Full-Service Web Application Development for Form Processing and Document Generation

In Progress Posted 4 months ago Paid on delivery
In Progress Paid on delivery

We are seeking a professional web development studio to create a comprehensive web application that processes form data and generates downloadable documents based on the input. The application will integrate with an existing form tool (like JotForm, TypeForm, or PaperForm) and a Python algorithm, which we will provide.

The primary responsibilities of the project include:

1. Designing and developing a user-friendly frontend interface that displays the form to the user and presents the generated documents for download.

2. Creating a backend API that receives form data, processes it with our Python algorithm, and generates the appropriate documents.

3. Implementing a payment system for premium features.

4. Setting up a database to store all forms and documents.

5. Deploying the web application on a cloud platform.

The ideal candidate should have experience with the following:

1. UI/UX design and frontend development (experience with platforms like Webflow, Squarespace, Wix, or JavaScript frameworks like React or Vue.js is a plus).

2. Backend development with Python web frameworks (Flask, FastAPI, or Django).

3. Database setup and management.

4. Integrating with form tools via webhooks or APIs.

5. Implementing payment systems (experience with Stripe or PayPal is a plus).

6. Deploying web applications on cloud platforms (experience with AWS Lambda, Google Cloud Functions, Vercel, or Netlify is a plus).

Please note:

* Irrelevant quotes will be IGNORED. Please ensure your proposal directly addresses the project requirements.

* Do not apply if you do not possess the required skills.

* The code will be managed in a repository (GitHub or an equivalent), and I will have real-time access to the code.

* I will supply the Python algorithm that processes the form and produces documents. There will be a free version with one document type and a paid version with another.

* The specifics of the application's functionality will be discussed after a the project begins.

**Skills Required:**

- Web Development

- UI/UX Design

- Python

- API Integration

- Database Management

- Payment Gateway Integration

- Cloud Deployment

We are looking for a studio that can handle all aspects of this project, from design to deployment. We look forward to receiving your proposals and discussing the project further.

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