Freelancer Memberships Membership Plans provide you with access to additional features on our site; these features help you establish your presence and increase earning opportunities.


Paid Membership Plans

When you register, you are immediately signed up under Free Membership which has no fee. You can upgrade to five possible paid membership plans. These plans consist of: Intro, Basic, Plus, Professional, and Premier.

Each membership plan offers its own range of benefits for you, such as an increased number of bids and faster bid replenishment rate, access to the Rewards feature, project bookmarks, and employer following, just to name a few. You can even choose to get exclusive access to the best jobs on the site!

To compare membership plans and see the full list of benefits, click on your profile picture thumbnail and select Membership.

To check your current membership plan, go to your Settings page and select Membership.

Consider a paid membership as an investment. If you’re a hundred percent committed to growing your freelance business on our platform, then make sure to choose the best membership plan that is best suited to your goals and needs. Read more.


Annual Membership Plans also offers annual membership plans, which you can choose at any time. Not only is billing done annually, but you can even save up to 20%! Here are the annual plans:


Upgrading Membership Plans

To take advantage of paid memberships, you can upgrade at any time on the Freelancer Memberships page by clicking the Upgrade button on your preferred plan. You can even claim your free trial of the Professional Membership Plan once you verify your payment method!

Membership plans renew automatically every thirty (30) days, saving you the trouble of having to manually upgrade your membership every month.


Downgrading Membership Plans

If you don't feel like continuing the membership plan you upgraded to, don't worry. You can opt out of your current membership at any time by downgrading it to another plan with a lower monthly fee. Just go to the Freelancer Memberships page and click Downgrade on your selected new plan.


Cancelling Membership Plans

If you want to cancel your current plan and go back to being a Free member on the site without any monthly fees, just follow these simple steps:

Go to the Membership tab of the Settings page, click Cancel, and follow the instructions.

Once you cancel your paid membership, your account will go back to Free Membership at the end of the billing cycle. This means that we won’t end your membership early, and that you will get what you paid for.

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