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    I'm using dejavu (python module) to recognize recorded audio files, each 5 seconds long. I compare these with other audio files, also 5 seconds in length but not starting exactly at the same point. For some reason the confidence level is very low. Even when i record a 5 second file (mp3) and compare it with newly recorded samples of that same audiostream but just a few milliseconds difference from startpoint. Who can show me what i am doing wrong? Looking for someone who experienced with this dejavu module.

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    I'm looking for an expert with experience in Nextjs, Laravel, FFmpeg, and AWS S3 to create an HLS m3u8 video stream. I need someone with strong knowledge and experience with these technologies to build the solution I need. Data will need to be stored on AWS S3. This project requires an experienced professional to ensure its success.

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    Hello! I am looking for a talented freelancer to solve an issue with a web UI that is written in Python & javascript. I need somebody to help with changing the code and writing additional code as well. The code I need changed is written in Python, and the additional code that needs to be written should be written in Javascript. I would like to get the project setup quickly, so I am ready to get started as soon as possible. To complete the project, the freelancer should be highly talented and very experienced in Python and Javascript. Please let me know if you have any questions about the project. Thank you!

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    Lyric Video 4 days left

    I need a video made that displays lyrics. I have an mp3 music file and a pdf with the lyrics already written. I really need it done by this afternoon if possible. The background image needs to be animated but can be simple. (Example:moving raindrops layered on a still image) I really wanted a visual equalizer that went with the beat, but with the time constraint, it doesn't have to be necessary, just would be a plus. Video is approximately 4 mins.

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    Hi ! i Need 10 Virtual Landline Phonenumbers from Europe able to receive Calls for one month. able to route to a Mailbox with our mp3

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    I'm looking for someone to help me with a project related to my existing business. I need someone to take a long audio file, in mp3 format, and split it up into several smaller files. This is going to require some precision and technical skill. No special effects or sound effects are needed. This is an audio recording from a conference and is one long audio file that will need to be cut up into individual audio files for each speaker. If you think you have the experience and talent to accurately split and demark this file into sections, then I'd love to hear from you.

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    I'm looking for someone to help me out with a project that requires a talented individual to transcribe a director's meeting (3 attendees, approximately 1hr 10 minutes in length). The audio recording of the meeting will be in MP3 format and require a written transcription to be delivered in Microsoft Word. I need an accurate transcription service, so if you think you can deliver a quality product, I'm interested in hearing from you! Please let me know if you have any questions. I'm looking for someone who can provide a quick turnaround and deliver a product that meets my needs. With the right freelancer, I'm sure this project will be a success! Hi, I'm looking for someone to transcribe a director's meeting with 3 people involved. Thanks in adva...

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    Urgent NDA
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    ...microphone, preferably an XLR. Any recordings with any amount of background noise, hissing, popping or echo will not be considered. You must be able to provide recordings appropriate to a finished commercial product. This project only pertains to the advertising campaign, however, quality candidates will be the first considered for the following audiobook. How to Audition: Audition must be in an Mp3 or WAV format with the role and your username. For example: Please do not do heavy editing on your auditions. Every line must be its own file. Different takes for the same line may be included in the same file. Selection will occur based on the “best” take. Failed or re-attempted takes will not be counted against you. Voice fry is to be considered your greatest enemy for

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    I am in need of a Ukrainian Transcription for an MP3 audio file with 18:30 minutes of content. I need the project to be completed within 24 hours. Experience and attention to detail are a must. I am open to replies and quotes, so please get in touch if you can help out. Thanks! My budget is MAX 15$, NO INDIANS OR BANGLADESH PLEASE. Only transcription is needed, I don't need translation or time codes, two small files 18:30 in total, and output should be in a word file (a word file for each audio).

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    Add feature on my script 3 days left

    Hello there, Feature: 1. Upload Panel with progress bar - Support Upload multiple video/file (queue) 2. Uploaded video will auto convert to HLS - Support Queue encoding - Support Multi resolution 1080/720p/480p/360p - Support Enable/Disable quality, example: if 720p/480p/360p so i disable 1080p | if 480p/360p so i disable 1080p&720p - Support Change Video Bitrate, Video Framerate,...1080p | if 480p/360p so i disable 1080p&720p - Support Change Video Bitrate, Video Framerate, Audio Channels, Audio Bitrate, Audio Sampling Rate, Speed Preset (example: veryfast/superfast). 3. Converted HLS -> store to object storage - Set Folder on bucket and store to that folder. 4. After completed, will generate embed link. Reference: - -

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    I need to write articles about cats on Spanish Are you a native of Spanish language?

