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Voluntary vs. Required KYC

You may choose to verify your identity in through the Know Your Customer program anytime. However, it may be required if we deem it necessary to add another layer of security to your account. Here’s what you need to know about the voluntary and required KYC:


Voluntary KYC


To promote trust within the community, we recommend that you complete KYC by going to the Verification Center. To  start with the KYC process, you must be phone and email verified. KYC Verification may also be necessary for you to perform certain transactions on the site such as withdrawing your earnings through Wire, PayPal, or Skrill.


You may choose when to start KYC, and you may cancel it if you need more time to secure the requirements needed to verify.


Required KYC


For security and compliance purposes, we may require you to undergo the KYC process. We will notify you via email when you are required to complete it. You will also see a banner notification on your dashboard with the link to the Verification Center.


Unlike the voluntary KYC, this KYC cannot be cancelled. You should complete the verification for you to proceed with your transactions on the site. Failure to comply within 45 days from the date the verification was required will result to account suspension or account closure.



The required documents and verification process for both the voluntary and required KYC are the same.

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