St. Pauls

by edflar7
St. Pauls

oil pastel I have always tried to fill my drawings with movement whilst using different colours and lines where it shouldn't have any. All the colour in the river Thames in this painting of the cathedral of St. Pauls surrounded by the city, means all the life and the multicultural aspect of the london town.

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About Me

My name is Edflar Mendes, I am a freelance illustrator and painter. In my view art is a way of transcending the troubled world we live in. There's a universal and unifying feeling when art touches the surface either in a beautiful song, a photograph, mix of words or in a degrade of colours in a painting. A blank peace of paper is only a reminder of how free and creative mankind can be. I try to be as variated as I can when it comes to expressing myself. I have undertaken different art courses ranging from drawing techniques to creative software’s such as photoshop and illustrator in the ABRA, Brazilian art academy back in my home country, also art courses in Kingston University, London, and a unfinished degree In industrial design. I don’t have all the wisdom and creativity in the world just yet but I am learning and enjoying the process.