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    Hi, I am looking for someone to setup Kubernetes and ffmpeg on top of it. I am having a website that converts files and i want to use a scalable platform that can handle load. I am using hetzner root servers. Thank you

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    Looking for a program that can read my scripts out loud, and had multiple different voices. The program must be able to process 50,000 words at a time (maximum) Voices must sound natural, and I should be able to export the readings as .WAV and MP3's Strict budget on this, will need other programs down the line if you can make this one successfully.

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    I am looking for someone with experience in Python to help with a project that requires extracting audio path and subtitles from any DVD. The ideal candidate will have proficiency in Python and familiarity with the DVD format. The extracted audio paths should be presented in MP3 format and subtitles should be presented in txt, vtt, or srt formats. Or if you think it would be easier/better the Python script can create MP4 with buldin subtitles that I can chose in VLC media player. If you think you have the skills to help with this project, please reach out!

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    Once the mp3 player is turned on, it shows a logo (sandisk), I want to add a message right after the logo. In order to do it, the source code of the system(firmware) has to be modified. I dont have the source code of the system, but I can provide the image of the system. The mp3 player has no hard drive inside, all it has is the SD card, which contains the booting files also. The image file I provide is 16gb .img file, you need win32 disk imager to burn it onto an Sd card and read it through Linux system. The following link will show you the mp3 I am talking about in this project. The job involves modifying the boot screen you see in that video. PM me for a video that shows how i want it to boot.

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    Can you help me with this project: I have about 80,000 songs in MP3, WMA and a few other formats. Over the years the folder has gotten less organized than it needs to be for it to be useful as a digital music source. What I'm in need of is someone that can do this in Excel or Python, whatever is easier: 1) Pull metadata from all the music files (directory structure, artist, album, bit rate of recordings, size of each file, genre, rating, favorited, etc. 2) Remove all studio music duplicates and keep only the ones with the highest bitrate (best quality) 3) For live music (not studio recordings), copies of the same songs recorded at different venues is fine. All dupes from the same venue should be eliminated saving the cleanest and best copy. 4) Find an album database (there are ...

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    Need a guy to combine 3 things together. Has to play music, have LED surface - 15*30cm and 35C heating coils. Need to know power consumption - needs two power supplies: AC and DC (from power bank). Need someone from Eastern Europe - Time Difference is crucial - GMT +5 (for me), will have to arrange Zoom to discuss everything in details.

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    I am looking for a Female Hindi audio artist to deliver voice-overs in the MP3 format. The recordings must be of the highest quality and creativity must be demonstrated through a unique Indian dialect. The recordings should be in the MP3 format. This is a great job opportunity if you are a professional level audio artist with experience in Indian dialects and the use of advanced editing tools. If you have the skills and resources for this project, please apply for this job.

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    I am looking for a freelancer to help me convert an image file in the file format to MP3 and MP4. This project does not need to be optimized for web. I need the output to be in an MP4 format so I can use it in a larger project. I have limited experience in the field and would greatly appreciate assistance from someone with knowledge and expertise in the conversion of image file formats. Ideally, I am looking for someone who can provide the conversion quickly and efficiently. If this is something you can do, please reach out to me and let me know your thoughts and how you plan to approach the task. Thank you.

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    I have a software which installs on a debian 11 system which I need to pack into a docker image together with dependent libraries and some config files (which should be moved to external accessible storage). So I need to create a debian11 image from scratch to include all dependencies and daemons so a docker image can be produced to run these daemons. I need a step by step instruction on how to get this. A standard image should not be used as it has to be100% dependency free on any other image and will run in a protected environment where other images will not be downloadable. Note: This will not run on x86 platform but on arm64

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    min $39 / hr
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    The challenge is to make the host machine with the VMM, ping the VM router and vice versa. The only difference to a previously working network build exactly like this, is the hypervisor/VMM was not KVM/Qemu/Virt manager. My network has: 1 pyhsical router bridged. 2 physical wired NICs for WAN and LAN. 1 host machine Debian based OS, running hypervisor/VMM KVM/Qemu/Virt manager. 1 VM router OPNsense (FreeBSD based). Please see the attachment for the network topology (note the VM router's install default IP address is , I will change this to when I have GUI access to the VM router's settings). The VM router is pinging the Internet and LAN devices. Here's 5 different /etc/network/interfaces configurations I've tried on the host machine, in attempt to connect th...

