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Vous trouverez ci-joint le document à traduire Anglais - français.

Veuillez utiliser des mots simples, il n'est pas nécessaire de traduire mot pour mot, mais employer une expression commune au français et compréhensible. Evitez de traduire les insultes et autre mot grossier, les remplacer  par un autre mot.

Veuillez respecter la ponctuation.

La meilleure traduction sera le gagnant.

Pas d'échantillon pas milestone.

Merci de votre compréhension.

Voici le texte à traduire

All right guys, this is gonna be a wind turbine video, the finale. And I'm showing you something right now, the wind speeds right now outside are about six to seven miles per hour. And, it is currently 2:06 p.m. and I'm getting up on the roof before this stuff happens, you see where it shows about 21/22 mile per hour winds coming in a few hours? Hopefully I'll outrun 'em. So, I'm getting up there, this is Thursday, January the 11th, and look at the nice temperatures we get out here in Twin Falls, Idaho. That's beautiful being in the high desert. All right, so let's go! This is the last video of this piece right here and, let me scoop in on that, ain't that a pretty little thing? It's amazing what video does, makes them blades look like they're barely moving. Over there on Gray Matter they look like they're barely moving, but man I tell ya, still don't have that one up there redone but, this thing here is amazing! Wind speeds are 14 miles per hour, I want ya to look at that, 14 miles per hour! So, that thing is swinging nice, let me get back here a little bit. So, all right, you see that up on my shop there. Pretty good size machine, five foot diameter blades, let's take a look at the watt meter. That one there, is hooked up to where the little one was, the little Apollo-looking thing, and it's coming through Pinkie's old rectifier, so, let's take a look. Holy shit! 242, oh my, that's this is nice! This is very nice. Oh my, and that's 14 to 15 mile an hour winds, this is professional shit. All right, so, right now we have Chaos, which is this one down here, and these meters are dead, they went bad, so, that hurricane wind power 700 just blew that meter to hell. This one here, it don't work either anymore, Chaos blew it up, they just, they're no good. But, this little watt meter here, look at this thing! Man, I feel like a proud pappa. Holy cow, I can't believe how good this thing's doing! So, what we've got, is we've got it going through Pinkie's rectifier, we have the cooling system, with a thermal switch on that rectifier, so when it gets hot, this fan will kick on and start cooling these rectifers. Now, Pinkie produced more power 'cause it had a Thermodyn PMA on it, and for the longest it produced more power as it got warmer so the thermal switch is on it, but, going up through here, can you see what I did here? I think I got a a 25 and a 20, so 45 amps per leg, coming in, and the legs are doubled, with the way they come in is they come in through a pair of 14s. If you look at some of my older videos, two 14 gauge wires with the two whites and the two blacks and the two greens put together to, you know, make singular legs and then this is a piece of a 10 gauge, or eight gauge piece of, nope, 10 gauge and it'll short run there like a fuse leg and then these are the ones running down to the fuses but my, oh my my did I ever hit the jackpot buying this thing? The Chinese have really impressed me, so let's take a look. I don't know why my camera light's on there, but let's take a look at that. Let me turn that camera light off, now that's better. Now, all right camera light's off, now that's better, all right, so, you taking a look at the output of that 200 and I don't know, $15? $220 Chinese made, three blade, not 12 or 40 blade, like you see on them damn goofy ones... I can not believe that, look at this thing, easily, easily popping out 240 watts while I go. Constant, 10, 12, 15 amps. Constant! That's a winner! Battery banks up at 13.71, bank battery bank down here so you guys who might not have watched too much of my previous videos here, I got tools laying on it, but, the big battery bank down here, bunch of L16s, 14 of 'em and this baby's powering into 'em hardcore! And what you really need is I came in here starting out, 'cause it's really cloudy as you probably seen, with 12.9 and I'm already to 13.6, just from this thing slamming that power in there. Wow... Mercy. That is nice. Look, the light came on, that's that's how hot it's getting, that rectifier already, so, look at this thing go guys, I hate to stay on here and aggravate some people out there with it, but, you just seen a little wind turbine, all right, so, she's gone, she's mounted, and let's take another look-see at her and we'll conclude this little video and if you all want one, look for the link down at the bottom, I'll put a link to it, I believe it is proving itself very well. Better than I thought it would actually. Awful wind, so, there she is. There's Gray Matter. Her wires go to the house, sends power to the house bank, and these two were the only two that ran the shop for the longest. Can you hear it? I don't know if you can hear it. Let's take a ... Let's go up there. Now it's wet on the roof, it's been raining, and I went up there like a moron on January the 11th 2017 but, we have almost 50 degrees in Twin Falls, so, what the hell? But, Look at this thing. It's doing better than I thought guys, a lot better than I thought. Look how true this tracking to the wind. That is so nice. So nice. All right, let's right guys, you all, you gonna get a wind turbine, get you one that's professionally made, okay? That's, that's the real deal. How long it'll last? Hell, who knows. It seems pretty solid though.

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