $3. Any bets under $5 will have not money removed and there will be no charge.

How does single betting work?

Single betting, we have same simlar rules as above except multiple users cannot bet on the bet. it is to allow two users only.

Tournament betting sytems.

Since the tournaments are in brackets, we need a means to adding the buttons beside each team in the list. so we would have perhaps a button that says bet beside the team or something similar. and it would then be the same as all other betting on the side.

High Stakes Ladder:

This is a ladder made purely for gambling, any game at all played requires teams to have sufficient funds of $5 per game. thus as long as the Clan/team has has $5 in their clan account account they are eligible to play matches. If a match is schedules and the team does not have enough funds they will be asked to deposit money for the next match. If time elapses and the clan cannot pay they lose the match and lose their placeing. They will get moved down the ladder. If a clan does not have money for more than 3 games they are removed from the ladder. ofcourse warnings are emailed out to each player before they are booted.

At the end of the season, the top team will recieve money which we will set for the pricing of that specific ladder. And it will be distributed to each player in the clan.

Managing Clan Bank Accounts:

When a clan creates an account, and adds the members the clan is not to have money deposited in a pool that can be changed by any single person. Insted it feeds off the users. i.e clan1 has 5 members and each member deposits into the clan money pot. it will put that in a holdings, and subtract it from the players. When the clan plays a match, money is taken from that. When the clan wins the money is left in that account. When a user goes to withdraw from the clan bank he can only withdraw what he has won and what he has deposited. This will prevent theft of clan money. I do not know how hard this will be but if I need to pay more for this I will.

Record keeping in Clan bank accounts.

Each player that deposits money has that amount deposited added to his (shared deposit) this keeps track of the amount each user has entered into the clan bank account. Thus basically the user deposits money into their own account first, then uses those funds to fund the clan. Since his clan deposits are tracked he only wins what he deservers, thus if the clan won a match for 5$ only the players that put money in will recieve [url removed, login to view] if a clan hs 10 users and 10 deposit money. And a game is played for $5 and the clan wins, it would then be divided, by 10 and destributed to a players shared deposit. Thus when a player wants to withdraw his money from a clan account it will subtract what he has left. in the player accounts. The total from each players shared bank account is the total amount of money the clan has.

When a clan loses a match.

when a clan loses a match the money is equally subtracted from each players (shared deposit) thus if a there are ten players and some players only deposit 1$ and the rest deposit 2$ and there is a match that requires $1 from each player one dollar is subtracted and the players who sumbitted only 1$ will not be able to withdraw anything. This is similar to a bank system within a bank system. And will prevent further headaches down the road from complaints and etc.

Dealing with in system bank interest.

In an attempt to keep users addicted to the site, we will need to implement an interest system. In all hopes we hope to keep the users money in our systems as long as possible. This feature should be installed, but we should be able to switch it off and on. As well as set the rates. this only applies interest to clan accounts and user accounts. In most cases, if the money stays in the users account they are bound to gamble with it. We should also be able to change interest rates from some sort of admin panel.

NOTE: this seems extremely large, and if we need to completely code our own ladder system I am willing to pay more money to get the job done properly. So you may choose which is the better idea.

User features-

Back End

-Buddy list, buddies online

This is a buddy list, where users will be able to add other members to their buddy list. Users will be able to use this list for the IM list, when using the sites instant messenger.

-Instant messenger

Basic instant messenger with emotions. Users should be set whether they want to have random invite, much like icq. This simply connects a user to another user that is not chatting with the same option selected.

User Profiles (Users do a simple sign up 1st, then edit profiles later)

-User name (1st name and last name, only seen by Admins (showing this to the public should be an optional feature to the user)


-Time zone

-Homepage URL (optional)

-Favorite saying (optional)

-Profile picture

User Info

-when viewing the user info, to be able to see their score and stats.

User Profile Images

-Every user should be able to upload an image or a few images to their profiles for each game.

