VMWare VCenter Disk I/O Stats

by osmanbsd

VMWare VCenter Disk I/O stats for a customer

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I am working for more than 12 years in many roles which involves Linux systems administration, broadband networks, integration and troubleshooting in different type of industries. I have managed large number of bate-metals, VMs, Cloud and wide range of applications/software, you name it!. Whats makes me different from others is my strong foundation of system administration and experience which results in quick troubleshooting and quick adoption of new technologies and protocols. Software/Applications Apache, CPanel, MySQL and its replications, Bind, PowerDNS, Nagios, Cacti, MRTG RRDToos, PPPoE servers, Raidus Servers, Tomcat, Net-snmpd, Squid, DHCP Servers, NFS, VPN server like POPTop and OpenVPN, iptables, ipchains, ipfw, pf, netflow based software like flow-tools, Solaris Volume Manager, ZFS, mdadm, LVM, VirtualBox, XEN, VMWare ESXi, OpenVZ etc Email Related: PMTA, Postfix, Oempro, 12all, Interspire, Mailwhizz I do scripting in Perl and shell.

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