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    Hello, I need to install and configure ffmpeg. My goal is to record transmissions from a radio output link based on periods of silence. I would like to specify certain parameters for this recording, such as: The minimum audio duration required to trigger a recording. Volume required to start recording. The duration of silence required to stop recording. Thank you for your help.

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    Español: Actualmente para convertir mp4 a hls estoy usando la siguiente línea de comando: English: Currently to convert mp4 to hls I am using the following command line: ffmpeg -i -profile:v baseline -level 3.0 -s 854x480 -start_number 0 -hls_time 30 -hls_list_size 0 -f hls C:ouput Español: Se requiere obtener como resultados video hls con archivo manifiesto m3u8 y las partes .ts con dual audio compatible con android/ios. English: Required to output hls video with m3u8 manifest file and .ts parts with android/ios compatible dual audio. Referencias / References:

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    Create a TTS Model from recorded Brazilian Portuguese audio file (clon*e voice). This custom TTS Model will be used in a Text To Speech Brazilian Portuguese apps. The portuguese audio file are 1 minute in .mp3 or .ogg formats. Similiar in:

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    20 bids the video. 3. Lists the file names and thumbnails in a flutter grid/table/list display (in the following called the 'list display') 4. The list display should have buttons for ascending and descending sort. 5. The list display should have filter options for 'video only', 'images only', and 'all media' 6. The user then clicks a button which makes the app create a combined mp4 video file using FFMPEG of resolution 800x800 of all the selected video and image files. 7. The app finally delivers the file to another google drive / OneDrive folder. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Link to google root folder to select med...

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    5k words to be translated and voice over into Gujrati and Bengali. Apply with your best rates and voice sample in mp3 format

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    I recently added an ip to and then ran /usr/sbin/csf -r (Debian server) I now get this error: Error: FASTSTART: (CC_DENY [cn] IPv4) [] [iptables-restore v1.8.2 (legacy): invalid mask `' specified]. Try restarting csf with FASTSTART disabled, at line 5781 and the ip I am trying to block is still getting through.....???

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    // I'd like scripts to access scripts in mnt and all its sub folders. if Possible // automate permissions for mnt and all it's sub folders and files. The user getting permissions would be www-data or whatever the default apache2 username is. // - mnt // - mnt/disks/ // ect // is_file() needs x permissions as well. I'm not sure about file_get_contents("php://input"); // include(__DIR__ . '../../../../Yen7AaH9rb/'); // simplexml_load_string($usersDocXML); // file_put_contents($workExperienceXML, $dom->saveXML()); // as I'll be using these types of functions when my actual website is uploaded. // Need to use xml for now. I'm pretty sure this would be basic apache2 expertise. I just don't have the knowledge to complete the jo...

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    As you can see here : My server support TLS1.2 and 1.3 but I have an app that connects to it (https) and needs 1.1. I tried the answer here: But that changed nothing. I need you to find the way to install and enable TLS1.1.

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    Hello! I am looking for a talented music composer to create music in MIDI format. The style of music I'm looking for is instrumental, with the option of maybe adding some other instruments if desired. The final result should be delivered in the MIDI format, but can be exported to other file types such as WAV, OGG, or MP3 if needed. If you are an experienced music composer with a deep knowledge and understanding of MIDI composition, I would love to collaborate with you on this project. Please get in touch to discuss further details. I look forward to hearing from you! I will send melody or sound song and that need to be converted into midi.

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    Hey, I need a tool that will automatically make videos for me from a selection of video files/pictures & songs. The tool will have options to choose the video files/pictures & songs randomly or manually, it will adjust the length of the videos/pictures to fit the length of the songs. It needs to have a UI, be easy to set up between multiple computers. For example using FFMpeg The tool needs to be able to: • Randomly pick 1 video file or picture & randomly select X amount of songs, then automatically trim the length of the video/picture to fit with the song in the final render • Randomly pick X amount of video files and stitch them together & randomly select X amount of songs, then automatically adjust the length of the videos to fit the songs in the f...

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    16 bids this project requires someone who is experienced with these tasks and comfortable working to a tight deadline. The editor will be responsible for creating a high-quality recording from the source material, enhancing the audio, adding effects, syncing audio and video, and optimizing the finished product for the most impact. The editor should be familiar with the various audio formats such as MP3, WAV, and FLAC, and also MP4 and be able to use a variety of editing software to produce professional results. The editor also needs to be able to mix and master audio to create a track that will stand out on its own. I'm looking for an experienced video and audio editor who has a passion for music and can deliver quality results in a time frame. If you think you have the audio a...

