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Handover Dispute in Contests

There are times when the contest holder and winner run into problems regarding the submitted entry. In the unlikely event that this happens, the contest handover can be disputed by the contest holder.

This is done by clicking Dispute Handover under the winning entry on the Contest Handover page.

Here are the cases when a contest handover can be disputed:

1. Non-submission of the required design

2. Unresponsive winner

3. Misunderstanding between both parties

4. Copied designs

5. More time is needed for the submission of designs


When you click Dispute Handover, you can state your dispute claim. Once submitted, the contest handover will be put on hold until it is solved. Note that once a dispute reached its end, the handover just resumes from when it was halted. 

It is best for both users to keep communicating with each other through the Contest Handover page and consult with our Support team while the dispute is still active, so any issues can be resolved quickly. We urge both parties to come to an understanding so as to move the process along.

Once everything is settled, the contest holder can have the dispute lifted by clicking Contact Us below this page. The contest handover can then be completed. 


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