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Voice actor (native english female or male speaker) to say 10 different sentences with 10 different emotions.

Dear Participant,

Thank you for your interest in participating in our Emotional Vocal Database project. Your involvement will contribute to the development of a diverse and comprehensive dataset that will help improve the understanding of human emotions in various contexts.

Please find below the instructions for recording your voice samples:

Recording Environment: Ensure that you are in a quiet and well-lit room with minimal background noise. Use a high-quality microphone, preferably connected to a computer or recording device, to ensure the best possible audio quality.

Emotional Contexts: You will be asked to read a set of sentences from the Harvard sentences list while portraying the following emotions: Anger, Disgust, Joy, Fear, Surprise, Sadness, Anxiety, Confusion, Contempt, and Coyness. Each emotion should be recorded separately, and each sentence should be recited twice per emotion.

Emotion Descriptions: Please familiarize yourself with the descriptions and contexts provided for each emotion before you begin recording:

Anger: You have been insulted, and you are very angry about it.

Disgust: You have just eaten some rotten food and feel very disgusted.

Joy: You receive a gift from a friend and feel joyful because it’s something you really wanted.

Fear: You are suddenly faced with a dangerous animal and feel very afraid.

Surprise: You see a bright light in the middle of the night and are very surprised.

Sadness: Your cousin has just died, and you feel very sad.

Anxiety: You are about to take a midterm examination and feel anxious.

Confusion: Something is difficult to understand, and you feel very confused about it.

Contempt: You see a wealthy person throwing expensive clothing into the garbage, and you feel contempt over such a wasteful act.

Coyness: You are flirting shyly with someone across the room because you are feeling coy.

The sentences are:

List 1

The birch canoe slid on the smooth planks.

Glue the sheet to the dark blue background.

It's easy to tell the depth of a well.

These days a chicken leg is a rare dish.

Rice is often served in round bowls.

The juice of lemons makes fine punch.

The box was thrown beside the parked truck.

The hogs were fed chopped corn and garbage.

Four hours of steady work faced us.

A large size in stockings is hard to sell.

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