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    I need someone to show me how to make 100% unique videos in bulk from already created videos using FFmpeg Batch AV Converter

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    This project require windows .bat file experience AND FFMPEG! I am looking for ffmpeg commands for the following 5 video effects are needed with the command line 1. vertically scrolling text 2. text with transparency (color varies with background) 3. text fading in, with shadow effect on cursive font 4. zoom (increasing font size) 5. text appears 1 line at a time NOTE: point 4 and 5 may require a small windows batch file which loops, increases font size, adds the text to a set of frames , increases font size, add texts.... The text is 50-100 word (5-10 lines) for testing use any text. Deliverable 5 scripts which produce the text effects on a 10s nature video 700x700px (crop the selected video appropriately using ffmpeg , command to be provided. Any free...

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    Hello everyone, I have an islamic surahs website which currently has prayer times as well as islamic surahs/chapters with translations and MP3 audio playback. The site has a brandable and keyword domain name which we would like to maximize on with this project. The site is built on php and mysql from my understanding. Currently the site is showing the following error: Undefined index: latitude I do not wish to reengae the prior developer to fix this at present as the site requires additional work. 1. The above error and all other errors preventing the old site from running need repaired. 2. The prayer times were inaccurate and off. I want them updated, 100% accurate, and future proof so this does not happen again. 3. The design is outdated. I want am modern a...

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    Hello, We have a web server which must be optimized to eat less memory / and use less Bandwidth. Thanks!

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    IMPORTANT: you absolutely need FFMPEG skills for this project! 2 parts: 1. need 10 very short background nature videos (10 seconds each) eg: winter, sky, mountains, leaves , forest, desert sand blowing, water, beach... 10 in total, there should not be too much movement in the video, just background nature scenes where we can overlay text (NOTE: these can be publicaly available videos or homemade videos, quality must be good). 2. the videos must be used to demonstrait that short text 50 words maximum can be overlaid and visible 5 different effects are needed: eg scrolling, fading, transparency (text color changing as a function of background ) , text appearing one line at a time, text zooming into focus for step 2 I need to be able to generate the effects using FFMPEG...

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    Text to speech lady voice Canadian French + Canadian English Two MP3 voices: Voice #1 - English Will follow, Vous avez bien rejoint « Projets Inara ». Pour la gestion locative tel que le paiement du loyer, la location ou les visites, veuillez appuyer sur le 1. Pour signaler un problème ou une réparation à effectuer veuillez appuyer sur le 2. You’ve reached “Projets Inara”. For rental management such as rent payments, visits or rentals, please press 1. To report a problem or a repair request, please press 2. Voice #2: English Will follow Vous avez bien rejoint « Projets Inara ». Nous sommes présentement fermés. Nos heures d’ouvertures sont du Lundi au vendredi de 9h jusqu’au 17h. S&...

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    **YOUR BID PRICE IS FINAL. NO LATER CHANGE IS ALLOWED.***DON'T ASK PROJECT BUDGET music. We can also create a library of Reference music and suggest user's best matches by analyzing his uploaded music. Users login/register, upload audio files, created as you can see in the screenshot. Need to take it forward by connecting the mastering dashboard and create logout and play, store in the dashboard, share/download them after mastering. Can download the remastered audio as MP3, WAV, Hi-Def WAV, can download as 128/256/320 kbps, and 24-bit, 16-bit HD WAVs. I cannot share source code before you accept but can share code screenshot or through anydesk. Budget 4K. You need to give me full sourcecode and co pyright and I need server deployment. Lowest Bidder ...

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    Music video. I am a Nashville Songwriter. Two months ago a young 13 year old girl was beaten up in her school. Her "friends" filmed her getting her butt kicked and then posted it on social me..."friends" filmed her getting her butt kicked and then posted it on social media. Two days later she committed suicide. This song I've written is not about her but it is about somebody going through a tough time. I'ts called "There is Broken". I'm looking for someone to produce a video that can relate to being bullied, terrified, trying to figure out how to live and stay alive. I'm attaching the mp3 recording. Please listen to it first and if you can relate to it, let's talk and come up with something fantastic. I will be sending ...