-Transactions, and bank accounts

Similar to GAF’s bank system except with some minor adjustments. In this event, we want to not charge customers for putting in money, customers can deposit as much as they want, however when it comes to withdrawing it will cost them a small percent fee…i.e 50 Cents. This will report to the financial admin.

-Points System

This is a points system made in order to make users use the site. How, this works is the user logs in at least once a day, every day they log into the site, they get 1 point added to their collection of points. When the user makes a certain amount of points…user gets one point a day for logging in. and the rest follows.

-Inviting a user = 5

This works in a way that they email the page to the person, and if that person joins with that email address that they user, the user will get 5 points.

-Chatting in the Forum=1- one point per day.

-Chatting to a new user=1 one per user they chat to.

A list of users will be show in a table of new users. In this list a user can come and click on the new username and it will open a chat window. When the user says something to the new user he will get one point.

-Assassin Attributes List

When an Assassin registers, he is given an attributes list. This attribute list provides him with missions which are to be completed during his career.

This script needs to be integrated for counterstrike and day of defeat players. [url removed, login to view] this script does all of the necessary points and awards systems for counterstrike and day of defeat. It is very important that these scripts get integrated.

-Counterstrike and Day of Defeat us an ID called STEAM ID, these ids represent ligitimate users, thus all Counterstrike, and Day of Defeat Players need to provide their ID in order to be ranked by the site, Users will never report their own stats for this game. All stats are reported by the servers.

-Create a Clan

-User will log into account and there will be a simple link and when the user clicks on create a clan then the user will be asked to enter the clan details. this will mimic the clan creation found in the [url removed, login to view] script. This will also automatically create a bank account for the clan. Clan features are found in the ladder and challenge .txt

sub features for create Clan after clan creation

-inviting users to the clan

This section will allow the clan leader to send an invitation to any member in the game specified, user can view the user list with the player that has the most points.

-skill points

skill points shows how many games they have played in and how many of those games they have won, and how many of those games were lost. the ratio of lost vs win is the players ratio percent. e.g if they have participated in ten games and they lost four their ratio would be 6:4.

Clan management

The clan founder/owner should have the power to add or remove admins/moderators for that clan and also being able to kick or ban a person from staying on that clan. Once a player has been booted out of a clan, they become a regular member.

-Clan recruitment of players

-There should be an option for clans to let people know they are recruiting, such as a small image tag (Recruiting) beside that clans name where ever it appears, except in tournaments and in the main page banner.

-Create an assasin account.

-this assasin account is similar to a clan account, except it is for that individual creating the account.

-how the assassin system works. is a clan will hire the assassin to play for them in a game. Once the game is over, the team will automatically pay the assassin through a system that would hold the funds to the payment of the assassin. Much like an escrow. and the funds will be transferred to the assassins account.

-earning points in the assassin system.

-The assassin gets a rating by the hiring clan for every hire that takes place. (eg. From 1 – 10, plus comment on that user, and option good or bad)

-To start, the assassin will be paid by a points system, and be ranked with points and eventually be paid with real money.

Password retrieval

When a user loses a password the user can retrieve it by putting their user name into a box and having it mailed….all the passwords need to be encrypted.

User IDs

-Users will have to create a main ID for the whole website, and that ID is then attached to the 1st game/section that they join up for.

-If users want to play more than one game on the site, they will have to add another ID for that game.

-we would also like the option for a user to create an assassin account at this stage also.



If the assassin checkbox is empty, then the user is a regular player. (User cannot be on a clan AND be an assassin at the same time in any one game) (However a user can be on a clan in one game and be an assassin in another )

Becoming a gambler

When a user wants to become a gambler he must first agree to the terms of service and must agree that he or she is over 18 years of age. The user will then be added as a gambling user, these users do not have to be in a clan, Vise versa any user added to the system is required to agree that they will not put money into the system unless they are of legal age.

Once the user has filled out the required form the user will now be able to bet and gamble on any of the games.

As for the clan management Clans wanting to gamble in the high stakes ladder must have an authorized or a leader of legal age. This is especially for the high stakes ladder.

However back to gambling, when gambling there is nothing special you simply gamble on the game you want to gamble in. Once the match has started gambling is closed for any matches.

