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NDA Project Upgrade

If your project requires discretion, we have the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) project upgrade for you. This upgrade enables you to keep your project details confidential by requiring freelancers to digitally sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, which is printable and can be used as a contract.



On the Post a Project page


     1. On the Post a Project page, Tick NDA.


     2. Click Next to review the project details.


     3. Click Yes, Post My Project to proceed.




 On the Project page


     1. Go to the Details tab. Alternatively, you can click the ellipsis.png tab and choose Edit Project.


     2. Tick NDA.


     3. Click Upgrade Project once done.


Your project will have the  NDAtag.png  tag. Upon visiting your project page, freelancers will be notified that they must sign the agreement before bidding (as shown below).




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