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    ...California time, Monday to Friday. Please convert this to your timezone accordingly. Please only apply if you can cover this shift. - Able to type quickly, and multi-task efficiently - WHMCS Ticketing System - KVM Virtualization - cPanel/WHM Servers - Linux Servers - Understand and know how to use Supermicro IPMI and Dell iDRAC / similar - Familiarity with the SSH command line in CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian environments - Communicating with internal teams/people necessary to ensure the end result of customer satisfaction - Willingness to jump in if and as needed (for example if a ticket isn't being properly handled by a support tech) Your day to day role will consist of: answering support tickets (sales, billing, and support related inquiries), overseeing the support team, comm...

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    We are currently seeking a Call Confirmer to join our dynamic sales team. As a Call Confirmer, you will be responsible for ensuring that all scheduled appointments are confirmed and verified with our potential clients. Responsibilities: * Make outbound calls to scheduled appointm...applicants/reminders to make them show up) * Ideally, 7 days/week (weekends are way softer) since it depends on the volume/day and most can be done on the phone checking, it's just being there, it's not like a 9-5 kind of thing, we can have 50-70 calls being booked, and most require less time to handle To sum-up: If you're down, could you send me HERE a voice recording using this script? (Make sure is .mp3 or .m4a)

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    Need help to install Knime on my linux server. It can be Debian, ubuntu of Centos. I need the instruction on how to install it. It is an all or nothing project, so please place a bid if you have done it before. Questions, suggestion or comments are welcomed. IF you know a better alternative Knime, we can also consider

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    ...Talking Head (user will provide this image in the final app). Your task is to transfer this functionality from the Gradio app into the React app I already have and will provide to you. - Audio: StyleGAN GitHub repo code also allows you to choose an audio track for the Talking Head to train its voice on. Your task will be to to transfer this functionality into the React app— end goal is to have 4-5 mp3 tracks pre-installed to the app which users can choose from a drop-down menu when using the app. Talking Head will reply to user (already coded the text responses part using GPT, your task will be to sync that with the audio such that the Talking Head speaks this at the same time as the text streams are being outputted. **Take a look at ALL THE LINKS. This is IMPORTANT.**...

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    22 bids *What I need: -Report from a good Static Application Security Testing tool (SAST) (can be open source tool) and an overall analysis of the code security and its dependencies; -Detailed instructions (tested) for build and run the .deb package for the Onlyoffice Document Server on a virtual machine (Debian 11 Server with 16GB RAM). OR -Detailed instructions (tested) how to remove the connection restrictions (originally limited to 20) of the official project () and build and run the .deb package for the Onlyoffice Document Server on a virtual machine (Debian 11 Server with 16GB RAM). Note: I will use the Document Server for integrate

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    On our IncrediblePBX vps : add contacts db source and make connection with growl to get customized notification via Growl send-to source based on SIP line called, and caller details if found in local phonebook mysql db. this module had to be compatible with latest freepbx 16 version. - Freepbx Asterisk distribution : - superfecta module to work with : fixed price : 100 $ - ASAP within 1 day.

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    Need a developer who is expert in ffmpeg and SRT server built To develop a SRT server

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    ...characters without the background) according to my instructions. You can draw either with your hand with pen and paper, or use a tablet or iPad to draw. IMPORTANT NOTE: read through this job-description, because there's a hint you need to catch when you apply. (read thoroughly :) NOTE: Character must be developed before turnaround can be made. You will be provided 5-10 minutes’ instructions (mp3 file) each time for you to draw, and you don't need advanced English. [Pay] $135 (USD) per completed character. $170 (USD) per completed character turnaround. (head) $270 (USD) per completed character turnaround. (full body) *WORK LOAD: Total of 7 characters (4 protagonist / 3 antagonist) (4 females 3 males) Work Period: at least more than 3 months, with the po...

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    Quisiera una persona que tenga experiencia en ffmpeg y que haya usado la librería ffmpeg-kit-react-native para editar vídeos en react native

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    I need shell script(s) (with instructions) for install Gitlab CE in production on self hosted platform. What I have: -VM with Debian 11 Server with nothing pre-installed Constraints: -Instalation type: Docker Swarm (preferred) or Docker Compose instalation -Gitlab Server and 2 runners on stack/compose -Gitlab Container Registry enabled and ready to use (important!) with exclusive URL (registry.<my_domain>) -SSL wildcard certificate (I have my own .crt and .key wildcard files) -All docker images from official sources.

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