Gamblers back end will be the same as the gamers back end except that user will be able to gamble.

If for some unknown circumstance both teams don’t play the team that is higher on the ladder automatically wins.

Admin back End.

God Account

Admin should be able to manage everything in the entire site.

This is the only account with access to the sites finances of the day. And past history of all transactions.

User Administrators

-Admin only users

-They will moderate whether or not a user needs to be 1 IP banned, or Suspension for a period of time.

-These admins will moderate the forums and the social activity of the site.

-These admins have the ability to suspend a user, and when banning a user, God account must be notified and a request must be sent to the God account.

Ladder Admins

-These admins deal with all of the ladder complaints and clan handling, these Admins are the ones who watch and report all of the high stakes matches.

For every high stakes ladder match an admin will be automatically selected for their time zone.

For the High stakes ladder we need to be able to turn on this feature once we have enough customers or users on the site.

Which means it would turn on for separate games, so we should be able to turn it on for one game at a certain time then another game at another time.

These admins are set for certain sections of a game, we will write below the types of news that are on the site.

News Admins

This is the news crew. They will be making news for the games that they are assigned to. We should be able to assign them through the Core Admins.

Core Admins (Super Admins)

Core admins manage the administrators in all of the different sections of admin except for God Admin.

These admins have the power to admin everything except the sites financial reports.

File Administrators

These administrators manage the All of the files added to the site, including uploaded images.

News and its types

News is split up by every game type, therefore needing a separate news admin’s for every game and they don’t ever inter mingle.

Working with front end themes.

Every game will have its own theme, when I say themes, so in the admin section there should be a theme skinnable enough to fit on any game. Thus when a game is added, the theme for the game is also added. Then we can just upload the images for the theme. All layouts will be the same. Unless you use .tpl templates, then we can make all the layouts different.


Users should be able to request a score/stat reset from admins somehow, and admins being able to reset that users game info.

Every game has it’s own theme and when a user selects that game; all the news, all the adverts, and everything on that games pages are made for that specific game only. (ie. Counter strike theme, game downloads are only for counter strike game) The only thing that stays the same is the box that will say ORBIT(which is the list of games supported by the 2solid site)


The user front end:

On the main page of the [url removed, login to view] website we will require these features.

We will display several boxes, such as:


Core will list the games supported by the site. this list will be retrieved from the database.

The admin should be able to add and or remove games from the list. Only 10 games will be listed in the box and a

button will appear at the bottom of the ten games list a "More Games" Button.

2 Solid Servers:

This box will contain several links to our server ip lists for specified games. There will be a drop down box, which will have a list of games,

The user can then pick the game and will be taken to a page that lists all of our servers for that game. There will also be a search button and a drop down in the page that the user is taken to. This way they can easily view the servers of other games. a reference can be found at [url removed, login to view]

Top 100 FPS

This box will display the top 100 First person shooter players. This will scroll up. And below it there will be a button "FPS Ranks"

Top 100 RTS

similar as top except with Real Time Strategy games

Top 100 MMORPG

Same as top except with MMORPG games

Top 50 FPS Teams

Same as top except with Teams

Top 50 RTS Teams

similar to above

Top 50 MMORPG Teams

similar to above

Login Box.

simple the user login box.


This will be a list of the different type of leagues we have. These are links. The links will take the user to a page that will display all the games in that league. The user can then click on the league/ladder The admin should be able to update this list from the control panel. and should be able to add or remove leagues.

Recent Demos

This will show fifteen of the most recent demos uploaded by a player or clan. When a player clicks on the link it will take them to a page where they can download the order for users to download they must be registered. and must not be able to leech files.

Recent Replays

When a match is finished players may upload a replay to a remote server, this will then be accessible for the gamers on the main site. Only the most recent 15.

A downloads section will be required for files and etc. this download section will be big. but is similar to any other download site, where the user searchs for files. then downloads them. things like catagories and etc are a must. some sort of protection will be needed to prevent off site leechers.

