E-commerce, CMS, PHP

by chickgeek
E-commerce, CMS, PHP

E-commerce Design, Content Management System ( CMS ) and shopping cart development. Created customized CMS for a Chicago based landscaping and nursery business. Online magazine, blog and other programming involved. Client is able to update content as he wishes. Allows uploading of videos, images and products. Other Projects and Skillsets: www.birdshopper.com www.possibilityplace.com (currently redesigning new site is in process on a staging server) www.dlis.dla.mil (subcontractor) www.ccr.gov (subcontractor) www.Rachael4CountyBoard.com www.Wwl-Law.com www.portageprinting.com www.dentalworkers.com www.trophycentral.com www.brainbench.com (test development and testing application coding) www.amandalewisdmd.com www.designamaid.com www.nwunitedmethodist.org www.bamdirectory.com www.wigsalon.com We hold a five star ranking at Guru.com. Other SEO work we have done: BirdShopper.com Google: bird houses bird feeders BamDirectory.com Google: free

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About Me

ChickGeek is based in Chicago, IL with over 14 years of website design and programming skill sets. Our team is highly experienced in Adobe development/design, Flash, advanced PHP and .Net programming and also proficient with Adobe Photoshop graphics design. Not only do we have experience with Adobe products but we are advanced in Visual Studio and Unix development. ChickGeek's staff believe in proper communication. We are English literate with testing to prove it. ChickGeek also has a Cantonese/Mandarin translator. As Service Providers, it is our responsibility to fully understand the project before we place our bid. We guarantee our work and provide an expedient turn around at an affordable investment. We provide PSD templates and mockups before starting coding on a website project. Here at ChickGeek we listen to your needs and then apply those ambitions online. ChickGeek will find the best way to create your visions. We may suggest writing the code from scratch or utilizing a pre-packaged solution. Each persons needs are different and taken into consideration before starting your project. Here are a few reasons to use ChickGeek: Small Team in a professional environment. All of our designers and programmers have a degree in their chosen field. Years of Experience: 14 year(s) Highest degree: Masters Software Skills: Database systems SQL, SQL Server, MySQL, JET, ADO, ODBC, JDBC, DB/2, MSAccess, FileMaker, HyperCard, and WebObjects. Web development: PHP, Java, JavaScript, JSP, ASP, HTML, XML, XML-RPC, CSS, SOAP, MIVA Script and MIVA Merchant, Microsoft IIS including ISAPI filters, Apache Modules, Perl and Perl CGIs, and WebObjects. Internet protocols: POP3, IMAP, DNS, FTP, SMTP, HTTP, NNTP, MIME, and USENET. Computer languages: C, C++, and Objective C; PowerPC, 80x86, and M68000 assemblers; AppleScript, Bourne shell, and C-shell scripting; Hypercard, OpenGL, Pascal, Fortran, Basic, Perl, and COBOL. Operating systems: Mac OS 9, Mac OS X, Windows 3.1/95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP, Unix, Xenix, VMS, QNX, GCOS8, and VM/CMS. Development environments: Metrowerks CodeWarrior, Cocoa, GNU/eMacs, Microsoft Visual Studio (including Visual C++ Debugger), Borland, and Symantec. Other: CVS; InstallShield and Windows Installer; Windows Help; GIF and JPEG applications; FirstClass gateway API; FileMaker plug-in API; SmartCard, including SmartCard security infrastructure; and profiling, simulating, and modelling large systems. Additional Skills: Harvard Graduate Student, M.D. on staff for medical projects and an experienced artist.

$65 USD/hr