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366502 Competition Winner FacebookApp

The application is concerned with users entering a competition question answer and selecting a picture from their Facebook account to enter it into a competition.

Facebook Application Brief:

I have my own Linux VPS, currently running Webmin.

I want to be the application owner and have the application hosted on my server.

I will have different 'clients' who will use the application as a service.

After developing the application I would require you as the developer to work with me on an on-going basis (we can work out a per-job-fee) to do the following:

When i have a client sign up with me, you would :

- Duplicate the application, re-name it for example as "Client A Competition Centre'. (white label the application)

- Change the application graphic (i would provide you with that)

- Register the application with facebook

Details of The Application:

The client will have their own administration log-in for their own account.

The client will have their own Fan Pages or Group pages.

I however, would not have access to what ever data they link to, enter or upload into their account.

The application is concerned with users selecting a picture from their Facebook account, entering an answers to a competition question and the application choosing a winner at random.

I might consult with you and use my own designer to design the 'look' of the interface.

Application will:

- Allow a client to create a profile name

- Allow a client to create 'competition campaigns'

- Allow the client to 'copy' campaigns

- A 'campaign' can be made 'active' or 'inactive' (thus allowing a user to prepare campaigns in advance)

- Allow the client to set the competition campaign start & end date and time from an easy calendar interface

- Allow the client to set a competition answer (in text), for each campaign (not case sensitive)

- Have an upload facility for a library to store campaign graphics for wall-pasting (eg like Farmville does when a user 'buys a tractor' or 'builds a new barn')

- Upload facility will display a message, reminding the client of optimal graphic (eg 90x90 pixels at 72 dpi)

- Provide a resize and graphic cropping tool 

- Allow a client to select graphics from their library to apply to a competition campaign 

- Install into a public facebook user's applications

- (Part 1) Allow users to enter a competition by entering the competition question answer (mandatory)

- (Part 2) Allow users to enter the competition by selecting a picture from their facebook account.  (mandatory)

- Paste a competition entrants name and picture (that they have just submitted) (without their answer) onto the client's Group/Fan page. (the obvious choice is The Wall - but is there another way in which this interaction can take place? - the motivation for this is to demonstrate involvement with the client's facebook page)

- Post onto the user's wall: The campaign's corresponding graphic, Text to say that they have just "entered the [client profile name] competition to win [Competition Campaign Name]", along with the photo that they have just submitted. 

- Allow user's to de-select "Paste Application Updates On My Wall"

- Allow users to 'like' and after having seen the application on a friends wall - to easily click to install it on their facebook account

- Cross-reference from the competition campaign's pre-defined answer, against all submitted answers to pick a competition winner at random. At the time and date of the draw, as specified by the client in the campaign settings. 

- Once the winner is chose - Change the client's status and announce on the client's wall "[winners name] has won the xxxxxxxx prize", plus paste the campaign's graphic

- Allow the client to de-select 'change my status' with the competition & competition winner details. This setting is made in the campaign settings.

- Post on the wall of the competition winner (facebook user)   "[winners name] has won the xxxxxxxx prize", and paste the campaign's graphic and the picture that they entered

- Allow the client to define a list of administrative contacts that the application can email

- Allow the client to enter details of the competition prize for administrative purposes  (terms and conditions of the prize)

- Send out an email to administrative contacts (of the client)  once the prize draw has taken place - containing the competition winner's Name, Telephone Number, Address and the details of the competition prize that will have been entered for administrative purposes (terms and conditions of the prize)

- Be able to embedded into the clients own html website

A thought for future development, is to allow users to select a video from their facebook account that they are in and submit them as competition entry. Please advise on this as an additional cost-option.


Skills: Anything Goes, Social Networking

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