Main Page news

This news is from our main new journalists. Thus the journalist should be able to write a review and select the game from a drop down list and simply post his/her news. An icon will need to appear with the news, to represent what game it is for. In most cases we are mimicing the news system of [url removed, login to view]

Ad Box

This ad box is not just any ordinary ad box. This box will display the clans that are in 1st place on their ladder or league. This will show the clan logo, and will link to the clans home page. Text will be shown stating the position of the team, the teams wins or losses, as well as who they last defeated. When top teams are defeated, the team that defeats them is displayed. onle the top team from each game will be displayed.

Similarily the adbox will also do this for the top 5 players in each game. Now, the ad box will also display ads that we put up with impressions for our clients and for our events. if we could get this done in a way that fades such as that of [url removed, login to view] that would be wonderful. Top news will also be represented in this box in the same manner as [url removed, login to view]

Recent Bets Box.

This will list the recent bets from the ladders. It will show the type by placing an R for Ratio (the R will be an image) and an S (the S will be an image)for single. The total amount in the bet will be listed beside the R or S and the match the bet is for will also be listed. i.e. team1 vs team 2 R $123456 this will link to the place where the user can bet on the match. There will be a button at the bottom of this (View All Bets)


This will list upcoming tournaments with a game logo beside each tournament as well as some global tournaments.

Richest Players

A box with a scrolling list of all of the richest players will be required. this will list 100 players.

This is the base of the site. However there are what we call Splash pages for each game. When a user clicks on counterstrike i.e it should bring him to a page that shows counterstrike content for all the boxes. So all the bets would be counterstrike, all of the replays would be counterstrike replays and etc. including all the server lists. Thus I would then be able to forward subdomain names to the specified location. This would allow us to market for specific groups only.

Our site will also have international time zones....thus we need digital clocks on the main page for different time zones.

GLOBAL NOTE: when a user adds himself to a game there are additional fields that may be required for the game he adds. So say the user added CounterStrike to his games list. he would have to enter his steam ID for server tracking and validation of the player. thus if they player signed up for unreal tournament we would require his UTID. these can simply be entered into a text field by the user.

Not all games will need this. our main concerns are for Quake 4, Unreal tournament, and Counterstrike.

2 Solid Servers Box

Similar to [url removed, login to view]

Another very important feature is the video streaming, we require and need the ability to video stream video files uploaded by users. Again the files are uploaded to a separate server, and not on the physical web server, as this would save us the cost of having bandwidth drained on the site.

Cpanel and Free Email Hosting,

Email Hosting:

-when a user signs up we do not want this user to user offsite email addresses, when interacting with the site. Thus when he signs up we automatically take the username and create an email address[at][url removed, login to view] This I can code, and it would be a simple addition to the post action of the registration form. Thus, the user will then be asked to verify their account through the [url removed, login to view] email address.

The user will provide us with both email addresses. Checking email through Cpanel will simply be a link that the user can click in his or her admin panel, The we will also provide the pop3 mail server access for the users.

Cpanel and Free Web Hosting

We will be providing free cpanel hosting accounts, Again these will be off site…located on another IP address on a separate server, with the same DNS trust zone. I have written this script many times before and can write it again if required.

This option for free hosting, will be provided, in the users CP, Users will be required to click on a link to create a free hosting account. The accounts will be user, or [url removed, login to view], thus this feature will always be there.

I will automate the process of database creation as well as user insertion into the cpanel accounts, and will provide you with the code to add into the site.

Also, when a user registers we will tell them to make their free hosting account, to secure their [url removed, login to view] It will ask them to add an account, if the users chooses not to, then it is their problem, and the user can set it up later. Users are not allowed to set up cpanel free hosting accounts under any other name other than their clan name or their personal user ID name. One cpanel account per user.

NOTE!!! this project was given to a previous group of six coders...they do not seem to have the experience to do this project. I require a business that knows how to code and has good experience, i need the team to be good with english. 500CAD escrow when project begins. I am tired of people who cannot live up to their talk, i need a group that can do the job!

Skills: PHP, Website Design

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