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What is an Urgent Contest?

If you’re really pressed for time and need a design right away, it might interest you to know that the Urgent upgrade allows for faster response time on the part of the contestants. You can get your winning design in a day or two, and it’s only $35 USD for expediting the process.

To get the upgrade, click Post a Project from the main menu bar.

On the Post a Project page, choose 1 day when you reach the question Is your contest urgent?. Take note, though, that the Urgent option will only appear if your contest is for design — meaning you have to select design-related skills when asked What skills are required?.


Once you choose the Urgent upgrade, your contest will automatically be changed to a Guaranteed contest without additional charges.

Review the details of your contest and click Get Entries Now to post it. 


The design entries come in almost as soon as you post your contest. You can choose a winner at any time once the contest is active and up to 14 days after it ends. If you need more info on that, here’s Awarding the Contest Prize.

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