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Entrepreneurship vs 9-5 working\nWhat is entrepreneurship?\n\nThere are two kinds of ways people work; one is for themselves, and other is for their company/ boss/ leader. The former kind of working is known as entrepreneurship. The term basically refers to the setting up of a business in order to generate money. Entrepreneurship can mean anything; from running your own company and generating millions, to working as a street vendor, selling off hot dogs. Whatever you earn, you take home a bit of it and the rest of it goes back in to your business. That\'s called entrepreneurship. However, there are many kinds of entrepreneurship that must be understood before we proceed further.\n\nLet\'s talk about major companies first. Usually, these companies have shareholders, who own a stake in the company. The one with the greatest stake in the company is usually the leading partner, and as a result, gets to make the final say on proceedings. That, does not mean that he/ she is an entrepreneur.

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Muhammad has done Ph.D. (English literature) from Free University of Berlin. Muhammad has over 25 yrs extensive creative & non-fiction writing experience in a broad cross spectrum of genre & media. He has written dozens of business, feasibility/other reports, mainly on real estate/hospitality matters, but also handled assignments naming businesses, creating taglines and so on. Muhammad has had 12 children's stories published by Longman Pearson, 10 by A Book 2 Read & 13 by Solstice Publishing. He has also written 8 adult books for Club Lighthouse Publishing (CLP), & well over 60 other stories & articles for 3 popular magazines/e-zines (circ 10,000+) and had experience with Dubai Translation Company Limited. Finally, he has written various articles/features on travel/real estate matters in Asia for a monthly property mag (circ 25,00). At other times, Muhammad works as an editor for CLP, & for Mind Your Language; he is also an associate editor with Frock e-zine.

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